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my legend of sonic p1

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A NEW SPRITE STORY...i recommend a decent computer
behind a prophecy and eggman world domination.
this NOT have a lot of action because is only the story of the new serie,but not start voting zero because the movie don't have action or a lot af fun ok.


no sense

that was 2 short and its only part 1 i cant blevile that but it was good

therealturner responds:

i nkow that :D

Yeah I do have to admit...

...it is pretty hard to make a first flash movie. That happens to everyone. It might happen to me when I make a movie too beause I'm going to have a job and buy a Flash Player 9 sometime. Anyways, this movie was bad, but i'll give you a chance. Hopefully you do better. Bye.

therealturner responds:

txh wisee man (:

Hay, thnx for the voting advice at the end...

It was ok for not having eny action in it so I took your avise at the end and voted 5/5.Now I'm gunnu watch part2.
Guess who >^.^<

Brian Boltano!

I love this thing despite the fact it's only the first part. And at the end, it has that song from South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut.

i just got a kick out of sonic

since when did sonic say dude and man. and as often as you had him and tails saying it i almost expected him to whip out a bong! lol
good basic premis and animation was fine. the lack of action didn't bother me, it was the typos. if youre not gonna' have real voices, atleast make sure ALL your text is correct. good movie though. and knuckles and tails at the end were the bomb.

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3.20 / 5.00

Aug 25, 2006
12:36 AM EDT
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