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Ultimate Gun Tutorial

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>>More recent guns of mine and another tutorial can be found there -> http://rayne.hellawack.ne t/people/scrimpy <<
I have also upped the guns there because the download in this Flash doesn't work anymore: http://rayne.hellawack.ne t/media/files/scrimpy/553

Otherwise, enjoy and thanks for the collection and daily fourth <3

~ scrimpy



Well, it's really great and all, but can you post a link to download your legendary weapons? The links in the description and the Flash don't work. The Flash link gives a 404 error page, and the description links for some reason redirect back to here.

scrimpy responds:


I liked it

Most of the facts about guns are fairly well-known, but when you put them side by side with animation, making guns in Flash makes a lot more sense. I highly recommend this tutorial to anyone who uses guns in their animations. Even if you already know it all, a refreshment can never hurt!

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scrimpy responds:

Thank ye

Very Good

One thing, your layering for the shells with the AK animation FBF was a tad messed up. IMHO, it is good to have two layers for the shells, one on top and one below. This is because with the chamber release on the left side of the rifle, your shells were always on the right side, IE behind the rifle. From what I've seen in all my experience with rifles, the shells fly out a meter or so sideways depending on which side the catch is.

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scrimpy responds:

'Tis already a bit older. Oh well, thanks for the info.

Hey... umm.... question?

I wanted to download the guns, but I it wouldn't let me. The link led me to a Error page. Can you help me? Btw, I LOVVEEEE ur tutorials. OMFG, they're r just incredibly amazing. Make more please! Thanks!

scrimpy responds:


I wanted to get ur fla

but ur site had a virus,good tho

scrimpy responds:

Hosted on Denvish. Read the description for gods sake.

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4.06 / 5.00

Aug 31, 2006
10:56 AM EDT
  • Daily 4th Place September 1, 2006