MegaMan Bros (EP1)

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UPDATE:NOW that my new game has been released, win this game and you will be awarded with a secret password to unlock two new characters!!!, and thanks to the people that support me on this baby.

MY FRIST FLASH EVER, a game where you can play as Zero, Mario and the long waited SKY POP!, features gameplay of two games, but this is actually the idea, youll see soon that this may change a little but, i recon my errors and ill try to not make them again, HOPE you like this time!!!! get ready for my secuel in a few months, which will be played more like a megaman game, whit less cutscenes, but MORE, more action-packed stages, selectable characters, and a original-and terryfing- final boss. sorry for not make a well combination of the mouse and the key when you r playing with mario and zero in the frist version of this swf file, but i think this may help, but i guess not..... may i get bether on ths in my secuel, which is on its way, now im working on mere animations as well....


super game! but with that aeroplane it s dificult.

For your first game,it was gud,but i cant even pass the first level XD
There was insanely well received reviews before,but now there was a really abusive ones

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MasterMarioMX responds:

Well, it does happen anytime, anywhere on the internet, really. And thank you!

This is great. Fun game, though sometimes repetitive, great idea, and very funny! However, there are a few bugs that could use some fixing. 1. On level 3 (the first level with Mario), the level is too repetitive and Mario seems to go onto the walls rather that just sliding or falling down the side. 2. The viper boss (I forget his name) has a pattern that's a little hard to keep up with, and I take damage trying to hit him. 3. The Bowser-Reploid boss battle is a little too repetitive. 4. When I lose a life on the Plane-Escape level, when I continue, there is no way to aim.

That's all, but this is still a very fun game.


it could have been better and their are alot alot of glitches.. i hope ep2 is better

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MasterMarioMX responds:

At least you are honest, and that's good for me, since the third one will not be that glitchy...at least im trying to. Thanks

A great game, but also screwed up

Okay here's what the problems were:

1 - The help screen DOESN'T MAKE SENSE! you can shoot with the f button not mouse button

2 - when you lose as zero or mario, the escape part stage can't let you shoot, therefore have to start ALL over again, also the part where you click to kill enemies was also screwed up.

Fix these problems, although i beat the game without losing as zero or mario. i hope you can make a better game than THIS.

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MasterMarioMX responds:

Well...at least you enjoyed these games..wich is good enought for me...for now.....ill procure to make the next one MUNCH MORE LESS BUGGY(and trustme, i didn0t take more than half a year for NOTHING).....and sorry if i take even a year... but i need to find the fla.....reformating a laptop can be a sad work to do...specially when you don't back up your "hard-worked" job

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4.17 / 5.00

Aug 26, 2006
2:44 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other