Yoshi's ideal job

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What do you think if Yoshi uses his eggs to do something else that to throw it on his ennemies??? He gains much money if he sells them!!! Be smart like Yoshi.


Quite clever

I think you got away with it this tme but never, EVER make a mario movie again - there are just too many. Anyway, clever idea but you dragged it out too long. I enjoyed it overall so well done.


yawn... good sounds

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Great...but could have been better.

Great sound, good sprite work, and a genuinely funny storyline...you have all three, and I must say I am impressed.

There is room for improvement, however. From the way it's written, it makes me believe English is your second language. The whole dialogue seems to be a bit "off." The characters speak to each other in words that have a formal connotation. As a result, while the story is funny, the dialogue is a bit lifeless.

Second, while some of the visuals look great, there were moments where I believe you could have done better in your choices. For instance, when Mario gave Yoshi the money, why not use a gold coiln, and rewrite the dialogue as to not include "real world" monetary values. Also, when Yoshi climbed the stairs, his movements were a little off. There are other things that bothered me, but I hope you can understand what I mean.

Don't get me wrong, this Flash is very good. It's just these little details prevent me from giving it a five.

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MiCrOsCo-PuCe responds:

Thanks for the rating but this is my first animation and english is my second language so I don't understand completely the tutorials (I am only in my second year of english at school...). I will try to make better. Bye

Well done

You have made yourself a very acceptable first flash movie, congrats ^_^
The story line was pretty basic but you managed to work with it swiftly. The music was, what would be expected from a Mario movie. You didn’t include any violence, which I admirer you for, a lot of flash movies resort to blood shed to get a higher score. I would have used sprits from one particular game instead of many but it still worked well together.

Some pointers which might help you with your next flash movie:
- Work on you drawing skills
- Try other animation techniques, other then animating spites
- Take some time into drawing out some ideas/storylines/character designs before starting a flash movie
- Practice makes perfect so keep up the good work

*If you ever need any more help, I would be more then glad to give you a few more tips. Well, I can at least point you in the direction you need to go*
PM me ;D

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MiCrOsCo-PuCe responds:

Thanks for the tips!!! When I make my next animation and if I have a problem, I will send you a message. You must be a professional, no???

Nothing Special

This was really long....and it's a whole-lotta nothing.

I realize this probably took you a while to make, but please put a little more thought into your work next time. This isnt funny...entertaining....or really much of anything but SMB characters running around with text blocks...hire an outside writer and just think things out ahead of time :)

Also, I'm going to assume that English is not your first language.

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2.72 / 5.00

Sep 1, 2006
8:37 AM EDT
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