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Mario: Bob-Omb Battle 2

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(Does King Bob-Omb's empire fall? Find out!)

Edit: Lilmario is now a co-author. He's the one who originally thought of the whole Revenge of the Bob-Omb concept. Thanks!
Edit: Weekly 11th!
Edit: Frontpage?! Thank you even more, NG!
Edit: Daily Feature? W00T!! Thanks NG!
Edit: The link button to Part 1 didn't work. Fixed it just now =D

Can you find the easter egg in the menu?

This is the official sequel to my other movie, Mario: Bob-Omb Battle, also the remake of my Revenge of the Bob-Omb movie.
In the previous episode, which got Daily 3rd Place, Luigi got thrown into a machine. I got several reviews with strange possibilities, like perhaps the machine being a food processor. Well, it does something entirely different from what anyone expected.
This was inspired heavily by Power Star.

I've been working on this ever since I submitted the original, and it's only about 4 minutes long, which is still pretty long for a Flash movie to me.

Please vote fairly.

Enjoy the movie!


Awsome keep it up

That was really good I vote to protect this shit. I liked how u used the SNES graphics for mario and luigi and also how u used music from Mario 64. i also liked the hat scene where mario grbs his hat under the faling door like it indiana jones

JonBro responds:

I was hoping someone would notice!


Worth a bajillion Super Mushrooms

Exellent! Hope to see more in the series!
...I'm basically guaranteed a protection point on this movie.
Keep up the good work!

JonBro responds:

That reviews worth quite a few Super Mushrooms as well.


Holy moly

Brilliant! You really put those Mario sprites to good use!! :)

JonBro responds:

Thanks =D

I kinda liked it

It wasn't the greatest movie ever, but it wasn't bad either. I found myself enjoying it, although it got pretty boring with all the fighting. I realize that is the whole purpose of the movie, but maybe you could cut some of it to make it less boring.

JonBro responds:

Why don't YOU try to make a two-and-a-half-long sprite fight that's entertaining to it's entirety from start to finish with 95% editted sprites?

It's hard work!

This is definitely front page material

Theres a problem with the link to the first episode

People find this review helpful!
JonBro responds:

Wow, thanks for the info.
It's fixed now!

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4.11 / 5.00

Aug 28, 2006
8:32 PM EDT