Goth Lyfe 9: Goth Eye

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Todd is finally ready to get all "gothed up"! If you're new to the series...what are you doing here? Go to episode 1! Trust me, you'll be completely lost if you watch this one first! Ok just to tell you, the "Goths" that you see in the show are not technical Goths so don't freak out and start lecturing me! As for the rest of you...Enjoy!
(Sorry about the music in this episode, I know it's bad, it's supposed to be bad)


Okay, great episode, great series, but..

You guys REALLY need to consider a change of music. I don't know if "Random Scenario" are your friends or not, but they OMFGSUK KTHXBAI


I have been watching the series for a while now and it has came along way. Your drawing has gotten alot better and the story line has envolved quite well all i can say is keep making them will hopefully enjoy the next one


#9 better then#8

LOL that was sweet i loved it cant wait for#10

thanks for letting me know it was coming i look forward to seeing more of your work

haha Excellent

Now that Goth Gotherson is a goth.... wont this affect the story line alot? I mean....now that hes a goth....his character is completly different.....unless you keep his hilarious personality. Keep up the good work!

A goth lyfe 9

Very entertaining, loved watching it.
This serie is awsome, love your sence of humor.

Oh and note to everyone: It's just a joke, I am gothic and am in no way offended by this.

I love these, and i'll be there when episode 10 comes out.

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4.07 / 5.00

Aug 27, 2006
4:30 PM EDT
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