Action-scripts tutorial 2

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This tutorial covers 7 more different things, including pre-loaders and mouse-maze games.

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Explain please

The codes worked for me, the one I liked was the quality toggle. I really didn't like how you didn't explain the code( subtracted 5 stars at that point) although many people have complained about that. We cannot have flash begginers having to rely on pasting codes to make a game, it's a bad habbit and it's not even their game, they got it all from someone else to bring it to life. Over all it was okay and helped me a bit.

really good

it was really good, my only problem is that you needed to cover the 'hit' state on buttons, which i see you yourself neglected to use with your 'next' buttons.

Zombie-clock-monkey responds:

I have taken care of it


You rotation code involves moving the MC in the direction it is facing. That isn't applied to the MC you have as an example, or written anywhere other than the code. Did you know it was there?


i hate it.

this is not a tutorial. it doesn't deserve to be called one. all you are doing is telling us to copy and paste a code. a REAL tutorial would at least explain the code.

screw you and your encouragement of script kiddies.

Not bad...

Well, I quite like the layout for this, and it is nice how the codes can be copied and pasted. The whole thing functions as it says. A lot of the codes were familiar though, but the maze was interesting. It would be nice for some explainations on some of the codes though.

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2.55 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2006
4:31 PM EDT
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