Mystic Night Lands

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a small flash movie i made showing scenes of a fantasy enviroment. Thanks to Adam Phillips for inspiring me.

P:s XG stands for Xbox_Guru which is my username in neoseeker.com



Nice pictures and all but kind of needs to do more then just show a "Forest Scene" then go back to the beginning. dont get me wrong it looks awsome i gave graphics a 10 but thats just it, its just a good picture nothing more?

Keep it up dude just include more on your next submission.

ArchGenocide responds:

thankyou man, yeah i should of done more but i didn't have time and i need somewhere to host it. But thanks for the review.


what there is is good but slow, only one scene aswell.
try make a few scenes and use next buttons cos its boring waiting, and have an ending so it doesnt carry on, good try tho =)

Not sure what to make of this

It looks to me like a slideshow of two fan art pictures. If I were to make a slideshow, I'd have at least half a dozen pieces, no matter how good they are - the art is great in the second pic, while the first one looks like an original piece which has been altrered slightly, by adding the two characters flanking Bitey's silouette.

Don't get me down as a critic of this, but I think that you may need to make more of an effort to get this passed on NG, but you can certainly go back and work on getting more pieces into the submission, since the filesize is onlt 650k, you've got plenty of space to add things.

The navbar at the top of the screen is great, except it moves around between pictures, I'd reccomend leaving it in the same place, so you don't confuse people.

ArchGenocide responds:

your right, Im not trying to make excuses but i didn't really have all the time in the world so i couldn't keep making more scenes but thankyou for the advice.

confused as hell

Um to start automatic 10 on sound for using a badass song.
Ither than that im not quit sure what im seeing, it just goes to two different pictures. I saw the clock and loop thing and i wasnt to sure what that was about either. So maybe its glitching or your intent was to sonfuse the masses and if that was the case ill change my vote to a ten cause stuff like that always makes me laugh.

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ArchGenocide responds:

thanks alot i thought the song would be quite good with the theme of the first picture. And i dont really know what you mean about a clock.


its ok.
you lose points for writing "music from fight club"....'where is my mind' was written by the Pixies well before 'fight club' so yeah you kinda noobed out there.

...also recreating adam phillips' BEAUTIFUL work in a WAY crappier form isn't cool

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2.64 / 5.00

Aug 31, 2006
4:37 AM EDT
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