TANKMEN: Target Practice

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Thanks for the add dudes!

*Flash 8 Required*

A while ago after my friend Steve and I watched TANKMEN, he said i should make a parody of it and a few weeks later here it is! I've been talking with Johnny_Utah and he's given me some advice and such about how to make this, and I've had lots of help from Dusty_Gorilla with sounds, Voice Acting etc. There are a couple of cameos by Bill Cosby and Jimmy Stewart (from its a wonderful life, they play it every christmas XD) Anyways, enjoy the parody and plz submit to the TANKMEN collection. :)


Pretty good

Hehehe....that was pretty funny. This worst thing about it though was the voices. They sounded like 12 year olds (no offense). But, it was pretty funny.

fadedshadow responds:

Dusty_Gorilla did voices, but he also proviced all the necessary materials to make this tankmen movie so i have no room to complain

Good premise...But the humour fell flat

I liked the idea of the firing of the tank. The two 'Tank Men' blowing things up is a welcome change from all the chatter that ruins most of the parodies of the original Tank Men.

What I stopped me from laughing was your choice of targets. The hitting of the guy (argh I forgot his name) from "It's a Wonderful Life" and Bill Cosbey took the focus away from the tank man universe. When you shifted that focus away from this universe, it spoiled the joke of them shooting stuff...Thus spoils your original premise...

What I recommend you do is make a second Target Practice flash work. This time focus more on the action and consequences of those actions, while you continue to focus on targets "WITHIN" the tankmen universe. If you're able to pull together a few things that can make your friends laugh, you might just have something you can use to make the people of newgrounds really enjoy this idea of yours.

Good Luck.

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fadedshadow responds:

hmm, not really planning on making a sequel, but given the chance that i decide to go through with it which will probably be sometime after i work through my college problems and i have plenty of free time, then i will definately take your suggestions into consideration.


Hey realy enjoyed it lol its awespme to the MAX as you kn0w i am a fan of Tank Men. ever thing was just great couldent ask for more. ;)

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fadedshadow responds:

does this flash turn you on?

umm ok

it sounded like a few 14 yr olds made this gay flash, but i do like the song at the end

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fadedshadow responds:

you're partly right, dusty_gorilla was 14 when he did the voice acting, but a 17 year old person (me) did the animation


not exactly great, but it was nice too see at least one tankmen fan flash that doesnt just make stupid gay jokes..
sound wasnt that very good, but the music was alright..

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fadedshadow responds:

better than saying "I HATE YOU" lol, i hate kids like that.

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Aug 27, 2006
3:41 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody