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well well stoped and started stoped and started finnaly finished it lol 1985 frams in it and 642 layers this is like an actiopacked movie of like d-day/music video and its similure to saveing private ryan so enjoy

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why submissions like these get such low scores is beyond me, but awesome animation and idea regardless

awosome so awosome

i saw saving private ryan and its so awosome but your video reminds me of saving private ryan so keep on making dude :)

Daft as a brush

Hello Joe
You need to take a break mate. A bit over ambitious and smacked at getting carried away with things. It has some nice touches and at times inovative(just a second or two!), but really needs to be shorter and to the point. Better storytelling can balance out with the animation my lad:) Les

Horray For School!

Very nice artistic style you have there good sir, very nice indeed. The use of blur effects was impressive and I particularly liked the view of inside the tanks turret. Also the colour scheme was very bright, which seemed a little out of place for a cartoon about war, but it still looked fantastic. Keep it up champ.
Stay Clean
- Levi

joe-spink responds:

um thanks lol

Great movie.

it had great graphics and was very nicely made... it kinda remineded me of worms... u no the people. So i thought it was all very nice but that war you were thinking about... they didn't have any tanks.. they couldn't get tanks through the tank barricades..

~zach (A.K.A Mr. twitch)

joe-spink responds:

lol if u followed or seen saving private ryan when they get behide the buildings theres trenchers and so i put a tank in for to make it more intresting

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4.27 / 5.00

Sep 1, 2006
7:33 AM EDT
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