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Happy PirateDay, Anti-ClockDay, and Pro-Clockday! (Thanks for the front page. Tis cool.)

Pirate Clock can do what he wants; it's his birthday!

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gimme some grog and rum and let's sail the 7 seas rich and stinking drunk lmao ^_^

An great effort but bad tunout

Now I see that you were quite obviously trying to celebrate Pirateclock's birthday with this joyful music video. But it just turned out to be a long and dull movie with nothing in it to entertain me at all. The song was also very bad and although it was of the pirate theme the childish lyrics made it fit in less well with the movie. Now I know I would be a complete asshole though if I didn't compliment the excellent graphics. Each part of this movie had well detail and wonderful shading and I really wish you would have used your beautiful style for a better use. But you didn't and this happened.

Ya know...

I'm not much on the clock crew but then again I ain't ever really watched it. But to be honest this was actually really impressive. Didn't Veggie Tales do a cover of the song The Pirates Who Don't Do Amything? Ya know Larry the Cucumber and Bob the Tomato. Odd I know the names I know but when you got lil cousins who love it can't really say much. But it is good for a kids show. Anyway before I got side tracked, This animation was good. Keep it up. We newgrounders would like to see more awesome work. Have a good'n.

Wasn't that song

It was from a kids show wasn't it? I think its called Lazy town. My 2 year old sisters watch it. Really goes with it. Nice job.

Catchy tune.

It was catchy and was funny.