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searching for the rainbow

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Most of my movies, got lot's of humor in it, but I wanted to try something different. The first thing i thought when I heard this music was: woow, this would be great in one of my animations. so I used it. Because a funny animation wouldn't fit with the music, I tried this.

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what the hell?

this was strangely like one of the coolest flashes ive seen. i dont know what it is about it, but ur style is awesome. great job, i hope to see more like this!

grabbelfant responds:

thank you

Wonderful black and white & then colors!

Great music. Having your black and white changeover into colors was very nice. Graphics were not the best but the rainbow and colors redeemed it as well as the beautiful music. Thanks for a job well done!

Finally, a nice flash.

__The Good__
The graphics were nice, I found the characters were a little scratchy but the backgrounds were really good. Really nice style to this flash, I liked the whole black and white thing going on and the rainbow was the only color. The music was great too, it fit very well with this flash. Also this flash had a really nice storyline. Usually most of the stuff on Newgrounds is just violence with no point but this one really speaks out to people.

__The Bad__
You could have used some voice acting. There's a chance that voice acting could have killed this flash but I would have liked to hear some. I also thought that it ended abruptly. You should have made the ending scene fade away, it would have been nice.

__Over All__
Over all this is a nice flash! The graphics and style were very nice, so was the style! Next time just try and add some voice acting to your future flashes. Good job on making this flash, keep up the good work!

grabbelfant responds:

about voice acting: i never tried it, maybe sometime I will try it, but I think i'd better improve my graphics and stuff first. i dont think i have the right materials too. I made this animation just for the music, i think it would kill both animation and music when i would put voice in it ( especially because i dont have much experience with voice-acting).
Thanks for the suggestion for fading the end-scene.
Yes it ended too soon, but... the music stopped :P
thanks for the compliments and suggestions.

Auke de Vries


This was a nice piece, but it annoyed me how every now and then they where stcik people.
But otherwise, this was an enjoyable piece.

grabbelfant responds:

sorry for the stick people, i thought a combination of stick and "good-animated" people wouldnt be a problem, but i see you and others, didnt like it... won't do it again. thanks for the review

^-^ Everyone loves a happy ending

I love the music - I'm trying to see if I can download it - if I can't find it, would you be willing to send me the file through e-mail or IMing? ^-^ Let me know!!

grabbelfant responds:

ok, will try