BBQ Hero

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A wierd idea came to me so I made this game I think it turned out well. Please review it and give me good marks.

This is odd how much traffic this game is getting... is there a link to this that I don't know about?


Amusing >.<

It's fun!
And i disagree with the last comment, that would be too unoriginal, this is actually a real challenge to protect your meat!! XD

good idea...

but i think the game would be better as just a bbq the meat game, and not smacking the fat kid game (im not fat).

perhaps have a big ass bbq with loadsa meat being chucked on it, and having to toss the meat over at the right time and then cook that side for the same time to serve it.

This is...interesting

It's an interesting idea and a fun game but it is short. It was kind of hard to tell the difference between the different colors of meat too. Still, 4/5.

Me likey very much

That was a great idea for a game. and it was challenging while still possible to beat. My only suggestion would be for it to be longer. Keep working on a game like that though.

You'll be on my favorite's list, so please don't disappoint.

Great game...

Nice job on a totally different game. It's pretty fun and has a nice bit of challenge with the maze puzzle and keeping an eye on the food all at the same time. The facial reactions from messing the food up to the fat kid has some nice humor to it. The buttons work perfectly well also. The game is humorious, has some challenge, and is alot of fun to play. Excellent work.

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3.69 / 5.00

Aug 25, 2006
9:04 PM EDT
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