Dark Cut

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Space Bar, Arrow Keys, and mouse (as prompted)

Step back in time and perform some primitive surgery. Heal the Bubonic Plague, remove an arrow from a solider, and save the town from its nightmare. This game border lines Trauma Center (obviously it has to, since its a surgery game as well), but has its own twists. Enjoy!

-Having issues with controls? Read on...

-In order to make a cut, start from one side of the line of stars, click the first star, and drag thru each point. Don't let go of the mouse!
-To hit with the hammer, click the mouse button when the white bar reaches the top. You have to time it right in order for a hit to work.
-You will lose life even during some procedures, so don't worry... sometimes doing the right thing will cause pain.
-To aim the stake, press the Space Bar at the right time (straight up).


I like music. Pretty fun short game to play too. Was I the only one that caught that the music has some Halo stuff, like Cortana voices and the short Halo 4 tune in the backround?

I can't thumb it up more that I'm already doin' it.

This is a fun game. I like the sequel better though, but this is good too. c:

Great Game i really like this game

Dated, yet still a good beginning of the series.
From its graphics you can see its pretty dated, yet its still pretty cool. As from the medical surgeries, its pretty accurate, (not 100% yet its still entertaining taking this as a simulation game)

During surgeries too much blood flowing may make you think your doing it wrong during tense things yet its pretty cool with the blood effects and pretty gross while cool looking colour varying gore/blood effects, for example, the second surgery, kinda gross cutting the wounds and the liquid pouring, yet pretty cool.

The only thing that avoids its 5 stars would be the pretty repetitive song background which is kinda unsettling sometimes with its weird pacing while doing surgeries, besides that and being the only sound you can hear during the game, there are not much sound effects. Also with some weird health loosing with innacurate things, such as the last surgery, loosing health by, not straighting a stake? or, loosing health by not getting the cross on its place? and, when you're like at the 3rd or 2nd surgery and loose, you go back from the first surgery all over again. Kinda frustrating (just a bit, not much) but overall, a good start for this surgery simulation series. Give it a try!

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4.22 / 5.00

Aug 29, 2006
10:20 AM EDT
Simulation - Other
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