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after much confusion (heh) this is were the uncut version of the KIN trailer will be. The original first half will be deleted by Tom Fulp, and this will remain. I hope this second part (which will now be the whole part) gets as many views as the first part did.

Omg weee! Daily #1!!! Thanks to all who voted on this, and I'll be sure to start cooking up my next animation, this was an awesome boost. But now I must get going to class, so thanks again everyone! Have a nice day! :dances away:

Here is the second half of the animation, hopefully it won't stick too much. Its best to open up both submissions, download them both, and then watch them right after the other.

When these get out of voting stage I will put a link into the description area to both of them so people won't have to go searching.

Thanks for watching my 8 months project! I hope its enjoyed!!!

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I'm waiting.

I hope you're working. This is far above anything that would be a series here on Newgrounds. There is alot of talent, ALOT, like you, that doesn't get past their trailers, their advertisements. first episodes, studies, and pilots. Please don't be one of them. Please show Newgrounds a new level of expertise in animation.

this is awesome.

nice work dude. that was awesome animation. the drawings were very! good!.

Cant understand some people.

Nothing like someone with a slow connection to ruin a great score.


This is some very intense work. You should be very proud. The graphics look sublime and the attention to detail is incredible.


Very rarely does one come across a flash like this--and when one actually does pop up, watching it is truly a wonder to the eyes. I can truly say that I've never seen a style quite like yours--and the animation was so fluid it was actually kind of scary--the scene near the end where the bald guy smirked and kind of cranked his neck sent chills down my spine... the animation there had the fluid motion of a million-dollar anime OVA.

I can't wait until the series actually comes out!

Alamus responds:

Why thank you, its always nice to have a fan. :D

And about the actual episodes, I have a concrete script right now for the first episode and I'll start working more on the storyboards now. I hope you can wait a while. ;)

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4.56 / 5.00

Aug 31, 2006
9:58 PM EDT
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