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Luis: Anti Clock day : Honorable mention
Sent: 08/28/06 09:25

This wasn't originally intended for AntiClockday/Pirate day, but given the ending I decided to hold off submitting this until now.

Simply put, I start a new Flash Project and I do so by pasting an old SBC .fla file, and it continues from there.
Enjoy this minute and forty four second animation!

(No easter eggs.)


RupeeClock's 14th Anniversary?

wOOt! RupeeClock's 14th movie! The part when RupeeClock appears is good. It starts off with the original ClockCrew style, and then it changes into the art-style from "The CCs humble beginnings!" StrawberryClock gets more bossy every time. :P And who is PirateClock?

RupeeClock responds:

PirateClock is PirateClock is PirateClock

Hey it's been a long time Rupee.

Hope you haven't forgot about me. Well I really enjoyed this, I see your graphics have improved, and so has your humor. I like how you turned an Anti clock day movie into pro Clock day. I still love your flashes, but you really should make a few sprite movies or something, because, the last sprite movie I saw from you was Tails and his GBA 3. You should make a follow up called Tails and his DS! Heh, or maybe I will. Oh well, Great movie Rupee, keep it up.

Fan of Clocks:

RupeeClock responds:

I'm never doing another sprite movie.

Nice Short

Sorry, I didn't give you full credit but, I guess I just like some of your other movies better. Although, I do admit that the idea was original. StrawberryClock and your flash avatar provided for some interesting dialogue. I like your movies because you're not just a another clock. You're a true animator.

Cheers! (^_^)

RupeeClock responds:

Full credit? For what?

good stuff rupee.cat on mars sounds cool

and already i saw a flash about the uzi union rapin' you.obviously another crew seeking attention but that leaves me with one question
how many crews ARE out there
so far(besides the locks and the glocks*dead*)i've seen blocks socks,keys,pies and now uzis.there must be more of them im missing.
any ways kick-ass flash i fifened it

RupeeClock responds:


Pretty Random Flash

I'm wondering whether you are showing how annoying StrawberryClock can be in certain flashes (mostly all of them), or you were just being random. Either way, this flash was alright. Also, I kind of took offense when you said in one review that you are annoyed by sprite fans. I enjoy a nice sprite movie here and there, but that doesn't mean I focus my life around watching them everyday. I enjoyed the Tails GBA series, and wished it would continue, but if you don't want to, that's fine. Anyway, good flash, and I'm looking forward to the next one.

RupeeClock responds:

See, it's not people like you, but people like this.

http://img153.imageshack.us/i mg153/7379/stupidestfanevertq 0.png

I hope you understand.

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3.78 / 5.00

Aug 26, 2006
6:03 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody