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Luis: Anti Clock day : Honorable mention
Sent: 08/28/06 09:25

This wasn't originally intended for AntiClockday/Pirate day, but given the ending I decided to hold off submitting this until now.

Simply put, I start a new Flash Project and I do so by pasting an old SBC .fla file, and it continues from there.
Enjoy this minute and forty four second animation!

(No easter eggs.)

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If only working with Flash was this engaging. Also, context back then makes it better, lmao.

Hahaha!, More like Untitled.swf!

Graphics - Great Graphics!, RupeeClock! Sound - Great Sound!, RupeeClock! Music - Great Music!, RupeeClock! Violence - Great Violence!, RupeeClock! Style - Great Style!, RupeeClock! Humor - Great Humor!, RupeeClock! Review Ending - Your flash submission you submitted to the Flash Portal was awesome! :D


LOLOL. That was awesome.

WOW!, A great flash submission by RupeeClock! :D

Well Done RupeeClock!, This flash is great and awesome!, I can't believe that it was PirateClock's birthday when this flash submission was submitted to the Popular Newgrounds Flash Portal!, And i never know that Cat On Mars composed by Cowboy Bebop was your personal favorited song RupeeClock!, I also vote this flash submission a 5/5!, And this flash submission is going in my favorite flash submission list on my Newgrounds profile! xD Clocks are the greatest people on Newgrounds! xD

That was awesome!

So cool! but i dunno why you rated it M i saw no ecessive violence on yt. and i loved that song cat on mars. it got in my head gimme the link to it, through a PM