Press Start: Tomb Traitor

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Press Start: Bonus Levels
"Tomb Traitor"

On a mission to retrieve a valuable artifact, Sam encounters crypt-robbing rival Lauren Ketch. Oh, and Zippy makes his first appearance. You've been warned.

"Press Start: Bonus Levels" is a monthly animated series based on the upcoming videogame comedy movie "Press Start".

Created and animated by "Press Start" writer Kevin Folliard and produced by "Press Start" director/producer Ed Glaser, "Bonus Levels" goes where the movie can't, introducing audiences to the world of the film even before the movie is completed.

Each episode is only a few minutes long and features the voice talents of the "Press Start" cast, as well as others, plus music by professional videogame composer Jake "virt" Kaufman.

For more information about "Press Start", visit www.PressStartMovie.com.


I really enjoyed it!

Great job! Keep it up, it's these types of movies that make Newgrounds great. It had the right amount of humour, engaging diologue, realistic voices and all that good stuff. Like I said, great work!

Not as good as the other ones but still good

You do make a very valid point in this movie. Samus is a way better character than Lara croft, personaly I would of just rather seen a fight between the two of your characters but hey that's just me. I look forward to your next submission

Not as good as the last, but still consistant.

The Pac Man one is still the best...this is maybe second. I was just wondering today when a new one of these would come out. There needs to be some improvement in the graphics before this series will really stand out - I enjoy it though. Keep pound'n them out.


I love this series, the humour is bang on and the characters are well parodied, nice work, only thing that lets you down it the graphics but only slightly, good job


That was amazing, it ruled, please dont stop making them as it is just the sort of animation newgrouds, prides it'self on having. w00t

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4.35 / 5.00

Aug 25, 2006
8:53 AM EDT
Comedy - Original