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Basquiat's Music Video

rated 2.54 / 5 stars
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Sep 1, 2006 | 12:43 PM EDT

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Author Comments

This is my first ever submission. I made the animation for a project at uni. The silhouette of the dancer is me. Apart from the voice samples taken from Julian Schnabel's 'Basquiat' (1995), i designed the entire soundtrack in both audacity and a demo version of FruityLoops(2) i found on my computer. I haven't seen much other stuff like this on NewGrounds, so i've got no clue as to what people are going to think about my work.



Rated 3 / 5 stars

Ive seen these so many times!

Now I am protecting your flash because I know it took effort to do the work you did. In fact it is pretty good! I am just complaining for two reasons. Sometimes the idea of someones "More relevant art" is not "More Relevant" at all.

Pairing shapes and colors with tubular bell styled music to make a sort of pseudoneurotic trip... we call this surrealism. What a surrealism artist usually doesn't understand is how complex and differant minds can be. To a person who suffers from an emotional disorder for example this sort of art can bring them further from reality and even harm their minds for a decent period of time. To some it seems like lieing on a cloud and floating in a wonderful relaxing fluffy dream.

To others it may be a prideful arrogant food for art snobbery and the sheer fact they enjoy it makes them feel they are superior in their tastes(these people are usually completely ignorant to the fact that other people are not less art sensitive but instead perhaps see things differantly because of a lifetime of differant past experiences and a completely differant genetic makeup)

End result I am protecting it but the style was done a LOT of times on newgrounds and to be honest it is a bit overdone these days. A Bit too much on the "OOoooh im being artsy!! LOOK AT MEEE!!! IM BLOoDY FRENCH!" But you got a 5 regardless. Have a good day!

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Sasha-William responds:

what you say is true. i'm not going out of my way to be 'arty', but i never considered the idea that some people might think i'm trying to be arrogant. I made this work because i really liked a dance video segment in the film 'Basquiat' and felt inspired to make my own (dance/music video). I was trying to pay homage to Basquiat (both the artist and the film) by animating a simple white line (similiar to some of Basquiat's early graffiti drawings)as well as using samples from the film.


Rated 2 / 5 stars

im sorry

i tried to like it but i couldnt
it was very "Special".
i didnt get the song either ...
yeah yeah best of luck on your nextr flash :)

Sasha-William responds:

thanks man. i do appreciate the constructive criticism. i'm not really expecting anyone to 'like it'. my animation was an experimental piece, so not too many ppl are gonna understand it i guess...