World Defense

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World Defense by ArmorStudios.
ArmorGames and ArmorStudios brings you the most original defense game!
Flash 8, you can set quality options in the options menu. I suggest putting everything to LOW.

May I (and Kenney) present you our newest work, probably the most unique defense game you've ever seen. Not only graphical, but the engine is also quite unique. This has a good and bad side, the bad side is that you have to read instructions instead of just diving in like in any other defense game so please take the ingame tutorial.

Graphics - Kenney
Scripting - Gabriel
Music - Shift 'n Shift (Gabriel), paragonx9
Sounds - Shift 'n Shift (Gabriel)
Idea - Kenney
Development - Armor Studios
Sponsorship - ArmorGames.com



Man, this game is hard!

But it sure is fun and very original =D

This was really good but I have some bad news.....

In less you signed a deal with Eric fagman, I have bad news. I just saw this on Ebaums.

regulargabs responds:

Kenney says:
Bad news? It's great news that our game is featured at eBaumsworld. It brings us many visitors since he left all links, logo's and credits in. People should calm down a bit, did you even know there are 1,000,000 other websites than eBaumsworld who do the same if not worse? Geez.


this is classic worthy.

i wont down grade you on it but have complex incoming rock puzzles with the buildings was a BIT hard for me...heh..maybe you can make them move a little slower.


this game is one of the best on newgrounds. the only thing that needs a little improvement are the controls. you shouldve made it so you could use the arrow keys too.

Ahh....glitch time :D -Cracks his knuckles-

Oh by the way the gameplay music is creepy so i put sound 5.


1.Play the game (Choose the first "empty name" fire) until you finally lose.

2.Send your score.

3.You re-appear in the main menu.

4.Choose New Game (Choose the same first file)

5.Put any name if you want.

6. When you start (skip the tutorial), the menu comes up for buying and the continue button keep clicking continue and it'll stop at the level you died on.
(Also: The level may be shorter and easier.


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3.94 / 5.00

Aug 27, 2006
5:13 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid