[adult swim] Olympics

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Please note that this is a parody flash. I didn't create the [adult swim] flash series.

Update: Sound problem fixed, file now smaller.

It should be noted that I made this flash before I really knew about the Adult Swim TV network. So I was spoofing a spoof it seems.

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that was truly a waiste of time

LOL interesting.

haha this made me laugh, i hink it was abit on the short side though, you should have added abit more and some more humor aswell, maybe some art style themed scenes aswell.

More content, and more animation aswell.

Abit short but its entertaining.


Peregrinus responds:

A review by the mighty ~X~ :)

Deserves a reply.

Thanks for the review :)

Could be better

I'd start by doing something that can't be done with windows movie maker.

It would be better if u acutally included some Flash animation.

Oh well, keep trying.

Peregrinus responds:

Ooh, new review on an old submission...

Yeah, this was for kicks, but it was done in flash.

I don't like WMM for simple things like this.

Thanks for the review


what is there to say except that sucked.& like really u can't improve it either.i haven't seen any of ur other submissions but im sure they r way way better.keep making good flash like im sure u can.
(i hope i wasn't 2 harsh if i was sorry)

Peregrinus responds:

Nah that wasn't harsh. The flash wasn't intended to be epic, in reality.

Thanks for the review.

Bland. I'll give you a 1.

Nothing there really.

Parody of a parody of adult swim. Not ever going to see something like it again, but it's not flashy, or stylish.

Eh.. just a decent quality over-used song.

Uhh.., probably not intended.

At least there IS a replay button.

I personally got nothing out of it.

All you did was put some white text on a black backdrop, record a videoclip, and called it an [adult swim] flash parody. You didn't even attempt at humor. At least I hope not. I assume you meant the flash series [adult swim], please make that clear so other people won't be confused.

Damn near impossible to parody white text that's already a parody of a television sector anyway. If so, don't attmept, you only get the production of... well.. this.

Peregrinus responds:

That, my friend, is a constructive review. Keep that up.

Graphics: yup. Not much one can do when parodying a black screen/white text.

Sound: "Chariots of Fire" was made for a movie about the Olympic games if I remember. So I felt it fit with the whole swimming thing (olympic swimming). I know it's overused, which is why I used an audio portal submission rather than the original.

Interactivity: yeah I put "1" when I review movies as well. Interactivity really only applies to games.

Humor: To each their own.

And yes, I meant the flash series of [adult swim].

Really, this is more of an inside joke for me, because at my work, we have an "adult swim", which is old people swimming laps. This is what came to mind when I first heard of the [adult swim] series.

Thanks for the good review. If only more users reviewed like you do...

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3.35 / 5.00

Aug 30, 2006
3:12 PM EDT