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The Strange SMW 2

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Thanks to everyone, who enjoyed the first one! Well, I hope ya like this one too.
Flash player 8 required!
Second episode of "The Strange SMW" Series. If you don't like sprites, don't watch this. Ok?! lol :D Enjoy. Try to find my stupid easter egg. XD



^^Good Points^^
Like the last episode, very good graphics. You zoomed in and out a lot, making this more interesting, and you also edited sprites by yourself, which was a good thing. Great musical choices too. Another strange, yet entertaining episode!

^^Needs Improving^^
It's a lot shorter compared to your last one, and I was expecting it to be a little bit longer. The blood you drew didn't look that good either. You didn't put texture into it, so it was obvious that it was drawn in.

Not bad at all

It was good sprite work, but u should make it just a little bit more random.Also try to hide the easter egg better and if u do, make a better prize for finding it.Also, find random or good songs to replace the mario songs once in a while, and make the ending funny too.I gave you 7 in interactivity for the um.... AWSOME start button.

~Ken Halo~

Cool sprites!

lol the begining of this was kind of random. Good sprites you've got, good use of music. Very strange SMW
i really liked this sprite movie !!!!Make some more !!!!

Joonza responds:

Thanks for the good review! :D :D

Great Job! where do you get your sprites?

Very nice job, i havent seen a new, good one for a while, hope you make more and maybe longer too.

Joonza responds:

I got those sprites from Spriters resource, ShyGuyKingdom and some of those I made myself. :P Thanks for the review.


cool sprite use man! i liked it a lot! keep it up!!

Joonza responds:

Thanks. Visit at my site if you want. :D

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3.36 / 5.00

Aug 26, 2006
12:44 AM EDT
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