Yoshi's ideal job

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What do you think if Yoshi uses his eggs to do something else that to throw it on his ennemies??? He gains much money if he sells them!!! Be smart like Yoshi.


very cute

a job for yoshi? my guess was to be a race yoshi (or if he coulnt do that he could pursue a career as a gutter cleaner using his tounge but thats unsanitary) what i was expecting at the end was after it said the end and went to that menu screen, a short clip of mario and luigi dead at the dinner table for eating a goomba (oh well) great job ^v^

Hey guy pleas read my review

that was a grate flash but there is alot of room for inprovement.heres an idey for a new flash-something with mario and kirby-good luck dude!


ok, you probably are from a different country but you need to work on your grammar

Something else!

This is something I've never seen anyone come up with; a job for yoshi! However, I'd never let him work in my mom and I's bakery (I'm an apprentice pastry chef working for my mom. DON'T LAUGH OR I'LL HUNT YOU DOWN AND TURN YOU INTO THE WORLD'S FIRST BLOOD PASTRY!) Not only because I know he can't cook, but he'd eat everything in sight! Yoshi's are constantly hungry and have bottomless stomachs, and their rubbery bodies don't help. Good job, keep making movies!

Quite clever

I think you got away with it this tme but never, EVER make a mario movie again - there are just too many. Anyway, clever idea but you dragged it out too long. I enjoyed it overall so well done.

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2.72 / 5.00

Sep 1, 2006
8:37 AM EDT
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