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BeachVolley Chanchionship

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Author Comments

Chanchionship is a joke, we know its championship, but _Alucard spelt wrong once and we thought it would be funny to leave the name in that way :D
lol, thanks for your time XD
Hello again ppl!
_Alucard and i were working a lot on this one, a project started for the AG contest.
We think this is the final product, wich we are proud of it.
Are you ready to be the best of the best? Now you can, practice and see your results on the statistics. Beat the 3 levels, the first one will be easy, the second one in medium difficulty and the third will be hard.
Also, play with your friends or challenge your familiars in the massive 2 players mode!

Also, world higscores, awesome gameplay and no bugs on it!.
If you face a bug, PM me and i will fix it. Dont vote 0 cause of the bug, cause you can vote 5 and tell me the bug and be in credits ^_^

To AG contestants who vote 0: Dude, dont vote 0 on this, we really need the money. If you vote 5 on my game, i will of course vote 5 on yours. Please do it for us ^_^.

Enjoy the game! we made it for you.
Also, we love to receive fan mails ^_^

tomylee: Original idea, master programming, mixer.
_Alucard: All graphics and sounds

Thanks to the following ppl: True_Darkness, for letting me steal his engine =) thank you dude ^_^
Thanks to inglor, to all ppl in AG, cause they always supported me (thank you guys =)). Thanks to _Alucard and all ppl who made it possible. Yeah, you are included! =D thank you!

special thanks to:
Tomylee, André, True Darkness...
my special thanks to AG too for this oportunity

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Not Bad

This was game was pretty good. I like the part at the beginning where you had to enter your nickname, etc. That was pretty cool. The game wasn't bad, although it was kind of hard to predict a serve when it bounces off the back of nothing all the time. Overall, a pretty good game.

~ Z


É difícil ter controle sobre o personagem, a jogabilidade é meio complicada, mas gostei, joguinho divertido, parabéns.


i like it, simple & efficient and fun to play.
ive been working on something similar, kind of a shaolin soccer on crack,if you want some ideas check out my Zball demos


Could of used some nice music that stays in your head after you finish the game, i found a glitch where when you serve if you score the word LOOSE! above the npcs head appears backwards or if u miss it says win backwards. For example !ESOOL or !NIW so i found a glitch so please put TooDangerous in the credits. Other then that it was alright i am not sure if you will win the contest with it but it was a pretty good idea for a game. just the physics and moving could of been smoother or faster pace.

You cant hit the ball

2 player goes like this.

I serve, my friend misses.

He serves I miss.

I serve again he misses.

Then we turn off this crappy game.

tomylee responds:

Then you sux.

Who are you to say my game is crap? You or your friend sux, cause i tested it with a lot of friends and i had fun with it.

Then again, who are you? who are you to say my game is crap?
Shut up, or i will shut you up -_-

-lee =D