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The Reassignment

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After the battle in the Galilean sector, the Earth Federation was in retreat and the Erralians laid seige and completely occupied Callisto. Determined to reoccupy the moon, they laid seige on the moon's vital defense systems. Since that occupation, several Erralian garrisons were stationed there and pockmarked the moon with battle cannons which made landings difficult to attain. When a dropship filled with the best marines determined to disapprove that realization, they left from Earth under the secret order of the Ganemedian military command bound to callisto...



The animation was really, really good. The story just bored the hell out of me. Maybe it's cuz I'm a girl and I'm not into space war action blowing shit up. Whatev.

And yeah, what he said. The voice acting could have been worse actually... the recording and syncing was what took away. Try to use a higher bitrate or get a better mic, and turn up the recording volume if you need to so you're not spitting right into it. The plosives were real real bad.


that was good, mostly the story line shows some real potential, interesting, and the such, the animation was ok, but you should work on the voice acting abit, otherwise, it was nice

this could be on the origionals page one day

if you continue it for a bit longer for a few episodes, at least 5 episodes.
this might just be a really cool story, loved the 3d in this awsome.

critiqUe109 responds:

5 eh...

a great start

overall i really liked, I can tell a lot of work went into this. So i say keep it up, and i look forward to the next one.

critiqUe109 responds:

dont sweat do0d im working on that ...

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3.65 / 5.00

Aug 30, 2006
8:26 PM EDT
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