Dumbass Luigi

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*Flash 8 Required, Medium Quality Recommended*

First Dumbass Doom, then Dumbass Mario, now - Dumbass Luigi. Follow Luigi through the Mushroom Kingdom, and see what kind of things he gets himself into. The runtime is about 8 minutes, so it may take a while to load for some of you. I hope you guys enjoy!


Great job dude

I have just one question and request, for the question I wanted to ask will you be making anymore Dumbass Flashes, and for the request, If you do make another one of these would you please consider making one about a sega or konami character.


DUDE!!! That was better than Dumbass Mario or Doom!!! This shit was fucking awesome!!! I didn't really like the baby Luigi thing with the music video or the ending, I didn't like the very ending, but other than that, this shit was fucking HILARIOUS!!!

wtf ur awesome

dude man you awesome you stupid fag i luv u!
oh and if your wondering, me calling you names is a good thing ;)

Bigfoot3290 responds:

You have a very strange way of showing affection, but thanks for the review.


As I reviewed earlier today, Dumbass Mario was nearly perfect, but dumbass luigi IS perfect! especially the yoshi's island bit, i loved that! Hopefully you'll make a Dumbass Luigi2 so we can see him kick Bowser's ass!

Great Flash Video

Needless to say that was an excellent flash video. Funny, clever, and explosive. My favorite part besides Peach though would have to be the shy guy part. The poor thing didn't stand a chance even if Luigi does suck. I also liked the ending. Hope you finish that up, I'd really like to see a full ending.

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4.36 / 5.00

Aug 27, 2006
3:01 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody