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Punk'd: Jamie Lee Curtis

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Author Comments

Please write helpful reviews instead of just "You suck" or "Die pig die"

Also, there are inconsistancies (Like Jamie saying she could've been in Friday the 13th 1999 Part 2, even though she was in Haloween, and that there wasn't a Ft13 1999), but try to enjoy the movie anyway.

Also, thanks for watching.

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what that??? nothign funny


It was fairly humourous, and a good representation of ashton!

Not bad at all, keep it up.

Coddingtown-Reject responds:

Yep, look for the sequal late September-Really late December :P (my brother and I are that lazy...)

kinda funny

But the voices were really hard to follow dude, Pretty cool animation but besides, Who the heck needs Ashton Kutcher when you got ASHTON NEXT-GEN!!! AWESOME! (we're totally unrelated by the way, lol)

(Oh and by the way, he Sucked in that 70's show, but was Rad' in Celebrity Deathmatch!)

Wasn't the BEST thing I've seen

But it definately made me laught pretty hard.The sound quality was slightly gravely and the graphics were a bit on the sloppy side. But you got your point across and it sure made me laugh pretty hard. Specially "la la la I'm jamie lee curtis". HAH!! Good job! Keep on trying. they only get better from here.

Coddingtown-Reject responds:

I'm glad someone liked the "la la la I'm Jamie Lee Curtis" bit, lol.

Needs better Scripting

The Mike Meyers|Michael Meyers thing was a funny bit. But you should have developed it more and Maybe used his Wayne and Garth characters instead of Austin Powers so as to make him more recognizable. Also JLC is still quite the babe and her image in your toon should reflect her GILF status.

Redo this and really work at putting in more gags and making the audio clearer.

FYI Jamie Lee Curtis DID star in Halloween "H20" which was released in 1998 or 99.

Coddingtown-Reject responds:

Jamie Lee Curtis DID star in Haloween H20, yes, but not in Friday the 13th 1999, or any of the Friday the 13th series that I'm aware of.