Staggy 2

August 24, 2006 –
October 21, 2015
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Author Comments

The boyscouts are back pwning in your forrest! It's your job to slay them all!

ARROWS: Move and jump.
SPACE: Attack.
P: Pause, 1-7 to change weapon or Z-M.

Best score with valid email by the 15th. Of October will get a free trip to England and a date with Jocelyn, the hot chick from Stagknight(upcomming movie) or Mike, the geekboy if you swing that way. You will also get a private screening with the director himself!


even in 2015 this is still a good game

Simple, fun, and awesome.


I loved this game ever since I was little

This game is messed up but great fun and challenging. My final score was 851.

Still amazing. Been my favorite since I was small :)

A classic

I honestly love this game. The controls, the gameplay, the short story, the weapons, etc., Despite me not being able to beat this game I still play it if I find myself bored. P.s. You still have that Stagknight movie up yet?

Just one question: Why the hell are the boyscouts coming back to a forest that harbors a murderous immortal knight that has already slaughtered HUNDREDS of Boy Scout troops?

I don't think I reviewed this back in the day, but I probably should have. This game is a big reason why people listen to my music. Thanks for using my song and making it the Staggy theme, I still get comments because of this game!

LOL had only 6 health left

Absolutely hilarious!!! Nice Job!

i will be willing to make the third one...IF YOUR WILLING TO PAYY !!
sorry this is a new accoutn my other ones with good games got banned

Staggy III The girl scout slayer "needs sniper levels where u take out campsites"

My favirote flash game of all time plz make a 3rd one

Probably the greatest stress relieving game of all time. I threw on some Lamb of God and played this for about ten minutes. Suddenly, I was happy.



This the first and best game I ever played on the entire Internet. They should make a Staggy 3.

been playing for a while, totally broke the1000 kill mark now (not by much though) woot woot!! personal best!

hihi for spejdere

Man I love this game. I love how you made the weapons and I LOVED the light saber. I pwned all the scouts with my saber until a ninja hit me with a ninja star. This game was quite addicting and was worth it.

little bit short but a really fun game.
693 kills
large battery
laser sword

This game may have been released awhile ago but I still enjoy it. It's simplistic, rewarding, and certainly compelling. Nice job.

Pretty good game keep it up

dude i am a boyscout

meanwhile in america..

When Anakin skywalker finished this game he turned into Darth Vader ( cos a knight running with a lightsaber that looks just like Darth Vader )

and I did me some killin'. This game isn't much, but surprisingly fun for its repetitive nature. Upgrade to the Orc Blade, then the Ax and work your way to a Large Battery then the Lightsaber. I made it to the 10th round...

This ish so awzome , i rely like killin those scouts with da lightsaber >:D

Love this game and love running around with a laser sword it makes me feel like darth vader

i love that u can upgrade i love games like that and u newcomers tip for u hold space for faster atacks unless ur dealing with archers

my boyscout bro said it was sad that i love killing boy scouts

more blood more more blood!!!!!!!!!!!@#$%^&*65$$$

i didn't know killing boyscouts was so fun

...drool. Wow, too bad I didn't know about this back in 2006, hells yeah!

great game is there gonna be a part 3

uber addicteing my top score was 3054 kills i need a break my fingers hurt.

This game is way better than the first, (for obvious reasons). Also, Staggy's armor is soooooooo epic.

751 kills. Not a bad game, though I agree with LosHornet. We should be able to buy extra defense/better armour and maybe a way to increase max health.

Its a good game i wish you could buy extra defense or health over 100. just a suggestion. :)

I got 892 kills

just wanna know the name of the song at the shop

It's hard for a game to impress me and this one came up short not by much but it doesn't deserve a 10 in my honest opinion it gets a 8. The game could have used more weapons and easier movement.

thats how i like it :D..keep up the good work...

It's a good game, but a few more weapons would've been nice. Also you get money a little too fast. The battery thing is a little annoying as well. Yeah, it helps balancing the fast money making a little, but acutally it would've been better with more weapons and slower money making, in my opinion.

Wish it had a shield in the store.

Great game, just a pitty that it hasn't got any medals...

just epic

no awards!
realy pisses me off.


when i found staggy 2 my sister said it has violence and he kills boys so i thought why not tell her the boy scouts are destroying his forests and killing him with swords and she said kick their ass can u believe it


this game kicks ass love gave 10 out of 10 love it the game fucking rocks

Don't bother wasting money on most of the weapons. Buy the axe weapon, the the large battery, then the lightsaber.

With any weapon (but particularly the axe) press attack, then jump while Staggy attacks. He'll do another attack straight away.

Love the game alot dude xD

Ok. Just so I get this out of the way, and so we lay a little ground work, I love Staggy the boyscout slayer. Great game of senseless violence. When I saw Staggy 2 on here, I about shit myself. clicked play, saw the new menu, was like "Awesome. Great work for a second game thus far." Here's where it goes downhill.

I clicked play, and I was disappointed to see it's the first Staggy. Nothing new. No new weapons, "Levels", enemies, controls, no new nothing. This was a letdown... If I wanted to play the first one, had I known this was the case, I'd have just played the first one. Clicking the second game led me to expect that I'd be seeing more fun things to be doing to slaughter the innocent boy scouts...

Hopefully the "Third" Staggy will bring in new options...

i'm so mad, all the games on any of the sites i go to all the games are to easy. Fun, but still way to easy, even after lvl 35.


i was a boy scout.....they are faggy lolXD.

blood and guts

pretty good game there was a super glitch witch means that i died then came back to life i dont know how it happened but kool.

i just have an act for killing boy scouts i guess, made it to round 12 :(
with only the even sword, the biggest battery, and the laser sword :) anywho :D
love this game!!! and always will

I'm killing homer simson


high score XD

ive gotten the laser sword twice now and i made it to round 11

but one problem : The Archers and the ninjas are annoying to hell!

love this game and "treefiddy" the reason this game dont have medals is because it's really old. i have been trying to find this game for ages since i first played it but i forgot the name and now i have found it yay

i like the upgrades, i understand the whole battery thing, but why doesn't it have medals?! ( i.e. Get 500 kills, get 1000 kills, get all weapons, use over 30 grenades etc...)

i got 2,000 kills >:D beat that foos

Great game

This game is cool....... good job

actually mr creator the ubersword is the best weapon.....

I think the most fun part of this game is simply picking up grenades and let them blow up wherever they may. The graphics are awesome and an improvement over the previous installment. I just like the image of literally hundreds of boy scouts getting killed for no good reason. My favorite weapon would probably be the Uber-sword. I am glad that you made it so that if you picked up a weapon at the end of one level, you could use it on the next. In a nutshell it is basically very addictive to me.

this game is badass it is funny yet violent and stratigic great game Kill them damn boyscouts staggy

good effort but just by today's standards u dont make the cut

Much better than the 1st one awesome game

its a nice game bra

Nice and simple! Put I wish I could save....

their should be medals for this!

there is this goddamn fucking bug that wont let me move or attack!!! wtf? can u fix that????
but i played this game before and it pwns

Much better than the awful movie.

Even after 4 years have passed, I think this game still remains a legend.
The best thing I love about it is the staggy knight - armor, red eyes, sword, everything. Staggy also looks like darth vader.
And notice just how the staggy's eyes look red, but his sword is blue. At the same point scoutboys shoot red lasers, which in starwars indicates the evil side. Blue means good. So in this game you play as protagonist, good side which attacks (or offends), and scoutboys are evil side which has got to defend.
I've noticed a few bugs in this game, though, no one might care:
1) When I crouch with a lawn mower it displays as laser sword.
2) After the first time getting hit, a boyscout which has no neck and legs suddenly gets the legs and they're displayed on him. While initially that grim-reaper-like scout has no legs.
3) Those death-boyscouts with scythes get sometimes hats and glasses and other things, even though they have no head.
4) This is not a bug but still - I can jump while running and start swinging my elven sword and then I represent some sort of rolling death wheel which cuts everything it falls on or goes through on the fly :S
5) On round 12 when I threw a grenade at a death-automatic-lazer boyscout, he first somehow shot me to death (I had 1 hitpoint) and only then the grenade reached him, but he didn't die ...

Oh and you've really got to use strategy in this game. Just think about how can some terrain holes or heights benefit you against arrows and melee enemies. Using especially deep holes in the ground is sometimes required to survive the level. Does the game ever end? I'm just trying to wipe out those villains out of my forest, but they come in more massive numbers than before.
Oh and by the way this game has got soul. I mean, that it's very lively and it's not mechanically done at all, mostly thanks to random power ups and a physics engine.

but it is stupid you dont have blocks of attacks and please fuck the batteries

Love this game. Though it's pretty easy and I pretty much have everything at level 8. >_<

VERY Funny, but i agree with glopman. No batteries

THis game kicks aaassssss but get the battery off pls

Funny and awsome!

This game is Awsome I Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-The basic attacking is very repetitive. The knight just swings his sword in a slightly odd way. It just didn't feel like you were actually slashing up the boys, which hurt the overall effect. The physics didn't feel right, everthing was a bit floppy, maybe the gravity wasn't always strong enough.

-But otherwise I like it, fairly entertaining slashing fun. The concept is pretty original, and funny. All the upgrades and things gave it a bit of longetivity, I could probably play this for a long while if I had the time. Great graphics, particularly on the background. Some really good Flash work here, I don't think I've played your work before but I'll certainly be going to have a look at your back catalogue.

this game is kinda stinky but it could come in handy when i am bored

no wat am i lettin fuckin boy scouts on my territory

I agree with Keledai, except the battery part.

This is much friggin better than the 1st one, the batteries goes out too quickly though

bloody boyscouts in my forest again i dont fucking think so!!!
great game

awesome game but can there be bosses to be more challinging?

i was playing for 3 hours straght

Im actually a boy scout, but i still like it. i still cant believe they were trying to kill me with sticks, LOL.

This game is awesome just like the original. It's nice and challenging and it's pretty funny all at the same time.

I don't think there's any way to make this better than it already is. I don't fookin' think so, indeed. Awesome.

That game is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

It never got easier,great game! I love the challenges and all dat crap.

dis game is like fo hot shizzle! i sound liek a drunk... however nice game man, loved every second of it!

woa ill never be a boyscout after playing this game. "message to all boyscout quit or be aware of staggy!"


staggy is for the effing win but im kinda sad because of the high scores are down :(

But there could be more weapons, because after Level 5, I bought everything, and after that you just gather money....thats a bit sad! But overall a very impressive and fun game!!

this game is awesome

just simple amazing, and addictive as hell, loveeee it

This game is awesome, I killed 682 boy scouts and I feel great


good game but its impossible to beat, but it one of the best games ever

this is awesome game!i liked different swords!way better than 1st staggy game...
sadly i only got 200 kills... :(

haha awesome! I killed 905 boys scout and now I'm happy XD

i got 808 kills xD

As classic game! Good single gameplay ans audio, but paints is not so cool

sick game my highscore 127,658

I love this game this is so awesome!

I quickly had bought the lightsaber with a large battery and it made things to easy

I like it i came to the level with the invisible men with a scytche or so buttt you said something wrong.. Yeh i know it isn't important but : The boyscouts are back pwning in your (forrest)! It's your job to slay them all!

* forest

this game is awesome!........ my highscore was level 9 515 kills...yay :3

it's a bit repetetive but still fun

I hate boy scouts so I found this game very fun but it just got to hard to fast, by the time I bought a battery I was slaughtered by a horde of ninjas and archers plus there's just not enough of a story maybe that's the point I don't know

it ok get boring after a few min

Realy old but good game.

Pretty fun



Good job, more weapons would be cool, maybe some armour improvements too? Still, its awesome.

my favorite game!!

very very fun and cool!!!

gets a bit too easy though when you get the laser sword but great game nonetheless

if there were only cheats

It was good, but use more weapons, though.

a great game. lol, "boy scouts? IN MY FOREST?! I DON'T F**KING THINK SO?!?!?!?!"

I like but.... first part is more harder.

way way better than the first one

boy scout hobos go squish now!!!!!!!!!

8/10 and 4/5 because of no quality option (It lags like HELL once you get pretty far into the game)

only thing wrong is that you cant get more weapons, but other than that great gam3


this is a great game if u havnt played number1 u should play it 1st but for advice the lawnmower is a funny weapon lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllllll

a great game to help your bordom die. the gore the colors really help me keep my attention XD. all in all a pretty good game till you get bored of killing wave after wave adn not dying. but sitll pretty good.

ill give it an 8.

really good but for a ten must be better....so many meat....russia rulezzzz!!

man this is one of the most funnest games ever!!!

damn ive always loved this game put nickelback just to get high in the mix and damn

I was playing a bunch of deth metal in the backround so i was JUICED!!!!! it was awsome, nice gameplay, sounds (even though they were muted), the intro was pretty funny, "Bloody boyscouts? In my forest? I don't fucking think so!"
LOL it was awsome i loved it! 10/10!!!!!

then i got to bored and quit but fun game but gets to easy

totally wicked man

Counter was at Zero.
Had to kill 2 more guys..
I had enough money for the large battery + laser sword..
And I died :\

Oh well good game overall I guess, 4/5


I think it's one of the best game... Reason 1: Easy reason 2, funny like hell :D

There's nothin' like choppin' up some boyscouts when your angry, good game XD

this game is the most best game ever

hahaha, nothing better than going into the woods and cutting up some BS, one of my favorite games on NG

you sir are my hero, finally thers a game that got me hooked!

I just love this game. It never gets old. If you gave the staggy a shield or allowed him to guard this game would be even better.

Crazy Game

this game rocks i love camping in a corner its a legitamant strategy bitch

Honestly my favorite game on NewGrounds ^-^. Simple, violent, and fun !

honestly I think that the shurikens and arrows flying pass you and such is annoying, if there was a sheild then people would stay in one corner and swing there sword once every1's piled up. :D anyhow nice game

hey man nice job but one thing let the swords deflect the arrows and shurrikans ok or give him a shiled

Not only did it give me satisfaction running through woodland areas killing boyscouts. But it gave me satisfaction with all of the weapons you could kill them with. The lightsaber was my favorite and if they come out with a Staggy the Boyscout Slayer 3 i will be playing it for sure.

whats the diffrence from 1

The use of an upgrade shop is BRILLIANT!

GRENADES??? wow, this is amazing!!!!!!! just great

Ive been looking for this game and its just as good as i remember it......ITS AWESOME!!!!!!!!

Nice visuals, simple controls, and excellent gameplay make this experience one that I may never forget. It isn't perfect, but it is awesome. Where else can you kill boy scouts and not get in serious trouble? Its right here, all you have to do is kill, kill, kill...

I liked this game very much, but a wider variety of weapons and upgrades(like armor and ranged weapons) would have made this game even better.
I've also discovered that links to this game and the original Staggy have been posted on a Dutch anti-scout community. This is the adress for those who are interested: http://sterfscouting.hyves.nl/forum/2 286273/272I/Kill_the_Scout_game/

wtf do boy scouts have high-powered weaponry?

Bloody boyscouts, on my territory, again?! I DON'T $!@^*$ THINK SO!

so we should better kill them off..

maybe you could have ragdoll physics in the third.


fun and gratifying

you can even chop their nuts

Im a boy scout and i take offence to this game!!!!

NOT! this game is great! keep up the great work

This game is hilarious and fun. Look forward to a third. :)


SOO much improvement since the first one.
5/5 10/10

niccceeee i played the first one repetetively i lost the net for ALMST 2 YRS so i wasnt updated on the fact there is a second NICE FUCKIN work MAN bravo it was amuseing maybe air enermies or a few more mele might not make it so repetetive and maybe sum ballin ass combo moves wld be awsome maybe press alt for a finisher or sum kinda graple so u can use a boy scout as a human sheild or sumthing but NICEEEEEEEE seriously i was amuseddddd i also liked it was the same kick as button mashing brawler BUT cooler so that was nice brought back sum memories of when i was a wee homicidle boy :P

Needs more weapons and some armor upgrades, health, energy, yada yada. Still a great game.

This game is fun, entertaining, challenging, and addicting, but the lack of attacks that you can do with each game makes the game play a little boring. But besides that! This game is awesome!

Love the series of Staggy but we could use the 3rd part >:D considering that 2nd is old now. Game is great it has blood, great music and nice weapons.... but seriously blue lightsaber for a killing mashine ? xD If you ever make 3rd part (hopefully >:D) please make color-custom lightsaber and more weapons and some RPG to it. 10/10

this is an awesome game, but you could also put some other features, or maps :)

love it. maybe a few more swords next time but truly awsome

Exellent, game, thought it was really fun. A cool idea: BOSS FIGHTS, like maybe every 5 levels

That's a very nice game, exploring the concept would be really nice, and make a better damage system, an arown from an archer gives almos the same damage as a sword.

one word perfect. this is the best flash in the universe of flash games.

The most incredible Flash game EVER made! Nearly perfect in every way, it must be studied and made into an XBLA download. Trust me you'll make some big cash. Amazing, amazing job.

and is so awsome i think i could play it all day and night

jason sould battle staggy in staggy 3 i hope they make one

if they make a 3rd one, the should put in a unlockable Jason Voorhees costume

Best game ive played so far so fun to kill little kids with lawnmowers

I found that this one was a lot better than the original game mainly because of the fact you could buy things and what not in this one...

one of my all time favorites! if only i could do this in real life >:),but one thing,why do you have people in armor and scythes attacking you in round 9+,THOSE ARENT BOY SCUTS! THATS DEATH RIGHT THERE o_O

its Basically the same but the down side was the previous song was more hardcore , idk y tho

hella good is there gunna be a 3rd one

Now I can kill kids and not have to worry about burrying the bodies!!!!


this game is realy great but i wonder if a staggy 3 is coming up?

this game is addicting but also a little to easy i got over 250,000 with out spending any money on better wepons to use but i sure did lose alot of life from the boy scouts

really fun game love the blood and action does any body know how many levels there are??

I got an even better score! 56,432,465,345 kills and i didnt spend any money! what!

this game is awesome!!! i got79,246 kills and i used the chainsaw!!!!

i absolutely blew your score outa' the water, I got 243,467 kills ! BEAT THAT!

Super fun, i got around 880 kills. I love using the uber sword and the lawn mower.

Not the action music but the menu music please message me it ^^ lol

love this game speachless (ring ring ring ring ring ring) XD cu3) any ways kool game elvin sword awsome buy it it ROKS and ifu dont like batteries or cant afford buy it its CRAAAAAAAAAAAAZY any wayus i got 13999 KILLS BEAT THAT! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEElolz PLAY THE GAME ALREADY y yes im hyper WHY DO U CARE EHAHHAEHAEHAEHAEHAEHAEHEAHHEAHAEHEA woops a!!!! IM GOIN CRAZY SRRY BYE GOOD GAME :))))))))))))))!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!111111111111111111111111111111111 11111111111111111111111111111111

this is a very cool game i got 539 kills . very violent and fun!!!!

The axe happens to be my personal favorite, before the energy sword of course. The axe does great damage, has a good range, and a wide hit area, making it ideal for slaying groups of those pesky, seemingly endless and ridiculously armored boyscouts.

i got 917 kills thats the most iv evergotten

This is a very good game! i personaly liked the camel and the game is realy good with your own personal music i suggest "The Guillotine" but this is a very good game

This game is so addictive! :D
The highest I've ever gotten was 891

better than the first....and the beast background music i hav ever heard

This had me laughing from start to finish. :)

Realy, nice game.


awesome this was a really fun game! u need to make a second one

well i'm the 667th reviewr....do i get a prize?

i hAVE the highscore for the game

this game is very intertaining

It was fun especially because I hate boy scouts,but it was too hard plus it makes no sense I mean how do boyscouts get armor swords crossbows camels bows and GUNS in a forest??????!!!!?!?!

Awesome game. Good control, good graphics, but it gets a little repetitive.
I got 898 kills.

i got 801 kills that any good?

that was the shit man too hard you should make another

Amazing game man. But the highscores are down. So is 553 good?

i dont mind the game but most of the posts are completely disgusting..

All the blood and those fucking boy scouts screaming.... Ahh it's too fucking good!

this is fun, to get revenge on those fucking boyscout bastards for makeingf us normal people look bad now we can ki8ck their asses on staggknight

the only thing that sucks is the mary popins thing

fuck u all i could fuck this game in a second cuz its so awesome i could just ya XD

i like it so much! i menaged to cut somones balls off... SWEET!

Great awsome game i like better than first

the lawn mower is the best wepon and the ax of doom is just great very addictive good job

This game is so friggin awesome. I wish i could give it higher than a ten. Shouldve gotten first for the week.

This is probably my favorite game of all time! I have played it countless times and I never get bored of it! Sooo Addicting!

Very nice game..I would be great if you could buy more weapons or maybe things like a suit.

This was a creative game where boy scouts rarely look the same and there are awesome weapons and the story line is funny but where do the boy scouts get swords armor bows and ninja stars anyway good work

super sabre pnwz i love this game but the archers piss me off


im a boy scout in real life! hahahaha! dont worry, i dont take any offence dude. that shit was fun. wish i could do that to some of the kids in my boy scout troop.......

Boy-scouts in my forest again?
I don't fucking think so *killing spree*
really great and addictive game and i've played it on different sites throughout the last 2 years or so and i can rack up about 1750 kills

i think it is a great challenging game (and can get repetative sometimes)

fun game:)


w00t y love your game is great and fun

I've been playing this one ever since it was first posted and still have trouble getting past Level 13...still, I can rack up close to 950 kills overall. One of my favorite posts on NG. Please make a Part 3!!!!!

a very fun game. i died at like 529 kills


Thank you so very much for making this game it is the best game in the world. i got 569 kills the first time i played... make a 3rd one please

I didnt play it but i have played it before its awsome.i unlocked every thing!

Awesome i got to the light saber and full battery on my top 3 list of good games

awsome that was exellent i hope to see another one with more weapons an maybe u could add parts to upgrade armor and ur helmot!!

i have played a lot of games on new grounds and dis i s one of the best good work

amazing this game is so damn sick!!! i hope u make a third one please

this is teh best flash game evah!!!!

killing boy scouts is awesome! and you gotta love that lightsaber!

dude this is the best game i have ever played!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!when r u gonna make staggy 3?cant wait for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am the master at this game! This game is the best game I've ever played!

god i love the this game!!!!!!!!!!!!
i swear i have never met somone who doesnt

............................maby a boyscout though
but still!!!!!!!!

love this game! :D adictive and funs :)


I've loved this game since it came out. Everything about it makes for a great game, from the graphics to the gameplay.

First, let me say how smoothly this runs. It allows for exactly what this game aims to do, which is make an enjoyable time-killer. I can't tell you how many hours of boredom have been crushed by this game. The mechanics are so simple but so addicting.

The game is so easy to just decide to play, which is one of the main reasons I love it so much. If I'm bored and just lurking, this game will find my attention.

The graphics are also good. They're not the absolute best of any game I've ever seen in my entire life, but they are excellent considering the game.

For some reason, the premise of the game really gets me. It makes me laugh but it probably shouldn't.

All in all, it's a great time waster and one of my favorite action games.

I like it enough =P "B+" jejejee i would like to be able to add armor to the guy
but the animation is good and i like the killing...........................
Oh and the batteries should las longer and more varaity on enemies

Again really a great game from bodhi, the variety of the weapons and the shade of blood can be found similar to Bodhi's work. We salute him. One problem about this game is when you bought all the weapons already, the game ends. You have no point in playing anymore. But it's so addicting!

The game is good the the weps that needs battery the thing use the battery so fast i can only kill 15 - 30 people so try to make the batterys last a longer time and i had the best battery so i give u a 9 and a 5 and make the weps like a gun or a bow or a shotgun or a gun that shots like a big huge beam and plz make a part 3 but other than that the game is good plz make part 3

5/5 but a block option would be nice just take half dmg if not none

this game is funny in so many ways but they could of added a bigger landscape

I spent like an hour on this game because of the fun factor. Alot better than the first game, unfortunately the high scores are no longer available, I was hoping to get maybe a free copy of the movie for playing so long. Guess not, LOL. Great game!!!

God I love this game!

It is probbably my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE hack n slack game! The weapons are so fun to use! and the axe is bloodtacular!

Great game!

it is awesome


Better than the first staggy, but still the brilliant idea and storyline. nice work

The song at main menu after you click play game is amazing!
Can someone please tell me the name... i give 10 just for the song

Nice slice'n'dice killing game.I just cant stop playing.Hope theirs gonna be a third one.

i loved this game didnt stop playing till i had all the weapons

this is so fun, but too hard. i made it to the last level and died. but this is by far the best game i have ever played. peace out (except to boy scouts)


It was an awsome game it was funny and it helped me take on my anger on boy scouts if you make another one can you make it with clowns. jk though i must have missed something cause i have never seen ninjas in the boy scouts before. But any way sweet game looking foward to the 3rd.

the best game in the world i dont like the bow people though

I gave you 8/10 for the Staggy 1 because of some flaws, but in Staggy 2 all of my expectations are satisfied. Great graphic and great gaming system.
In general great games, and of course make more of them!

its a cool game but gets boring after a while so i give a 9/10.

its a great game but u ruined it with the range noobs =( theyre the only bad thing... just for that u get a 7/10 and 4/5 =( sry dude, i hate rangers


Just like the first one, this game is fun and funny! I also liked the addition of the weapons shop and the new boyscouts!!!!

I rly cant wait till Staggy 3 . I f it happens you should sell the urber sword and maybe sell GRENADES aswell. And make up grades for the actual weapons, so if you get the axe you can make it stronger,faster or have better range.

the best staggy ever if u make a 3rd one u must pm me about it!!!!

if you gunna make staggy 3 you should sell the uber sword

i will deffinatly giv dis a 10

Kick ass sound track! =D


yay now all we need is more even more boyscout killing

violince! nothin like the past violince

this game is the shit

this game is funny as you should make a new one with heaps more stuff

it was awesome

The game just kicks ass! For the next part you could include kind of a story with levels. The whole fight-till-the-game-becomes-unbeatabl e-thing aint as good as a game that actually has an end.

this game is so kick ass you get a axe and maney more

it never gets borin and there r jew campers lol thats awsome

Haha, this game has a great concept and I love the gameplay. I would have enjoyed some combo or style points, but whacking Darth Vader made it even better! I only used one weapon, and I still enjoyed it! I love this game!

if you make a third make the scouts able call the poliece when you get the best weapon. >:)

super good make number 3 lol its a good game

that was awesome

MAKE A 3rd 1 MAN love this game

gets boring after u get the lightsaber


that game was cool but 2 bad i couldnt c the highscore, bummer

This brings joy to me 4 some reason, its violent, it looks good, and its just plain fun.


i really like the game it is fun to kill those boyscouts the weapons are fun too

this makes me glad im no longer a boy scout

(Forrest Gump voice) ya there was a bunch of em hitting me with twigs and crap and i think 1 of em had a sick-ul so i had to get out my chainsaw and i started beating em up and stuff

them hitting me with twigs hurt

(normal voice) i liked how he said "i dont fucking think so"

now this game rocked i mean come on runnin people over with lawn mowers cuttin up with chainsaws stabin um with sords blowin um up with grenades and slitin um in half with a light saber it was one of the best games ive played

Duude this is sweet and friken hilarius cuz i use ta be a boy scout

it was awsome...but why couldnt you make a bow that you can use.

I love killing those boyscouts! This is some bloody fun!

That game is by far the most pointless, awesome thing in the world.

Thank you..

i like this one better because there different weapons to buy unlike the first one

...but the whole thing was insultingly easy, and as long as I had an ounce of being careful I wasn't in any danger anyway, perhaps it could use some difficulty levels to make it difficult, but until then this game will probably cause me to yawn.

that was one of the most kick-ass games ive ever played. the boy scouts, like the guy before me said, all boyscouts are douchebags.

A+ game man. Really cool how all the hits were location percise. Everything worked really well and it wasn't too hard. Keep makin 'em.

THIS IS A GOOD GAME! i like it when i kill a boy

i liked the upgrades and weaponssss ! when the time is near to finish try finding more boy scount then kill them after the time is done ! that's all>>

Just the thought of some random knight hating Boy Scouts enough to slaughter them on sight was awesome enough to get me started and now I can't stop!

that was a nice game. a very nice killing spree, but i found a bug. when your holding on to a lawnmower and crouch the lawnmower will turn into a light sabre. except that,this is a very fun game.

made it pretty far before those little buggers got me. I don't think that the game is violent enough.


2 thumds up-lil-wingnutz best game ever since mario

Sucked,unlike the 1st installment

i have play this game for a 1046 days so this game is cool!

way better than the first but a better defensive ability would help against those frickin archers but still one of the best games on this site well done

This games is fun and glory and just great. The most badass black kinght pwning those boyscouts is awesome now something to do with those damn girl scouts! XD

This is way better than Staggy1,WAY BETTER!!!!!

die boyscout!DIE!!!

no,seriously,very fun game!

the best game so far i have played

Its just a funfucking game!

bye.. bye.. boyscouts
have a nice death............Ahh.....Ahh.....

This game is incredibly addictive. I love playing it all the time, I never grow tired of it. I would love to see a 3rd one!

played it and it was great dude keep up the good work

Amazing game even though I only got 1,067 kills

This is hialarious sheer mayhem. one pissed of guy, and a bunch of doomed boyscouts.

918 kills yay

Great game. It is animated well, plays great, has a variety of weapons, good controls and most importantly is fun.

Die you evil boy scouts!

I loved this game and im lookin forward to a part 3 that would kick ass

If I don't give it a 10, I'll going to kill myself.

this game rocks:P definitely 10/10 and 5/5:P its much better then part 1 and i hope there will be a part 3

i love that game u gotta make another and i got 742 kills and all weps ^_^ great work next time u could let us design our char.

the best game you can play,years of fun i just love playing it!!!
884 kills!!!!

dude this game rocks!!!!!!! i hate boyscouts, and this is a good stress reliever, is there gonna be a third one???

Cool game, I liked! Eto po nastoyashemu GOOD JOB :D

645 kills!!!! the trick is to save up and buy the elven sword it really helps later on.....10/10 5/5 good job ! i own!! lol


SO MUCH FUN!! I'm a Boyscout, but that was great!!

This was really great!
At least the first 10min or so. It all became kinda boring when you had all the power-ups.
And you should add some kind of save function, just to make sure you won't have to do it all over again if you die. More Power-ups would be fun too (like armor, more HP and stuff like that). Bosses could be fun too, just to spice it up a little.
Great game though, can't wait for the 3rd.


The game was funny with all those nooby boy scouts running around and you pwning them. Needs more weapons and it'll be a super game. A save option would be nice too.

The violence is good but you should make it to where you can save or at least start on the stage you die at.

i came back to this game for the first time in a while. love it, i just start gettin my ass kicked around lvl 20 when they start with the lazers and the hadoukens O.o

way better then the first keep it up make a 3

I ts a lot harder. a bit too much. the only thing to maek it better is.. maybe you should make the archers fire a bit slower. thats all. otherwise ten outta ten

its okay but its no different from the last one

Highly addictive game. Idk what you're supposed to do, though, because around lvl 12 it just gets downright insane and impossible. The lightsaber isn't enough, but if you use the chainsaw you lose too much power and you're left with only the normal weapons which are definitely not good enough. Great game, loved it.

i say it was good,but the game becomes boring after you reach lvl 5...

Lots of fun but gets boring eventually

Better than the first, but all of a sudden he's british???

way better than the first, make a 3rd!!!!!!!!!!! (now)

This game is awsome!!!!!!!!This will be going on my favs!!!!!!!!!Hope you make Staggy3!!!!!!!!!!!!!

20,198 kills oh yeah beat that!!!!!!!111

Best game on this site in my opinion.....love the screams of the bloody boyscouts in his forest....i dont fuckin think soooo-767 kills

great game challenging the whole way through, i enjoyed it alot thanks make more

the most brutally viking orcish awesome bestest most painfully reaming example of awesome.to the 3rd power.

Spent a while playing it. The farthest I got was 886 kills, though. There were just too many enemies with ranged weapons. Entertaining none the less.

This is tons of fun. Added it to my favorites.

Very good game, but the graphichs could be better.

its good pal make some more

hey ya this game rocks i love it so much it is so good i love so i gave it 10 stars.

Yo i love this game

Great game but i noticed 1 glitch, when you duck well using the lawnmower it turn to the light saber but it goes back when stand up again.

I love the opening scene and i love killing them boy scouts but i hate baseball cards

DIE BOYSCOUTS! DIE! GET OUT OF MY FRIGGEN FOREST! .............@$$h0l3$. Lolzers, great game.

these boyscouts obviously do not know WHO THEY ARE FUCKING WITH :@

gr8 game btw



staggy and staggy2 it's so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This game rocks in every sense. Everythings amazing about it. The audio is well written and funny, while the game itself and the pointless attacking boyscouts is immense. I think the weapons are great but the battery idea is the only bad thing and I think all the levels are too similiar but apart from that this is one of the best games on newgrounds

i've always wanted to slaughter some annoying boyscouts. anyway, 10 out of 10 for giving me somethin to kill an hour or two (and a few of those damn scouts)

Interesting game
Would like to see more back grounds for each level(maybe a dojo-camp ground area/Different environments)
The sound they make sound like Homer Simpson
It would be kool to see this same concept used for Simpson or a Halloween/ Christmas theme.

funny and addictive in a disturbing way but loads of fun when you really get into it
make sure to get the lightsaber!!!!!!

i used 2 be a boyscout i hated it so much i decided to play this game i thought it would suk but it dominated most of the other games with the music and weapons you can get a lightsaber for christ sake!!! definatley one of my favs

I liked the weapons selection. A sawn off shotgun would have been a nice addition to the game, but it's still a great game. I hope you make a third, maybe a bloodier version.

dude way to nice

i love the fact you can finally kill those faggy boyscouts but there is only one way to kill and thats with a sword and with that you can only do one move... so and so thou the graphics are better

Hope you are going to make a Staggy 3 soon :)

Loved Staggy and Staggy 2. Can't wait for a Staggy 3

Make better weapons as well please :D

Finally a game where you can kill those fudging nerdy little boy scouts =D!!
Awesome game, Love the weapons, But you should make some guns or something instead of me having to run into some arrows to kill a boy scout.
Love the blood and gore. But the graphics wern 't so great , Felt like I was playing an arcade game so I only gave you a 9 =P

I loved this games, all the weapons were awesome, the laser sword was obviously the best. The only thing I could say too you to improve it is to add health upgrades. Nonetheless its and awesome game and I loved it.

The reason for my heading is because I played this many times and never reviewed it. I love how many different weapons there are, and how the boy scouts actually do get harder, instead of them just coming in more mass numbers.

the cool parts is that you have a variety of weapons and tha lazer sword rox and the knight looks cooler than he did in the first. i bet your wandering what the confusing part is yeah where the hell did those lil campers get lazer guns scythes crossbow swords and parachutes and a couple weren't even human?

This game was great. I thought it was funny how you can cut their dicks off. I've seen this game on another web site so if you want to know contact me.

I found this game very addicting and fun,
Hacking and slashing your way through very easy enemies actually turns out to be very fun.
Down side is, After level 12 It gets kinda frustrating on how hard it is, And getting your last weapon is very easy if you just save up in a couple of rounds.
More features would be nice, But very fast addicting hack and slash.

The game was fun. But after I killed 580 of them, I had bought the last item I could have bought, and had no real interest in using it. Killing Boy Scouts with a lawn mower doesn't sound all that fun to me. It really seems kind of gory.
Also, It got repetitive, and fast. All that really happened was more and more Boy Scouts came after each round, and the scenery never changed. I'll give you a 4

That was awesome!

awesome really good graphics on killing hate those boy scouts...

I just love slice up those b**ds when they came with the laser guns...

i alwayses wonder did u make this out of boredom or have u ever been to boy scouts and never liked it, i tried for a year and it wasn't very good

this game rocks

This is probably my most favrorite sidescroller ive ever played

Good graphics...
But I didn't like it much (sorry)

i l0ve this game it awesome

Yes, that is my purpose in life, now i know, killing boyscouts lol, expect reports from around the world pretty soon >:D. Oh and teddy please do stop by tonight lol, this game has taught me so much :D

P.S. you write pretty well for someone without eyes ;)

Needs a Quality Control tho...

Otherwise, BITCHIN!!

this game is fecking awesome!!!!

I enjoyed the weapons choices in this one but the game play itself wasn't as fun as the first one.

keep up te good work

maybe u should make a 3rd with a rabid mokey as a monkey

hell yes...!!!!!!!!!!

Just Like The 1st.. But Better..

Nice game, but make it so that when you die, you start at the beggining of the level.

PROS: Great Graphics, never lags, lots of weapons, frustrating armor dudes.

CONS: No checkpoints, ONE song.

Good Game, all around.

The Good: Lots of power ups each with there own stats, killing boy scouts never gets old, nice graphics, always keeps at a smooth pace even when lots of enemy's get on screen, great sound.

The Bad: Only one sound track, When you die you got to start ALL the way from the beginning.

this one rocks.

i love it so much!!!! i cant get off of it the only thing i could ask for is that the light sabers dont take up battery whilst being out, heres a tip for anyone who stuck:
on the 1st and 2nd round save up to 10000 money or wat ever its called and buy the elf sword next save up for the 5000 battery when u have 10000 again buy a lawn mower no more eletrical equiment (part from the 40 grand battery)

its an awesome game, i like the new weapons but not the electrical ones, if theres a third you should have more normal weapons and bows and crossbows and stuff. i hope there is a third, but to be honest i preferred the first one, with the blood on the sword and the continuous fighting.

u rawk u have to make a #3

I always loved Staggy bit I had no idea there was a sequel until now. Anyway, this improves greatly on an already awesome game. 5'd for sure.

I loved the original game, but this game is just pure awsome. If you make staggy three (which you should) you should have more buyable items, and upgrades, since there isn't that many in this game. But still its a awsome game and keep up the great work.

This Is Much Better Than Staggy 1!!!!!!

dude this game is 1 of my favs of all time.staggy is my friggin hero

Hoy! The guy that posted just below mine! The difference from the the first Staggy Knight is simply this. Staggy One had a movie section connected right to it. This one did not. Staggy One had God Mode and Uber Sword all in one and only had one weapon. You could not buy others. This one allowed you to buy different weapons that were all interesting to use and had Uber Sword and God Mode seperated. This review should hopefully clear up any other questions. If not pm me some more. All in all, a good game.

But were are the difrence with the first !??!?

I keep coming back to this game. The sound effects definitely make the game.

This game was laugh out loud funny and a great sequel of the first one. The range of weapons was pretty small but each one was unique and had its own way of fiting into the game. You really do know how to balance it out, please make a third! I'm sure all of us here would like it! :-)

ok, only person who can beat me with the brutal orcish axe, is me with the elvish sword, sick fast, i was in the middle of a level and i was in the air swinging it around(it hits those below you if you use it right) and one droped the spec sword. i picked it up while swinging in the air and once i got it my elf sword kept where i was when i picked up the spec sword, in the air spinning and it stayed there after i picked up the spec one and once i got it back, no damage to those near it.. to bad.. anyways, fix that and add some weapons and it would be near perfect. maybe add girls throwing like exploding cookies or something? good game.

Good game. Nice sidescroller to pass time.

Aside from customizable maps, I cannot think of a way this could possibly be better. Good job!

Once in a while there are flash games i just cant wait to play, ones that i would go to the library to play. THIS WAS ONE OF THOSE! if i were to sum up what the game goes against by saying one of those suitibility thingy's : not suitable for boyscouts, ninjas, camel lovers, or those with a weak stomach. But overall i loved it. even tho all anyone needs is an elf sword ive never had so much sadistic fun im my life! the only thing i could recommend is some new enviroments and weapons. hey lawnmowing lame bitches faces off is fun but a gun would be helpful sometimes. overall i dont think i know of too many games on par with this one {the slaughter helpless victums games}. keep it up. [P.S. cant wait till staggy 3]

I got 911 kills this game is the best

i got 623 kills i owend that game

the first one was fun but man this one is awsome, 6 weapons to unlock and changing level environments this time as for the music it gets repetitive, i mean only 2 songs dude. overall its a great time killer and you can play for hours, at least i did. any way great job and keep up the good work.=)

Please make another one. This one is so cool

Dude I like it way better than the first one I like how you can buy differnt weapons you should make a sequel with guns that would be sweet man freaking sweet.!

Awsome game man..just one suggestion plzzzzz ummm if someone throws a ninja star or an arrow..wouldn't it be better that if i hit the star or arrow it would break instead of hittin me? wha do ya think?


i loved it, it had everything to make a time worthy flash,but it doesnt deserve a 10 quite yet, there needs to be a little more

great! but i like the orc sword the best it looks cool and itds black so it suits your armor hope for a staggy 3.suggestions:next time buying better armor and if ur using those wepons again make orc sword the best it suits the armor and it looks cool!

Loved the first and this one is just great.

It's hard as hell though lol.

After you get the laser sword, largest battery, and the orc blade, the game gets easier.

Still a pain though ^_^

Great game, hope to see a 3rd staggy.

Very nice game! I liked to massacre all those boyscouts lol! And the weapons upgrades are awesome too! Good job!

"boyscouts, in my forest again... I dont f*cking think so!"

This Is like the best flash game ever made. The graphics are good for a flash game, the originality of this game is amazing, the sound, well there isn't much of it but the sound in it could use some work, the violence, or as i like to call it, the fun part, is wonderful. My suggestion, add more death scenes. I see the same one over and over. Like I will kill one and his head falls off and then the same thing happens to the next. A little more interactivity please. more weapons and things like that. Love the Lawnmower. I love your flash games and hope you keep up the good work.

Add more violence please.

God i love this game! I use to be in a sort of boy scout thing myself and i hated it so much. So technically playing this game is my revenge against that which I hated. This is one of the best games on newgrounds period.

I happen to hate boy scouts, and enjoy mass violence so i say continue with your wonderful work.

hahaha loveee it

the only problems I had with it was that you only had a limited pause & you can't save which is a pain after getting so far.. Other than that this game is pretty awsome..next time make them girl scouts lol XD

the game roxxor but...
why are it always the boyscouts that are being pwned,

this game wa freaking awsome,without a doubt!!! maybe for staggy3 (if yor making one) it could have a choice between 1st and 3rd peron veiw,that would totally kick ass!!!! =D but back to staggy2,all and all.....it fucking rocks!!!! and i like the music to it too!!!!!^_^

really good stuff il look out for more of your games ,Staggy3 possibly :)

Okay heres a game we can all enjoy. You get to decide what weapon to buy and stuff like that theres only one thing you should be able to upgrade your weapons. You should also be able to get blood on you stuff. Also you should look in the hopefully next Staggy to put more armor types into the game you know what i am saying. it would add a better style to the game play and expand the possibilities and make the game all the much better. The first game also i believe is a little better in the sense that it is a little more challenging to the players because you cant change the weapon and all that other stuff. i love how you added the grenades to this game its proves to be helpful when i get one when there is a horde of enemies in front of me.
I have reccomended this game to like all of my friends and they played it. now i got their response after they play and about 80%of them enjoyed the game they said it got repetive after a whiule but enjoied it still. i believe we would all like to see a third installment of this trully awesome game.

basicly it was awsome but make it more like the first were the blood gets all over the wepons but really good job

I really liked this one, you made several improvements which heightened gameplay. If you ever make a third one, however, I would suggest making it a tad easier for the player. No, not as in game difficulties, but "friendly fire" for the opponents for when they shoot blindly at you as you pass.

I simply think that yyou will succeed in whatever more games you create, and I sit on the edge of my seat waiting for you to release them.

I think the first one was better in terms of game play. This one you get more awesome weapons (Instead of just a sword and a huge sword) but, your character is very slow. There needs to be more blood in this one, it was neat how staggy's sword used to get all bloody. If you are going to make a Staggy 3 please make some ranged weapons, like bows ans guns. A grenade launcher (Kind of like the uber sword) could be a great addition.

that was a great game when there comes an staggy 3? make some guns in it

I have never seen such a game in which killing those annoying Boy scouts could be soooo entraining!!! keep up the good work sir, I await further submissions from u

the game was awesome but it got boring kill bloyscouts!!!

Music was awesome, and although the game was slightly repeditive, it is still one of the best newgrounds games

pretty damn gd. the upgrades werent tht expensive nd the blood woz gd. well done.

it was ok. i mean it could use more wepons and better wepons too.

Pretty entertaining. I used to make fun of the boyscouts when I was younger. The idea of what's taking place is messed up, but it's fun. haha

i'll put it in simple words. sick-bloody-hack n slash-rampage!
p.s. please put more weapon upgrades and looking forward to staggy 3! oh, is there a compact downloadable version i can play offline?

aweosme dude maybe just the batteris last 2 seconds longer though? awoemse wepon tyes i hope theres a number 3 maybe like bit harder but with save option that would rock realyl hard

Boyscout slaying never gets old

I'm obessed with this game man!! You better make part 3!! Or else, lol.

It is so much fun killing boy scouts. This is better then the original. One of my favorite new aspects is buying weapons. My favorite has to be the lawn mower. This is grate for some on how hates kids and boy scouts as much as I do.

fun game but could do with more weapons and music changing like make 3 tracks but it was fun good job good job

Only upgrade needed is switching between weapons

Damn dude.. This game is inspired, however repettitive, annoying music and not the best graphics... u get to kill countless annoying civilians (?) with a variety of weapons... youve made a game of what i want to do for a living

This game is quite cool. When I played the first one I was wondering could the owner make a new one? And so he did and I loved the game veryx9 much

Who doesn't like killing boy scouts? Awesome game, can't get much better than this.


dude this was one kool game i thought the first was weird but this one rules nice job!

The summary speaks for itself. "In my forest? Again? I don't fucking think so!" LOL

Great game. Very addicting.

Will you make a Staggy 3?

It was basically the same as the first Staggy, with improved graphics and a few minor tweaks. That translates to good fun, and a great way to pass time.

it was much better than staggy 1 but the grafix were still not so good . anyways, great game

Nice Job!

I have to say as soon as you released staggy 1 it was one addictive 5hr burner game. But when you made Staggy 2, Oh man i burned a Day with being addictive to it like everyday
I really must say the staggy games are just getting better i love them just walking around swinging your weapon and killing people and getting Godmode or superweapon. Also the difffrent guns and enimes.
Way to go! Nice Job! Deserves a 10 =D

Man this is f***ing awsome I HOPE you make even more!!!
I've always wanted to kill those MINI ME HIPPIES they are just f***ing STUPID dont you thinkill ggive you my overview...


Awsome godly Game
Perfect gore
Great upgrades but... (see below)
awsome different types of MINI-ME HIPPIES
The ups are Blanenced but... (see below)

Almost nothing But....
You may add...
Individual weapon upgrades
armor upgrades
appearance changes
and to the of that list (phew!)


Very good it has earned a 10/10
And is a masterpiece for hippie haters

i love games like this with awesome upgrades

this was a fun game and i dont blame the boy scouts suck.

Loved it,make more,loved weapons,died 7th lv.,AWESOME......... P.S. Boyscouts ARE GAY!!!!!! :)

i love this games theme. they're smug little bastards the boy scouts

dude that was amazin but it would of been so much better if u added in cooler enemys like different ones like orcs or ogres or dragons or somethin ye see were im goin but keep up the good work

I love killing boy scouts

Really fun until about the 10th level, or after you've had the laser sword for about 3 rounds.

Dont make it where we can get to lv 28 and then die and have to go back to lv1!just let ux be able to start over at the shop before the level starts,and dont make it cost 40k just to use a weapon for 1 round!the axe pwns the elven sword and the laser sword


i loved this game man it was brill i spent ages playing on it. it was all good nothing bad at all.

This is a great game! not much in way of attacks but i like it.

Nice game, although the dying sounds are a bit repetitive after a while. keep it up!

This was a great game, good job make some more.

A great game most likely to stay in the portal for quite a long time. This game rocks!

this game is a god amognst the rest. the weapons were aweosme, and the overall orignatly was uniqe and good.

nice done this flash i really like to play this game, the backsound is really good, what's the title of it?
Sadly enough your number of weapons is limited but this is fixed with the nice assortiment of enimies to slaughter :D
Keep up the good work, i can't wait till nr. 3 is there...

My main problem with this game is that successfully dodging arrows almost always depends on the kind of terrain there is. If it's a flat plain then you have no chance when you're surrounded. I realized that the Stag Knight wears heavy armor, but jumping and ducking are so slow that if you do manage to dodge an arrow you pay for it by ignoring the melee scouts. I loved the game but I could've gotten farther if that mechanic were fixed.

it was pretty fun you could kick up the violence a little and a=make some blood come out. The graphics wernt bad but they could be better. i like this kind of game because there fun and the graphics are old lokking kinda so good job.

this game is brilliant and the added weapons now that werent in the first are great. if u decide on a third, maybe add different attacks for each weapon and a shield as it gets quite hard later in the game.

The first was fun, but got a bit boring after awhile. This, this was awsome! I may be a boy scout, but who cares? They're a bunch of vandals anyways, they're no different then anyone else.

but why are there camels? lol

Never gets old slaying the little scouts!!!

Magor ownage of boyscouts woot!

this game rules who dosent like killing boy scouts you would hate this game only if you were a catholic

this game rocks !!!!!!!!!!

"Boyscouts?In my forest?Again?I dont fucking think so!"i love that But since when did boyscouts learn to use bows?I was in the boyscouts for 3 years and they didnt teach me to use a toaster!

I really liked this version. It was way better than the first, and I like the side-scrolling Idea. this reminded me of the game "Ultamate down" which was fun, but killing boyscouts is better fun.

This was good, not much more to say.

This was a great game! Nice weapons!

Hurray violence!

Nice n simple. No qeustions asked just hack away.

Thanks for the laugh. I really like the replay ability of this one. I don't care for the battery life, maybe, if it lasted longer, it would be more worth the price.

You got an overall 9 from me, so keep up the good work!


Graphics 10 - Very decent , the animation was smooth and spilling organs has never been so gut wrenchingly awesome.

Style 10 - " Bloodie Boy Scouts , in my forest?! Again? I don't fuckin' think so" 10 , nuff said. I guess his bad ass voice would fall under sound but on a side note his helmet and weapons were beautiful stylish carnage inducing creations.

Sounds 10- The music wasn't amazing , but it got you in the mood to destroy some boy scouts. The sound of boy scouts falling along with the weapon sound effects was what really reeled you in that big juicey 10.

Violence 10 - Your killing boyscouts and all glory attatched to the crazed enemies and the various weapons from your sweet sweet arsenal that you throw at them. 10 blood and guts baby.

Interactivity 10- 10 because of the insane replay value this truely awesome game holds. Killing boy scouts was never this much fun.

Humor 10!- Hilarious. The voices , the boy scout murder , I couldn't stop laughing as I took an epic journey into boy scout destruction.


10 a really great game. Possibly my favorate on all of newgrounds. I'm not entirely sure why but for some reason your game really got its hooks in me. I hope to see a sequal.

Fucking great game ,

LOL I love this game man, i hated scouts already, but now i can finaly releasy my anger on them. Also the upgrades where very nice.

This one is great, better than the first. The levels and being able to buy new stuff was a great idea to add to it.

My suggestion, upon creation of a new one, were you to make a new one. Adding all your new changes and so forth, I would recommend making two modes. One for competition, like you have it now, going for a highscore, etc. and the other where you just have to redo the level if you die. This way it would be beatable and people don't have to start all over every time, but since it could be beaten, there would be no highscore like in the other mode. I think there should be unlimited pauses as well. I had people talking to me over IM, and didn't have any pauses left, that was a shame.

The game had really good graphics and stuff. It animated nice and smooth and realisticly. Pluss how can you not love killing little inocent children with your bloody sword. I really liked the shop. It made the game a lot better. And so did being able to choose your weapon in the middle of the game.

The battery idea was stupid and shouldnt have been used. I would have rather paid more to get the thing and not have a battery than have a battery. Also why name it staggy. It makes it sound like your not takeing much pride in the game.

Awesome game. Love the lightsaber.lol. I like the ninja guys their a challenge in the far levels because their are so many of them.

Very nice, Bodhi! I'm hoping for another sequal. I also consider tons of gore and violence funny. Put in more blood and gore and I'm sure you'll get all 10s. :)

Probably one of the best boy scout-slaying adventures ever. I gotta give it a 10, and I'd also like to say MAKE MORE OF THESE GAMES!!!!!!!

TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!!! i got to lvl 12 with 702 kills. MAKE MORE!!

This game was freakin fun. but you should add extra lifes.Nice Job make more.

I liked this game good job continue like that! =)

Good job. This was a great addition to the first staggy. You have a sick mind, and we appreciate you putting it to work. If it werent for people like you, how would we ever get our fill of violence?

*Sadly, this has been stolen by Ebaum. The funny thing is that in the credits he left the link to newgrounds. What an idiot. If you want to tear him a new asshole, that's great proof of a theft*

this really was a breath of fresh air, and brings the name "Berzerk"
to life, i really enjoyed it, made me chuckle, goin in my favourites and i gave it a 5/5, save this!!! :]

Though it would be cool if you could sorta make more boyscouts more..."smart', and add more weps.

PS: ebaum just stole this :S

very very fun. i keep coming back for more and more boy scout blood!

Once those ghosts that shoot red balls of doom at you its almost impossible to win. Even with the lightsaber it takes 3 hits and by that time someone will have come behind you and started wacking. With the axe it gets too difficult to hit and jump for quick kills and you miss often. They shoot those things out of their arms way too fast. Hard as hell, but fun otherwise.

hey awesome game i love it im just letting you know though that this game is on ebaums world and its called stag knight2 im just lettin u know other than that awesome game

INSANE! Satisfies my inner sadist. Owning geeky-ass Boy Scouts has never been so fun. I loved wielding the lightsaber and using the force to pawn f*** bag boy scouts. Simply a must-play.

These things never get old for me when they're done like this. A side-scroller that is done well goes a long way. Excellent job.

Graphics: the graphics were there, all very smooth and no major glitches.

Style: it's been done before, side scrolling slash-em-up has been done a few too many times, the levels got repetitive after a while however it was fun and upgrades provided a nice touch

Sound: No problems with sound, everything was fine. after all who doesnt like the sound of sword on flesh?

Violence: as mentioned in sound, a violent game. violence in good taste mind you and not necisairly excessive of blood-filled

Interactivity: everything worked well, only a few problems between pressing of button and sword swinging but you get used to it.

Humour: good humour, found it especialy funny just to get the (forget the name) giant sword pickup and slice n dice your way through everything.

Overall: a nice solid game, a definite for anybody who has a good case of bloodlust waiting to be relieved. landscape got repetetive and more varieties of enemies could be used, liked the upgrade system compared to the last Staggy and was better overall.

awesome game...but it seems like ebaums stole this game in his front page again..he even placed "presented by ebaumsworld"..*shrug

alsome game fun and actually worth playing sweet

I love this game. I've played this one and the first one a lot and I love um both.

Just a couple of complaints though.

1. Staggy's voice sound effects don't seem to go with him. They are too high pitched. Maybe make his voice effects deeper.

ex. When he gets healed his "ahh" sounds like a different person in contrast to what you hear in the introduction of Staggy 2, and especially Staggy 1 where his voice is a lot deeper.

2. The scythe guys don't go with the game. The game losses its humor when those guys are around. I don't think people would like the game as much if you were fighting a bunch of ghost and goblin guys with scythe's. It would be just like every other game thats already been done a million times before if it were like that.

For me when it comes to this game the more humorous/insane/violent it gets the more fun it gets.

Serious/cool looking/bad ass enemies are not as fun to use a chainsaw on as boyscouts are.

3. It's not really that important, but I kinda miss the blood on the weapon thing like you had in Staggy 1.

Ok that's all I have to say. Awesome game man. Can't wait for the third. :)

that game was like sex...with boyscouts.

boy scouts in my forest, again lol awesome game man

one of the best actions games i have played in a while very good hope there will be a 2nd one =)

very good game

Graphics - The graphics were good. It could have been inproved though.
Style - Once again, probably the best unique game out there on Newgrounds! Gets repetative after a few games though. Twist for number 3?
Sound - I liked his voice better in the original, other then that it all good.
Violence - Carnage much!?
Interactivity - No need to say.
Humor - Carnage + Game + Blood + Chainsaw = Laughter!

When I first saw this I thought it would be worse then the orgiinal, but hell it better!

And I enjoyed playing it for almost an hour! Everything in the game is perfect, funny, and well made.
The movie itself has a funny theme, so the game is even better. Killing boy scouts in your forest, that is. What I really liked was the diversity of enemies, like there were black sun glass wearing boys as well as heavy armed knights. Really funny.
Another good point is the weapon choice. Lawn mowers and huge axes? I say lmao. And the Uber-sword power-up added even more spiciness.

Graphics - 10 - Looked good, even though it was in medium quality. Great outfits for the enemies, too.
Style - 10 - What can I say, it was perfect.
Sound - 10 - Good choice with demon-slayer. And I loved hearing the screams and splats.
Violence - 10 - Dude.
Interactivity - 10 - 10 10 10 10.
Humor - 10 - I've been laughing my ass off for minutes when I started playing.

Conclusion: Keep making stuff like this.


alot better than the first good weapons but none of da weps really got the job done right the laza swrozd takes the same amount of hits to killl dem as da elvin sword but the lza sword has to get power n the elf sword dont do in the next one put like an uber gun that costs like 100,000 and have armour upgrades n crap and stick to boyscouts but b creative with the scouts caz killn a reaper aint as fun as cuttin a lil boyscouts d**k off and watchin him slowly fall to ground

I thought this was going to be cheesey, but it turned out great!! You could put in more weapons and maybe armor choices. I would have liked to see nunchucks

I didn't think this game would be very good at first sight. But then after playing it I was pleasantly suprised. It was pretty damn good. I loved the weapon selection.

HAHA this game owns.... looking to see more.

it was fun a lot better then the first, lawn mower owns!

damn i finaly get to kill them bitches damn kids.

love and peace


good little game fun for a while

i onzors teh boyscoutz wif mah lazrswrd.

great game.. not the best graphics and sound but addictive and i looove slayin those scouts

its cool..........

kickass music!!! fuckin heavy metal all the way!!! i used to be in the boyscouts id love to masiquer them gahahahahaha!!!!! can't wait to see the third keep up the good work!!!

this game is great could not be better well make it so the lawnmower can last a whole round but thats it great job

I LOVE your zombie sound effects and bg music

It rocks. To the last guy. *cough**cough* (clears throat) your gay

this one was a great improvement from the last one, especially with diff weapons and levels. i may be a boy scout myself but this game was still fuckin awesome. make a third one

pretty good. mostly cuz you got to kill pussy boy scouts

damn son that is the best game i ever fricken game ever tell me will you make staggy 3

everythin was perfect!! the levels, weapons, violence, u name it! 10 freakin points 2 u my man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gorey and the opening is hilarius

i love staggy ^^ AXE FTW !!! oh what does god mode do btw ?

I accidently posted this message on Staggy 1.


I wish that you could save your progress though, like automatically after each round.

I would not mind not getting the highscore, but if and when I die I hate having to accumulate all that money again to buy the chainsaw/lightsaber/large battery.

Maybe a non contest version?


i actually liked this, just give the next game (if you have the time that is) better controls (slightly clunky), and more moves

Seriously...sounds are hilarious, the action is nonstop and starts to get challenging real quick, and the weapon pickups are awesome.

I never really did like the boy scouts. I was in them at one time but i droped out of it because i hate camping. I found this quite humorus in my own way too.

THIS IS AWSOME! It is much more better than Staggy 1. More weapons, New levels, More Boy scout stuff I love it. MAKE STAGGY 3 TOO!!!

When you die its annoying to restart the whole game, maybe it would be better if you just have to restart the level but your score gets reset?

How did those scouts find those weapons? They could hurt themselves!

Game is great. I've been addicted to it for a while now. But yeah like others have said try to make more weapons and maybe make a story line or something. That would be cool. Otherwise it's a good game.

awesome game with nice screaming sounds when you kill them scouts. Some of the enemies have laser gun.

... which is: "the death is inevitable". There should be always more enemies, more damage they do, more HP they have or even all together in the progress of the game. In Staggy 2, it is not.

Since Round 11 or so, the difficulty stops to grow. What is worse, since Round 18, the terrain doesn't change anymore and the one, with the nice camping spot is repeated. Btw. having a camping spot on the field is another defying of survival.

Get's quite boring in time. Just told myself, that I leave to kill myself, when I hit 1.000.000$. Staggy (1) was far more better in this aspect. Hope you combine the good things from both Staggy and Staggy 2 in Staggy 3.

Besides this one con, I see just pros. Great graphics, great sound and music. Good variation of weapons and power-ups. The controling is of high quality. Great job, big potencial.

The sound. The blood. The freaking anoying boyscouts getting there asses pwned what else do you need on a saturday morning...

i'm in boy scouts and i still think this kicks ass. if you plan on making another one instead of boy scouts use girl scouts, wait no even better, scantily clad girl scouts, and as the fight progresses staggy should get blood on him, eventually being covered in blood, another thing could be an endless option, with limited health powerups but infintite power, consider these if you make another one

I loved the forst game and the second kicked the crap out of it all the weapons are so sick! Great job i got 716 kills!

at last, an outlet to unleash my hatred upon the BSA on. Thank you, thank you. I hate them. I hate them!!!

Violence is awesome, espescially senseless violence! I'm looking forward to another sequel!

It has got to be one of the best games i've ever played I cannot believe how much fun you can get out of such a simple game it's good you've changed staggy 1 but it's also good you havn't changed it too much.

please make a staggy 3 and if you do heres one tip make it so you can buy that super sword but do make it very expensive and make its energu consumption massive.

There has to be more games like this awsom!

The first one was a blast to play, and the second one is even better. Great game all the way around, cant think of anything that held it back. Keep up the great work!

You get to kill scouts, need I say more?

Very amusing game! Plenty of camper-killing, and somehow I got a laugh out of it too!

The graphics could be a little tighter, but overall I really liked it!

The buying your own weapon feature was very cool, and very well done.

good game ;)

that was awsome. completley adicting, i loved it
how did they get camels and umbrellas that let them fly i wonder?
stupid boyscouts.....

i loved this game it was so adicting

nothing serious, doesn't affect gameplay at all
i was holding the lawnmower and I ducked and it showed me holding the lightsaber, as soon as i stopped ducking i was holding the lawnmower again

i'm not sure if the same thing happens with the chainsaw too or not

anyway, great game regardless :)

The basic attacking is very repetitive. The knight just swings his sword in a slightly odd way. It just didn't feel like you were actually slashing up the boys, which hurt the overall effect. The physics didn't feel right, everthing was a bit floppy, maybe the gravity wasn't always strong enough.

But otherwise I like it, fairly entertaining slashing fun. The concept is pretty original, and funny. All the upgrades and things gave it a bit of longetivity, I could probably play this for a long while if I had the time. Great graphics, particularly on the background. Some really good Flash work here, I don't think I've played your work before but I'll certainly be going to have a look at your back catalogue.

I thought this was pretty bad... It had bad graphics and bad voices. I suggest working on the graphics, fixing the lag, and make better voices.

Damn man as many people I killed, I deserved twice as more gold than that. But hey... still a good game... oh well nice job. Just fix it up a bit. I wanna do more moves that just a 360 slice. How about you hold the attack button long enough where the sword goes thru the enemy like a kabob. I hope you make Staggy 3 and it comes way better than and addictive.

Nice Job... 3/5

this i liked it a lot love the gore and blood its original and entertaining awesome :)

i luved the game....rly original n i thought that jocelyn chick was 1 fine piece of cake XD......cept i rly didnt lik 1 thing =) too much screamin....my mom thought i was sacrificin my sister or sumpthin upstairs....not that i have a problem wit all that screamin jus got annoyin =D. gud choice of music tho

n the game was pretty original...alot more improvement from the 1st staggy..especially the weapon store =)

Great update of the first game.Not that I have something against boyscouts,but this game makes killing fun.The addition of a weapon store is great.Thou some weapons are overrated but it adds a challenge,which is always nice.

decent concept.
decent game
but why does the "best weapon" in the game still not kill the scouts in armour in one hit??

Although that was an incredibly basic game, it was so much fun. There should be a rating for culnesses (coolness) and fun because that is where the most points would lie for this game. My high score is 800 something! Whoo!!! When I lost I played again and when I was in the store after the first level I had about 30,000 gold and I tried to buy the Elven Sword and It wouldnt let me. So I tried to buy the next weapon and it wouldnt let me. Then I tried everything and all I was able to buy was a health pack and a small battery. Then I exited and played it again and the same thing happened but I couldnt even buy a battery!!! Please fix this because I really wanna play this game again. Also, add some new moves!!! Add a jump uppercut or a falling bash or a sword sweeper slash. Something like that will boost the ratings big time!!!

2/5. because its almost exactly the same as the previous version. Sorry.

Although this might be one the the simpliest ideas for a game ever. But yet, it is still extremely fun to play. Good job.

Add a ranged weapon and more weapons. Other then that I loved it. Everyday I will vote a 5, this will be a 5.00!!!

It really is!

Me and my friends have started having tournaments to see who can get the best score... mine is 720 so far..

You just need to improve the graphics I think.

I died 3 seconds before i finished round 3... :-( I might however come back and replay this another time...

Anyways, good game, simple yet fun, it's not THAT violent. And so easy/fun to play it's ADDICTIVE H4H4H4H4H4H4H4H3H3H3H3H3.
One of my friends is in boyscouts and I can't WAIT to show this to him.. lol (seriously i will)

That was very fun. It kept me interested for about a half an hour. I liked how simplistic, yet strategic the gameplay was. The shop seperated it from many other hack'n'slash flash games, because there was the added element of choice, and required good decision-making- whether or not to buy something now to make the next level easier, or save up for an even better weapon to make the later levels easier. I also liked how the people screamed when killed, and the variety of enemies. One way to improve this game is to add a more RPG-esque element to it... Leveling up. Or atleast being able to purchase greater maximum skills. At least for HP, because I noticed that in the later levels, since the enemies inflicted greater damage, mostly from ranged attacks, the game became increasingly harder, even with optimum equips (large battery and light saber). And although the shop was nice, it seemed a little lacking. If there's going to be another Staggy game, it should include a wider variety of weapons, perhaps ranged instead of just melee, to allow for different strategies instead of just trying to get the best weapon possible. Overall, for a flash game, this was very good.

This is the easiest game to learn, the most funniest game to kill, and the most pointless violence I've ever seen. This is one of the top-notch flashes I've seen in awhile heheh.

This game is one of the best on the internet!

This is the real stuff. I played staggy 1 but it didnt have a shop so it lacked interactivity. This game has a shop and the battery's give it a nice twist. Most games dont have that. The sound was what i liked the most about the game. Soundtracks give games an atmosphere and style.

this game is very fun and the ability to buy new weapons is pritty kewl

its a good game i was planning to spend 5 mins on it but ended up spending 45 mins! this game is seriously worth playing

nice game good little layout on maps oh and i got 741 kills!!!

I've never seen boy scouts like that before, excellent game.

i love this game its awsome!!! and also,uber-sword RULEZZ!! 1 hit kill man i only got to around 700-725 killz died on round 11.What score you guys get?

This game is so sweet. I love the gore im such a sick person.

it's a decent game but it;s got repetive after the third round and the sound they made when they died was the same for all of the boy scouts which added to the staleness of the game. Overall it was a good and a big step up from the first one , i would definately like to see a third one made but try to add different sounds and such to leviate the repetiveness of the game

great game,lack of moves make its longetivity dry up quick

THIS IS SO MUCH BETTER THEN THE FIRST VERSION! Plz make a 3rd, i giv this a 9 cause of the major improvment

dude,this is way better than the first one,you did a real good job i hope to see a third version.

Random kill fest- classy stuff nicely done!!!

Were else do you get to kill boy scouts?!!! that is awsome.

good chop em up stuff

Quite addicting, the weapons are pretty cool, and I like how the boyscouts die. Excellent way, in my opinion!

Staggy the Boyscout Slayer is awsome, clever(to come up with the idea) and hilarious by just slaying mobs after mobs of lil' ol' boyscouts! I play this everyday now... it rocks!!!!!!!!!!

its so simple but so fun...o yeah i had a kinda high score but i used the pause limit lol

who knew that slaying hordes upon hordes of unsociable scouts and the odd deamonic knight could be so much fun. i love the way you can upgrade your weapons. a great way to waste time.

It's probably based on the game, Black Night just way better. When I has the lightsaber, i spoke like Darth Vader and it gave me a damn good cinematic experience. Definetley 1 of my favourites!

just as good no better than the original. glad for all the rounds and weopons. i found no flaws and it was fun.
only problem was gettin weapons was way to easy
still a great game
!!!YAY!! :)(:

One of the games in newgrounds worth playing! I actually played it again^^...

One glitch, duck with the lawnmower and a light saber appears!
Nevermind still a great game

lol. i was hooked on this game for a good hour or so.
if you ask me this is one of the better games ive played in a while.
also i like the fact depending on where u hit them depends on how they die lol. keep up the good work.

Well done!

That is all.

And why you say? Well, it has more than one weapon, more than one level, and it isn't just one endless round. Those kind of improvements remind me of my Spyro: Ripto's Rage review when I was comparing it to the first Spyro.

The setting, having a black-armored forest quardian kill invading boyscouts, is quite original, even though it's the same from the first game.

The weapons are pretty sweet, but you could make projectile weapons for your next Staggy (if you're gonna make one).

And the two new powerups help quite well along with the Uber-Sword. But if you're going to make an invincible+ubersword-like powerup, maybe you should name it Shell of Mandy, after Mandy from the show Billy & Mandy, after the invincible protagonist(?)....Mandy......or not. I was making a stupid suggestion.

Overall, by looking at the overall score, I like it a lot. If you ARE gonna make another Staggy, I'll be waiting right here.

now i have a minor conflict of interests here i liked this game... yet i am a boyscout myself you game is that good to any users reading this enjoy!

I hate boyscouts so this game was a relief.Maybe you could add more weapons in Staggy 3??? Apart from that this game is great.

i think to be fair you should have a game where you play as the scouts as well as staggy that would be only fair, in my eyes, but a fun game for sure

I unlocked everything when i got to level 9, I died when I got to level 10 and I had killed 650 boyscouts alltogether.
This game is pwnage pretty much.

I love Staggy, and I love the sequel. The graphics, excellent. The style, it's a fairly unique and very fun game. Sound, I love Demon_Slayer, he's the only Audio Portal Artist that I give a separate playlist on my iPod. Violence, plenty of it and it is good. I deducted on Interactivity because I encountered a bug. It said to mop up the last of the scouts after time expired, but there were none left. Humor, black knight killing boy scouts. Overall, 10 on the review, 5 on the vote.

This game's great. Even if you only have a few minutes to play, this game will pull you in.

I played staggy 1 and it was sweet, but this is even better....way better, awesome job.

elven wepens are bows:(O

I LOVED Stagg Knight 1 But this.. OMG! One of The best Games Ever!!
Mindless Slaughtering Of boy Scouts, I can think of no better Stress Relief!

I love this game. Vast improvement from last one too. Voice at beginning was pretty weal, but the gameplay more than akes up for that small weak point. Good Job!!

This game rocks! Sweet gore, awesome weapons! The controls could be better, and it'd be sweet if the bodies stayed. But still awesome.

I dont know why, but killing boyscouts is a lot of fun.

I got to round 9 and i Had enough money for lazer sword!

then The noobs pw3ned my forrest :[ it was unfair

anyway this game was the best thing ever
im adding it to my faves now Bye

nice game dude! well done, simple but well done!

i wish i could do something like dat! very proud

YES! i've been a NG member for 3 years now!! WOOHOO!

YET! no movies uploaded! :(

It a very funny game (When I begin like this it's that I don't know what to say). But after all, what is neccessairy to say when a game is cool and you like it??
Nothing expect perhaps:
Continue !!!

I'm not really a fan of these hack 'n' slash games, but this one is good for soem reason I can't explain. I was killed later on in the game, though, 'cause I wasn't paying attenton and was swarmed. So I didn't get to far and didn't use the electrical weapons. But that Elvish blade kicked ass! Good job altogether!

omg this game has got me addict it like a drug lol it very easy to play 2

Seriously that is the funnest flash game I've ever seen, I can't stop playing it.

it cant get no better than killing boyscouts as an even fuckin knight.

I reccommend everyone who wishes to play this game to read this BEFORE playing it. It can be very helpful.

So I didn't really enjoy number 1, but this game is way better, much improved, alot different. This game includes:

More types of scouts to kill
Better Graphics
Buyable weapons
Collectable weapons
More violent
Better and more realistic ways of dying (for scouts)
Levels that are different from eachother
And garaunteed fun!

If you didn't think much of the first one, I suggest you to play this one, because it's way better and alot different. Really enjoyable

wow dude thats a bitchen game

I liked the original..I love this!!!!!

Man i love you (not really, i am not gay :)
I enjoed first part a lot, bot what i see!? another one!
Want more!

the only problem with this game was it was way too easy to get the best weapon im only at round 6 or 7 and i already have all the normal weapons and the laser sword with full power.
besides that BRILLIANT GAME!!!!!
i loved the original and i love this too

I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!! But I think it would have made the best game even better to include health power-ups to get your health to 200 or 300 or something along those lines, but other than that this game RULEZ!!!

loved the first, love this one... It's the best!

kill the boyscouts :)

This is a great game and I think everyone should have a try at this game. Good Job!!


The graphicson this are intense, the animation is top-notch, and so are the graphics. there is a good range of sound, and also has a very playable system, where the best weapons and power-ups are achieved by collecting money from the slain scouts and purchasing them in the screen bewteen level transitions. It also allows you to increase health and the power of your battery when you purchase one. In all, it is an excellent game. More advancement and development of this would be well worth it.

Its fun to kill all those boy scouts.Very good idea lol.Really nice game.Played 3 times and its still amusing

I fucking hate boy scouts. Fuckers took up too much time with all their knot tyin.

The concept is pretty good..I do enjoy the simplistic gameplay. Proves that complexity is not always better. The fact that it's also contest based is pretty fun. I'm not going to win it's still a nice gesture. Great job though.

Recommendation: Mid-High

Thumb Rating: d('.'d)

this serese owns yeah its a huge improvment from the last game with mroe wepons and actual stage (although staggy's voise sounds odd)

A nice little game, very much like the first although with a far more pleasant range of weapons and a more able dodging system. Although I don't necessarily like the costume of the black knight, the story was charming and I enjoyed playing it for a little while. Challenging, but fun, I have to give this one a 9/10.


Yeah so this was a CRAP load better than the first one. I liked the first staggy but not NEAR as much a this one. Very good job on this. The improvment is excelnt. And i even gave a high humor rating cause killing boyscouts actually is really fun and funny. :)

That was the best game i ever played good job man and i liked how we got to buy weapons now and that there's level's and stuff well i got to go vote five now =)

i loved it so much i licked my lips in appreciating.
and im not fat }:)

i really like this game and all the new weapons you get and the power-ups but after i got all the weapons and stuff it got all boring after awhile. You should put like boss battles in between. But u mite have put a boss at the end i just didn't get to it yet :p. But overall great game!

i love it needs a new wepon or two thou but otherwise its just about perfect

I have a question though. First is it possible to kill all enemies before time runs out, and if so is there a bonus for doing it?

i hope that they will make new staggy's

I enjoyed the original and the sequal was just as good. Dont bother making any trilogy of it though, i think the 2 was enough. The graphics were like the 1st one, same amount of gore but different type of boy scouts. It's a good series and i think you should just leave it there. Like all movies and games, the 1st one was better because it was the first so its like the classic version of it. Anyway i better rap this up, keep up the good work.


but it gets boring when you have all weapons :P

This was a very great game I especially liked to cut their heads off.
Oh and in the shop for the information of the lawn mower, at the end of the info it says "...then there is a small chanse of it lasting throughout the rest of the round."
I think the "chanse" should be a "chance".

awesome idea, and awesome gameplay! I just got the laser sword, and i forgot to fill up on energy...... needless to say they kicked my ass that round at the very end. also you mispelt finished at the shop.


Heh. Nothing like a bit of mindless violence to make the day pass by, eh? Great stress relief, still trying to break 1,000...

i cant seem to stop playing. i used to be a boy scout, but we never did stuff like this!! hahaha

kill the boy stout no more cookies less chance of get passion patie like i n tolally spies hehe

i found this game to be addictive, and loved the idea of killing boyscouts, haha,i liked the fact that you had to buy the weapons but all in all its a very good game,

Staggy 2, the sequel to Staggy: The boyscout hunter, is a very god game. Amazing graphics and the sort. I love the idea of buying new weapons, it adds to the game very much. The controls were comforable to use. But all in all, the game was very good.

i realy like this game but idont know how to get up the cliff any way i like the idea of buying idea 5/5 welldone

good game. i love to finally get to use different weapons too.
alot of blood goes around and there should be few more stuff to pick up and its pretty much the same thing as the other one...
but still a great game and is pretty much the best!!!!

somtimes i get the urge to chop up boyscouts.

its cool i liked it.. but messy really really messy...

lots a blood and some cool weapons ( thx for chainsaw) this game rocked!

man i spent a while playin it till i got that light saber after that u just OWN but this is a great game by far!

P.S ( FOr u next one put in like upgradible armor maybe!)

Yea, wow. I mean come on, there's nothing better than slaughtering boyscouts and hearing them scream. Kudos man.

loved the up grades and how the best items had baterie so u couldnt only use it a beat it easily and alot beter then the first although i did die string to pause the game :P but u should of been able to turn off the music but keep the effects if u can im sry

Great game. Liked it better than the last one. like how you put in the weapon choices. but i want to know, if you can tell me. id like to know what the song is. i tried to figure it out with the last one too. if you could tell me that would be cool. oh and by the way for all of you people who are like I GOT 865, BEAT THAT! well ....i got over 1500 AFTER buying the axe AND the light saber AND the large battery ...so....i beat that...badly.

man that kicks the firstones ass that was wicked awesome koo

But the sound is annoying. Perhaps a selectable music menu? And what is up with the inviso-guys? I couldnt tell if Id chopped their heads off until theyd attack! lol
yeah, I think it could use a better array of weapons, and I think that the laser knights are fuckin cheap. They dont have to stop to fire! Thats totally unfair.

I hope you're proud of yourself for making us wait so long for such a fantastic game!!!:(

Make more!!! And Maybe add a story!!!


The last staggy was a little bland but it was ultra violent and hilarious! You have fixed all this by adding upgrades and level progression. The only thing that I can ask to add is a save feature then this game would be perfection! I don't give reviews that often anymore so I hope you feel happy that I gave a review to your game of such awesomeness.

This game is very excellent. The difficulty ramps up perfectly, and I got to about 1,100 before losing with the laser sword. Decent story line, until the boyscouts start to become weird satanic demons that shoot laser guns, then it stops making sense. My only problem is that there is no save feature that I know of, and the weapon choice is limited. If you can fix these problems in the next one, it will be awesome.

Very nice work!

beat 902!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the reason i say yay is because i remember playing this game when it was under judgement and i was mad that i didn't add it to my favs but now i did *of course i voted to save it*

i only got it up to 658 wahh

BEAT THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!869!!!!!!!!!!!!BET YOU CANT BEAT THAT!

loved the batteries and electric weapon ideas especially the chainsaw my favorite.
the music was pretty weird at first but it was okay after i got used to it.
also the axe was (for me, probably not other staggy masters) really hard to use... just like it said it was. also the random grenade pick ups were great but if there is a triquel make an option that you wont have to use them right away because sometimes you just want to save them until you are surrounded or overwhelmed with scouts.
other than that it was awesome.

Much better than Staggy 1!

Now where is my date with that girl? :D

It was so good!

In my review of Staggy 1, I listed ways you could improve.

You did every one of those things besides the pause limit, but because of the round lengths, it's okay!


Great game, I'm still chopping up boyscouts at round 11 with every single weapon in the game and haven't gotten bored yet. Though the laser sword was as strong as the elven blade, it was just a little bit faster and a little bit longer ranged. Now I can't wait for Staggy 3 to teach some more pwning boyscouts a lesson about comming in my flippin forest!

I Scored 810 kills lmao
I bought everything i love the chainsaw


ok i gave this a ten for everything
graphics= very nicely done and suited the game perfectly goodenuf to tell whos who but not quite real enuf to get u into trouble for likeing it
style= loved the style easy to pick up the controls etc
sound= the music suited the mood of the game perfectly and the tune is catchy without being annoying a trait found in very few looped songs.
violence= need i explain why this got a 10
interactivity= very interactive easy controls great gameplay etc
humour = you get to chop up lots of scouts with freakin lawnmowers and lightsabers and who hasnt thought about casually choppin up a group of these nancy boy do gooders oh how i despise them so anyway off topic great game
overall= its funny easy to pick up and addictive without makin u wanna stay if ur house catches fire you know wot i mean
in conclusion this is the longest reveiw ive ever written im sorry for taking up so much space but this is worth it it shoudl go stragiht in ur favorites and by enjoyed by all cant wait to see more of your work on the front page.

It did get a little easy at times but, at least the different types of enemies kept the action from getting stale. A great way to let off some steam!

Armour and life would have been nice, they start doing a LOT of damage after a while, other than that its great.

Wow this has everything good graphics humor lots of gore and great sound affects this is one great game.

Oroginal Idea, not to mention fun and senseless, a solid game! maybe giving a sheild or maybe funny costume, I don't know. Great game!

I did 880 points!! xD uber sword was great! lol

yep i thought nicle done like the last one its a bit slower thats the only thing thats missing but nothing else its nealry perf maybe other or more wepons or range wepons or something ;) BUT GOOD JUB DUDE BEST I HAVE EVER PLAYED

5 ;P funny and creative game ;P love it ;P

This game was wicked awesome it was so cool its not even funny i like beating up boyscouts lol

big improvement over the last game, and i really liked the wpn upgrades. the only thing i didnt like was how annoying the homer simpson sound byte became. otherwise keep up the good work

This game is so cool!

My favourite wepon is the lawnmower lol

The only downside is that you only get 1 life

The game was AWSOME, great weapons, tons of action, and plenty of blood and violence! Plus, at least 9 or 10 diffrent death animations, from decapitation to *other things* more graphic.

The downside? I was stage 8, with an orcish blade, large battery, and about ot have time to buy the best wep in the game when i died...

ONLY 1 life? wtf! should be at least 3 or so lives so you dont have 2 start all the way from the beginning...that kinda sucked.

Still, GREAT game, just in Staggy 3 make more lives please

this is the best flash game i have ever played!!! i loved the first but this is just amazing! love the music on it as well and i was wondering where you got it, like did you write it yourself or what? anyways awesome game and keep it up, you rock!!!

Damn Boyscouts They Get what the Deserve

XDDD I love the sound of them screaming and when you can see their guts..
And I fought a religious jewish ninja! :O
This is much better than the last one.. good job!
I went all like "HELICOPTAH!!" and hold on to the Up Arrow and Space Bar keys..
The only thing you should improve is a larger stage (the background) or something..

Oh sweet virgin mother... This game is the most amazing thing that I've eve played on newgrounds. I was a big fan of the original Stagknight, but this one puts it to shame! New weapons! New levels! All around intense action! My record for now is 932 kills, but trust me, I'm only stopping because I have to sleep in order to function. Watch out, because that #1 spot belongs to Ant-tastic!

The game was good. I enjoyed the weapon selection and helped me take out my agression against boy scouts. I noticed when I crouched while holding the lawn mower it would suddenly turn into a laser sword. I don't know if that was reported yet. The laser sword would stay in my hands until I stood up, but I was unable to use it.

Nuff said.

It was pretty hard, but very good.
I laughed when they screamed, rofl.
Nice job, good graphics.

Adding more weapons, stages and enemies was a great update to the original game (which got boring oh so fast). This one is much harder, but hey, it's a decent hack'n'slash game. Kudos.

Great game, much better than the first one.
I really dont know what to say, except good job.
My only complaint is the same boring attack, you should have more attacks. But other than that, nice job.


SO GOOD. I cant begin to describe...but EVERYTHING about this game was so badass! Who better to kill than the boyscouts?!?!?
A 10 for sure.

i was playing for at least a hour!VERY FUCKING FUN!

Hells yeah! Staggy 2! No boy scouts in my forest now. Game simply rocks.

Great job dude!!! You are bonified genius to do this!!!

3 reasons why i like this and 2 why i dont

1. more weapons than last time i hated all u did was swing 1 sword(it got boring)
2. a sequil!!!!!!
3. there is prizes to be won and people to be dated
resons that its bad
1. limited puases
2. couldn't you name the guy something other than staggy? i mean its kinda funny but wtf???

Music was cool, and the sounds the scouts made when vanquished were sorta funny, like the already noted "Homer Simpson" shriek. Graphics weren't the best, but I liked them fine. The animation was also very smooth, and I found no glitches.

The number of pauses. I mean, yeah, I liked the metal music while slaughtering Boy Scouts (and metal is my favorite genre of music), but I quickly ran out of pauses while trying to play my own. I really don't see any reason in limiting the number of pauses, other than just something to annoy people.

Hey, limited pauses is the only thing I didn't like. Nice job on the game! But, it just got boring to me. There's thousands who will enjoy this game, though. So, nice job once again. (Also, could you inform me of how this contest business got started? It's really cool how a 15 year old can cause contests with prizes like trips to England and dates with hot chicks o_O)

This was alot of fun to play and the set up was really good. You should definetly make more games like this.

If there is a better game, great Messiah SHOW ME NOW!

Vot3 5 w00t!

Staggy 2 is similar to the first in almost every respect (even the beginning cutscene is recycled) but the addition of the store segment at the end of every level is a nice touch. If it ain't broke don't fix it.

Really fine job... Kick ass game.

This game was wicked

The Homer Simpson voice you did when I killed one of those enemies was fantastic!

that kicks ass great game

This was a fun game, with plenty of upgrades. But the game lost value if you have everything, and replayability isnt high.

This game does rock however, it could be better. you should be able to to some more in the game and have different levels in like buildings and stuff, other than that it completely freakin rocks. oh if there was a 1st person view too that would be kinda awesome.

This was really fun. The only problem for me was the price of the batteries. Once you started buying one every level it was hard to make enough money.

Good game however you gotta feel bad for this Jocelyn, she's going to get to have a date from hell after this contest. O.o

I can imagine it now
Steve"Sooooooo we going to have sex now?"
Jocelyn "No!"
Steve"How about now!?"
Jocelyn "No!"
"um........................nice weather.....now?!"
Jocelyn "NOOOO!"
Steve"Pretty cool game that staggy2 eh um can we..."
Steve"Just b/c im 12 doesnt mean you cant give me...."
Jocelyn "no"
Steve "........."
Joelyn "no"

Oh well good luck to all of you out there.

i really liked the firs one, amd this is ten times better! great job. Its a shame that I suck at it...

I don't think the guy below me is reviewing the right flash...

Great game, make a Staggy 3.. Though I really have no idea what could be added...

Now , this was a pretty neat game as far as it goes to graphics interactivity , violence and execution.

However , I couldn't help but notice ( since it was literally slapped on my face ) the whole deal with getting a date with a girl by getting a highscore on this game - I thought It was very disturbing and somewhat of an underhanded and unnecessary move to promote this game that actually tarnishes its integrity.

This site is already populated by many hentai addicts and pervs as it is and this sort of move favors this sort of "culture" that brews here and by golly , many other game sites after seeing your success are going to follow suit by adopting similar tactics to promote their games since this is definitely one of the key reasons why this game was able to secure a #2 on the top 50 spots despite the biased retarded preteen audience that votes extremely low on games and make it almost impossible for a game to stay on the top 50 even though it takes more work to make a game than a movie (...)

I bet that after October 15th ( if not earlier) , this game will no longer remain on the top 50 as the rabid braindead masses of 12 year olds will no longer find any reasons to keep it on the top after one of them earns his "date" of a lifetime so yeah , keep teasing their little cocks until then because it's a surefire way to keep you on the top and get you millions and millions of views here ...

You don't oftn see flash that well balanced! only ting tht would marginally improve would've been some kind of survival mode with all weapons and unlimited energy

im glad someone made a game like this. Boyscouts suck...good to see there heads being ripped off! Cheers!

fun as hell

combine the ragdoll avalanche controls with this and it would be hella cool

this game is so much better than the previous and definitely one of my all-time favorite computer games.

i got myself the large battery and the lazer sword real quick... so after that there was nothing but buying healt and power....and then leaving over 70,000 g's. maybe an option for armor or secondary weapons could work.

this is better than the first staggy game! This is just awesome.

Holy fucking shit! This game is absolutely wonderful.

Atleast I hope I haven't been done playing it. I stopped after the first stage just to write this review.

Though... admittedly, the homer "AHH" sounds are a bit weird... compared to the techno music and etcetra O.o

Good job!!

Great game! one of the best ive seen on NG! plz make some more! good work and hope there is more like this one!

i loved the first part of this game and i though there would never b another.....but there is, and its better than the original!. hey but u should really put in a save thats it then itd b perfect.so after the competition puit in a save ok!!!

this is one of the best flash i've seen on NG. keep up the work!

this game is awsome there are some like it but i think it is the best of its kind again i think could be better and you could make a better staggy 3 but the game it self is good and the weapons are awsome but i dont like the battery aspect of it but thats ok overall good game to pass time

The game itself was quite good, though it could use some improvement:
It was hard to hear the music, because if I'd turn up the volume, the screams are too loud, also, the screams are the same, so it gets quite annoying after some time.
The weapons are awesome, as well are the enemies.
Humor: theres not much in it, but sometimes the enemies are funny to see (boyscouts with no body and scythes :P) and also the occasional camels are fun.
Violence is overal the same, but quite goory though.
Style is not too good, since there are lots of games like this, though i must say i have never seen one like this.
Graphics are very good.

I hope im helping towards a better Staggy 3.

This is an incredible game, you just need to do levels, and not just all base on kills. i think you should need to add some thing, like a story or something, and killing music, and this would be a game of destanation

This game is a typical beat them up game which can get boring and repeative but it doesn't simply because this game is so freaking awesome from its graphics and stuff but one thing I hate is the music that is played through out the entire game...

That was bloody good. The weopons were cool. but it got really repetative. but any way. WOOT! That was auwsom. 5/5

That was the best Game I've played in a while, if not ever on Newgrounds. There's nothing to say! Other than this Game fuckin' RULES!! I love the fact you can buy weapons now, there's more enemies to kill which makes it harder, I can't really think of what would make this game better. Other than a Bow other something, I always get owned by people with Guns xD

holy hell that was the best game i ever played on newgrounds. you sould get a reword. danm i am stund. the first was great this is greater. the only bad part was the black knight didn't sound the same but thancks for a great game this needs to stay front page as long as the ultiment show down (my spelling sux so f*** off). thanx you for a goddly flash. you guys are roxers. thank u.

There was a save system of some shape or form. Get rid of that fucking competition and add a save system. If you do so i'll give you a 5. But these competitions piss me off.

Sounds were only 5 because it was recognisably homer Simpson. Humour was only 3 because... well... there wasn't anything funny. Save the idea of boyscouts and the lawnmower. Any fool can draw blood and gore. It's funny once. And style scored low because it was so much like other games on NG.

dude no lie this is the shit, loved the first one, few more wepons an a boss or 2 or maybe a story sorta like thing
anyway keep it up

i played the first one and thought it was a classic well this one kicked the firsts ass (which is saying alot)
graphics 8 they were ok but i've seen better
stlye 10 killing boyscouts what better thing is there?
sound 7 the music got kinda annoying but you could turn it off so yay
violence 10 the point of the game is killing boyscouts KILLING so no shit violence gets a 10
interactivity 10 its a game and you have alot of choices like chooseing from alot of weapons
humor 10 same thing with the violence the point of this game is killing boyscouts nothing else needs to be said for the humor

The downside to this game is that the gorefest is enclosed in a small arena. It would be fun to cut a bloody swath through several different screens, Madness Interactive style. Also, bosses would be nice, and a bigger array of weapons would help.

Since when did the Boy Scouts have Ninjas and armor-bearing crossbowmen?

i loved this game cos you can only kill boy scouts & they suck ! But since it was boy scouts you should of had guts & more blood Everywhere ! !

Man, i played this a couple of weeks aho from the website, then forgot all about it. This game is HARD! I thought it would pretty simple in the later levels with a large battery and a light saber. How wrong I was! It looks like the date with jocelyn was not meant to be.... ah well. congrats on making a truly fun, addictive game.

I didn't think something like Staggy could be made any better!!! Holy crap! This is ... it's even better than the first Staggy! The new weapons were a great touch, and I love all the new boy scouts! lol, I don't remember them dancing when you died in the first one, that was hilarious! I'm not giving this all 10's just because I like it though, I really do give it a 10 in each and every category. Great job, great concept, freaking awesome game. It really is a lot of fun! :D

"Bloody Boy Scouts? In my forest?! AGAIN?! I don't fucking think so!"

a pretty fun game exept i thought it was a bit to gory and i didnt like the killing of the cammels i thought that was a bit... not of my liking

I love what you have done to improve this game from its predecessor, and I love how you integrate 'waves' into this instead of 'survival.' This element alone makes it worth playing, but you decided to go over the top with lots of extra features and improvements from the original, some of which I like, and some I loathe.

I'll start with what I liked.

1. Boy Scouts are invading your forest, and what do you do? Kill as many as you can in 60 seconds! Just the concept is ingenious, but the main improvement here is the 'waves' of boyscouts instead of endless hordes.

2. Everyone loved the Uber-Sword for its one-hit kills, and the God Mode, for its reliability in even the most dire situations. But what happens when you give the black knight a hand-grenade? Even more boyscouts die!

3. Buying weapons in this game is made simple and easy in this, and with the variety of weapons, plus the battery power for the electric weapons, this was pulled off exceptionally well.

Now for the let-downs.

1. Grenades are fun to use in this game, but sometimes I wish that picking one up didn't suddenly expose me to the archer directly in front of me and give him a free shot while I am forced to throw a grenade I didn't neccessarily want. In my opinion, you should make an extra weapons slot for grenades, which could only be found. This way the player wouldn't have to stop their killing spree to lose an extra second throwing a wasted grenade.

2. The laser-sword is too powerful in my opinion. It should take up more battery than the other two weapons combined, be more powerful, and it should cost ALOT more (maybe, $100,000). This way, you don't give people the second most powerful melee weapon in the game after about 7 levels, and when they do get it, they can't rely on it alone, but must fall back onto weaker weapons and use their skill instead of just brute force to survive.

This was a very fun game to play, and with just a little more work, it will easily become a legend.

Graphics = 9. You did very well with every aspect of the animation, but I'm not too fond of the cape motions. Still, you did exceptionally well in every other aspect.

Style = 10. You made this series, after all.

Sound = 9. The weapons are great, but the grunts start getting to you after a while.

Violence = 10. Can't. Talk. Killing. Boyscouts.

Interactivity = 9. It gives people alot of choices about how they want to play the game, and that makes a game like this stick out.

Humor = 9. Dead boyscouts can be hilarious at times.

Overall = 9. You did very well on this game, and to give you any less than a 93% would be shameful. Be proud.

I like this game alot, but the only reason you didn't get over 93% was because this has little replay value. Maybe you should implement an RPG element where you can learn skills to encourage people to play through multiple times to try different skill tiers, or something crazy like that.

And by the way, I got to level 13, with all weapons and about 550 kills with full health and battery when I quit because I was getting somewhat bored of the repeated action of running around and killing nazi-esque boyscouts.

IAmTheMoose out.

I see a huge change from the first game to this, i really like some of the selections you had for the player. Its a cool game, but always the same stuff. But the game became more competitive instead of boring so i kept playing til I died. Overall, awesome game!!

Great game but damn it there are to many of them after level 11, i got to 13 then got shot by 7 arrows while smighting the cursed robo scouts and their lazer beams of pain.

Either i got items from them all at once or not at all >.<
The strongest weapons got weak against them after awhile.

this an awsome game dude, killing boy scouts has never been so much fun lol.

dude that was BLOODY awesome! maybe if ever you make a sequel to this (again), you can include more weapons and larger stages because when you get the laser sword and the elven blade, the other weapons proves to be obsolete.. amazing gameplay though!

Simply amazing, keep up the awsome work!

Simply amazing I'm adding it to my favorites and you and I'm voting a 5.

i gotta admit. Even though the game is pretty simple , it was kinda addicting and fun. LOL , keep it up!

Once again, it suffers from the same ****.

No contiuation and if you suck at games it'll just piss you off. Otherwise, it's great. But then, like I said, you just did the same crap, put too many enemies too soon, and meh, it just ain't worth the time.

The first few levels are great, though. And it's a fun game, it just gets too impossible later on.

wow staggy 2...so awesome i like it alot only problem is..i cant use any other weapons...it says to use z-m or 1-7 but neither work even after i buy the new equitment...does anyone know what im doing wrong?also i cant use the battery...

AWESOME DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is one of the best games on ng..

you should make a game like this 1 but more elabrit and zombify it XD
and this is a relly fun game...i love it its adicting

I totally loved the first one and this one is a major improvement upon upon the former. You get so many great power ups and unlocking better weapons is SOOO easy (which is a good thing). In other games I've played, you have to undergoe great ordeals to upgrade your weapons. In this game, you could upgrade as soon as you beat the second or third level.

There is SOOO much action in this one and the enemies become more diverse as the game progresses (just like in the first one but better). It's simple and it rocks.

The only complaint I had is that is gets a tad laggy in some parts. But that's mostly because of my computer.

PS: How many levels are there? I made it to level 13 with 903 kills until I died.

Fucking GREAT job man, I'm so glad you put in the weapons thing, it makes the game so much more entertaining.

this game is awesome. i like it better then the first one because u have more levels and more weapons. By the way the weapon selection is great. i find in this game there are more types of enemies. they get harder in each level. well this is an overall great game so good job!

wtfh means what the fuckin hell
but seriosly. WTFH cyborg boyscouts floating from the sky using an umbrella with a proton cannon. leading camels.
how long have you been livin with ur mom? 30 years? j/k
i cant spell so srry for mistakes

I'll do better...
Sweet game.

Interesting game. Even more interesting contest prize :D

This is awsome!The last sucked but this is much better!

I Have Not Played A Game This Good On Newgrounds before it was amazing the controls were easy the animation was nice it was perfect and simple at the begining awesome keep up the good job

BADASS! That was a really cool game. one of the most violent ive played. the prize makes it very worthwhile.

AND I LOVE THIS ONE TOO! Awesome website by the way. You must have amazing programmers on your side.

Cool , loved. easier than the original as well.
Oh and i found the prize funny because i already live in England!!

it was a little easy at the begining, I got to round 13 before I died. My kills were 848 almost into the top 20 list for today. I was really surprised I was so close!

The boy scouts sounded like Homer.

Very hard though

The best overkill-game I played. But could be improved: u shuld put some unlockable playmodes in. For exemple no ranged weapons mode, god mode. And the laser sword could reflect the beams becouse they kill wery fast and undodgable when there are a horde of enemies in my both side.
Ps.: What does this boyscout means? A nature-lover tourist, or something else? Or just u made a word? Because I couldn't find it in any dictionary. I know what boy and what scout means, but these together must have a different meaning.

Very Violent, not to hard and somewhat "Easy" Which I like it that way.
Great Stress reliever. 4/10 bravo!

Fun hack and slash game. The date with Jocelyn thing is halarious. I bet some nerd is just gonna hack into it and give himself like 2000 kills....

This is a realy good game my fellow NewGrundlings It is worth playing!It has a nice selection of weapons and pretty cool enemys well the ones Ive reached anyways..well If your a C&C fan you might see what I see..the knight you play looks sort of similar to the nod soldier in Tiberian sun..Well to creator good job keep up the good work..and just one tip could you add upgradeable armor in your next game?

This game is amazing, you could add a save feature though, that would be great.


I thought the last game was very good. Staggy 2 was fantastic.

The graphics were very good. Once again there was a range of killing. The new levels were a bouns aswell. In the first game it was easy to get a high score. You could just keep jumping over that one rock. In this version you have to try and figure out each level and the best way to get through it. I like the introduction of ogre looking creatures, people flying in on umbrellas. That camel looking thing was kool too.

You could have done with changing the music while playing the game. Maybe a choice of tracks instead of that one fast paced rock song. The song was good though, it fitted well wwith slaying everybody.

The only problem with the game is the lag. It would be good if you was able to turn the quality down to help slow p.cs like mine.

All in all this is one of the best games on Newgrounds. It's so fucking addictive. My top score so far is 912, it gets damn hard around level 14 as most of the scouts are shooting thoses red laser beams at you.

I really hope you decide to keep working on this game and bring out a number 3.

Well done.

Kept me busy for a long while (not that i have anything else to do..)
but still it was cool, the power ups..
the shop after you complete each wave..
the difficultness raised a lil' compared to staggy 1 which is better.
i hope you make a staggy 3 next!

Fun and funny at the same time.

If you hold down on the electrical weapon's number selection you can use it without a battery charged, as long as you hold it the entire time. Sorry if this has already been address by another reviewer.

This game improved on the only thing the first one was missing:Depth. I loved how you could buy health and better weapons between rounds, just like defense games. It was a bit laggy at times, though

Naughty game, sweet graphics and very fun gameplay.

Its brill i love it. Make more games

Finally, a game where all the kills don't look the same. This really was fun, I liked killing boyscouts, good choice in music but it was a little repeditive.

the reason i gave the zero is b/c i have crappy sound it was awesome

Lol omg I love this! But I didn't know that boyscouts wore armore and had bowguns and such.

The lone hero must rid the forest of the scourge of the boyscouts. Will he succeed? On the note, how many lvls are there?

I liked it a lot - it only really got challenging after about 5 or 6 levels, (400 or so enemies killed,) but it was a good waste of about 5 minutes. I can't say anything about what the later levels would be like, but it's defintely worth playing - this one's a 10! I don't think I could really play this for an hour, though, even if I -did- get a date out of it! ;)

awsome game!!much better then the first one

lol i loved the whole concept, it was greaat! dont have anything against boy scouts, but it felt good killing them. awesome game!

it was so good but there should have been a in game play quality changer...aside that very good and a hilarios idea

this game is great, th only thing that could be in proved is that i thought i got to the best weopon to fast and easy mabby u could add more weopon's but over all i thought it was great, a really improvement from the last one.

I can only get 600 though.....

And the French guy said something like:

It is flat it is simple no? why is this as easy one as that? but good maybe to do levels of difficulties and the that would have it more paces.

You's think they'd get the picture, but no! Leave it to Staggy to kill 'em all over again. I only disliked Staggy's new voice, it doesn't sound as funny as before. Asides that, I love the new gameplay.

Not a bad game only thing i did not like is the guy moves kinda slow maybe it was just my crap PC?

kind of overly hack'n slash for my liking, but the lightsaber made it all worth it... by the way, the french guy said the game was too easy, and wants a difficulty chooser (thank you, babel). I sorta disagree, once you get to a certain point, all the archers and gunners murder you... MY LIGHTSABER SHOULD BLOCK THEM!!

This game rocks!!!!!

nuff said

Great Flash man, but i did encounter some bugs in you app for you to work out. Firstly i found that when using the lawnmower, when you croutch the lightsaber comes out. Also durring your weapong selction after every round, if you turn the music off then turn it on again its different music. You cant get the same techno music back. Just wanted to point that out for you. And remember, programming is easy. Its fixing the problems thats hard.

I love the electric sword but I dont like the battery thing. why didnt you make codes (or did you make codes) anyways it is still a great game.

I got to the 6th level first try. But I decided I did not want to spend too much time on it so I decided to stop during level 6.

Nice Flash. I like the killing, but i didn`t make it as far on my first try, but hey it is cool.

Great fighting fun, but de facto stupid hack'n'slash. "Serious" enemies would be nice, like medieval soldiers or so. Some tactica elements could make it more interesting, like barriers you can hide behind, some castles you must defend or some archers you can hire. That would transform this game into a defense game, though, and i don't think that's what you intended to create. All in all, good timekiller.

I loved the first one and couldn't stop playing it. It was just so addictive, just like this one is. When I saw that there was a second one I couldn't believe it, I'm oh so glad that you did. The story, music, weapons, and the voice acting are all so good and very awesome.

I like the new additions, like the enemies and stages and such, very good ideas and enhance this game quite a bit. Listening to metal while killing all those campers in different ways, is just so much fun to play and even watch.

Hopefully one day there will be a number 3, because this is one game series that really deserves it. Thank you so much for taking the time to make enjoyable content like this and I hope you continue to do so.

This is really great stuff...very addicting. My only suggestion (if a Staggy 3 is ever in the works) is that projectiles hurt everybody. For example, if some punk shoots an arrow at me and I duck, it should be able to hit and hurt another enemy.

i loved the game much better than number 1 more designs and it was much easier so it was much more fun

grapics: i gave 7 grapics because they were good grapics but still a bit patchy and better graphics have been seen in flash.

style:10 absaloutly loved it

sound: 8 i really enjoyed the music

violence: 10 do i really need to explain

interactivity:7 because on other games there is bout 1 mill diff buttons but personally i prefer your style

humor: 3 because its not really meant to be funny but some of the outfits were quite funny at later stages

overall:10 because i loved the gameplay and its definitly going into my favourites

well im dun please write a reply and at least you can be thank ful im not 1 of those ppls who put ten 4 all jus cos the games decent

this is a realy great game!! to bad it only has 6 waepons... once you have bought all the waepons the game becomes a litlle boring

it is to hard for me to get loose of the arrows but overall a great game i hope u make a nother game with more wapons and stuff like that and secrets i hope:D!

Way better then Saggy 1 by a mile.Great job

It would be even more awesome if the arrows that did not hit you did damage to the boyscout behind u or something like that

Better than Staggy 1, for sure.

Great work on the weapons!

it was a good game but try changing the difficulty of the game to make it more challenging.

gets boring when you get all weapons and have 784 kills

I lost at 555 kills.

Bad point: seems to lag much more than Staggy 1, but meh, awesome game so who cares!

yay i got mad kills now lets see how hih i got on the top 20 board.......ok maybe not. Oh well maybe next time. Good game though ...........9

man that was a really good game. weapons were very good and fun to use and the whole concept of slaughtering boy scouts was good. However the gameplay got a little bit samey. very good. 9/10

dude your game is AWESOME!!! but please make it a teeny bitty harder and make the weapon price a lot more expensive. but it was a cool game all in all great work

that was really good! i cant' believe also that the winner goes on a date with that HOTTIE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great flash mate! I love it! StagKnight Rocks! Also, i like the part on the Stagknight site where you can see sexy pics of joselyn. GOD! she's fit fit fit! lol :P


i just wish you could save your game.

Getstiresome after a while but still very fun, nice soundtrack and cool weapons

that was sweeeeeeeeet.

How come ol' Staggy hates Boy Scouts entering his forest?

Aww... I'm on'y half da staggy da big winners iz (550 crumpins vs. ca. 1100 o' da leedaboard) ^^::

it's even better. nice weapons, new enemy's,
shop... just play it! =D

I only got 511 kills before i died and i thought I WAS GOIN GOOD!

Lovely game mate, graphics are good, sound is wonderful, and its always fun to BE THE F******** S*** OUTA THOSE BOY SCOUTS :D

that was awsome
it was so addictve just whacking the S**T out of boy scouts!!!

Oh My God. This is the first thing that deserves ten in all catigories fairly. And i think i saw prince Ahshitaka.

was even better! the first one wasnt one of the games that u just forget about and never play again after playing for it 10 mins but this makes the first one completely obsolete.

this game had gr8 concepts and as every1 has been saying, was very addictive.

pro: more weapons, more enemies, a charge bar, more power-ups

con: the only point i saw to the paratroopers was to allow u to take some people out while they were still unable to fight. after all i could have jus let them land while i take out the other guys who are already ready to fight, they werent a threat in the air. they were funny tho

consider: letting paratroopers drop rocks or sumthin b4 they land and pull out main weapon, allow certain button techniques to do special attacks like a pop-up, power or knockback attack.

gr8 job, please consider making a third and i look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.

btw my fav weapon was the lawnmower, it was hilarious

Wow, this is just about the only flash game i've played that I have really enjoyed playing for a good amount of time. Very addicting and fun!

And the fact that you're about my age makes me feel like a total loser for not being able to accomplish anything close to this magnificence.

I enjoyed playing the game, I loved the sound effects

All round pretty good. It would be cool to see more varied attack animations instead of just up/down or spinning.

Also, my main complaint is that the lightsaber is too weak and should be able to block arrows


killing boy scouts.........?lols.and i am trully an elf at heart so i liked the elf sword but...i made a mistake...i wouldent use the axe but i got neway and then i was 2k away from the best sword!!!!!so...i lost at 400 somthing kills useing the elf blade...uber sword,god mode,grenede,man they just all rock! will u make a 3rd staggy?maybe u could spend even more time than u did on this and have uber graphics?the graphics where good but UBER graphics are the ebst...very few aouthers i kno of can do the best graphics...with a litle more work u could be 1 of those! i didnt play the first staggy but saw this as 1 of top submissions today and thought...what the hell ill try it and it was a good choice! i cant wait to see some of your other work u truly are a great flash maker.maybe if u made a 3rd u could also add more weapons(even though there are a good amount already some bows might not hurt right?) and add small medium and large health packs like u did with the batteris small being +10 like in this 1 medium +20 OR 50 and large plus 50 OR back to max? i dont want to use 1k characters so this is where i will end my post thanks for the great game it going to my favorites!

awsome weapons , awsome characters...generally awsome 10/10!

i liked it a lot. Vote 5
Make more lik this!

I thought the first staggy was good, definitly to kill time. However I think you have really improved on that concept. I like the way you have separated the game into rounds, and that in each round the terrain changes, giving a strategic element to the game. I also liked the idea of the shop, it made the game a bit more interesting and drew you into continue playing it. Definitly worth playing once...if not a few times. Thanks.


(Hope I've got the right submission this time)

I was a bit disappointed when this loaded because I already played it the other day, guess I played it at another site. Not gonna mark you down for that.

But what I will mark it down for: The basic attacking is very repetitive. The knight just swings his sword in a slightly odd way. It just didn't feel like you were actually slashing up the boys, which hurt the overall effect. The physics didn't feel right, everthing was a bit floppy, maybe the gravity wasn't always strong enough.

But otherwise I like it, fairly entertaining slashing fun. The concept is pretty original, and funny. All the upgrades and things gave it a bit of longetivity, I could probably play this for a long while if I had the time. Great graphics, particularly on the background. Some really good Flash work here, I don't think I've played your work before but I'll certainly be going to have a look at your back catalogue. 8/10.

WOW man this game is amazing. i played staggy 1 when it came out right away, and i played this one too. so many good things have been made to this game. good job. this game is gonna be on front page.

Lols, this game is fun. The graphics and the sound are good. Nice game play too! :-D

lmao when i kill the people they shout lol kool game but you could work on better graphics and it would be better i like the weapons lol the chainsaw lmao ...

~The good~

Yeah, this is trully an amazing sequel. I like how it stayed on the same premise as the original one, but added so much more to it. I liked the whole RPG-like feel you had to this, too. It's awesome that you can buy so many awesome and bizarre weapons that have different effacts, range, and even speed. The graphics were just as good as the first one, and had much more diversity, as the backgrounds changed every level, and the boy scouts also got upgraded and there were many different and original types. Aside from the graphics, I really liked the sound effacts you used in this, there were some for the simple sword slice, and also ones for the light saber and lawn mower. The voice acting, though only a little part of this, sounded very funny in the begining, and you would never expect him to have that to type of voice =P This also had its take on humor and voilence, I mean, it's always funny to see a boy scout get decapitated or his limbs chopped off!

~The bad~

The big problem for me was the lag. Don't get me wrong, I have a very fast broad-band connection, so flashes these should've been no problem. Though after the first level, the gameplay just started getting very slow, and it seemed the timer would just not go down! Due to the lag, it made this game's levels become very long and repeatative. Though you made a whole slue of unlockable weapons, after you got the light saber with the large battery and you start owning everybody, you quickly get tired of the game as there really isn't anything else you can possibly unlock. I think in the next installment you should keep the RPG-like premise, but focus more on diverse levels, maybe even a boss battle here and there, I can see Staggy facing off against a fat camp councelor or something like that. Also, the game remains pretty easy throughout as your weapons become stronger with every new enemy. Another thing, I found that buying the life was kind of cheap, as it made it much easier to beat the incoming level, and it was just way too cheap, especially in the later stages.

Overall, this was a very good and well-made sequel, that remains to have the same quality as the last one and a whole slue of unlockable goodies, though the lag made the gameplay too slow and unbearable after unlocking everything. Well, I hope this review was helpful!


I love it, a lil repetitive but still a great game. I love how you added in the shopping menu.

This game is really addicting even though its simple hack n slash design. What would make this game brilliant is if there could be more than one different attack animation. But good job over all.

Congratulations on such a fun creation. Despite having such a simple premise as killing boyscouts it's an awesome game, being able to buy weapons and equipment is the icing on the cake. Graphics, sound, violence, all very good. I would love for you to make another.

A big improvement on the original. So many choices of weapons to pick, and so many humorous enemies to fight. Smooth animation, good graphics, so much variety, and very funny as well. No flaws anywhere, at least to my knowledge. Very good job on this. Kudos to you for this great game.

Very great game.... killed around 800 boyscouts..... bought everything.... 10/10 can't wait to see it on Top 50....

Keep it up. Next time maybe you can add more weapons and maybe even defencive upgrades. Waiting for the next one.

Nice job on the game. The graphics were very smooth and fluid, the backround music was perfect, and the unlockable weapons were a great addition. Your backrounds were very nice, and up to par with the rest of the graphics. I'm glad the enemies changed/differed throughout the game, as if there were only the generic boyscout to kill I think this would get old very quickly. But the variety of the enemies and the addition of weapon choice kept me wanting to play. But overall an excellent game with no flaws. And also it was very fun to play which is what a game is all about.


DUDE!!!!!!!! THAT WAS AWSOME!!!!!!!!! I LOVED THAT GAME!!!!!!!!!! YOU GOT MY 5!!!

I like the fact that you can unlock different weapons. Great improvement from the last game.

Loved the first one and the extra options on this one made it 150% more kick ass.

staggy was good but this one is better!!!!! nice job!!!

I remember when you first submitted a version of this game. It was a funny concept and very enjoyable--especially the upgrades the boy scouts got. It was ridiculous and that's what I liked about it. And now you have a fully operational game, complete with competitive high score table! Very good work here!

front page material

I am a boy scout, but I can't help but laugh at the kids in this game screaming when I slice their gut open with my laser sword. Am I screwed up in the head?

with the new levels in the game and the new wepons you can buy, really improves it. Nice with the screaming sounds too and the granate and new power up. I love it. great game play and very adicting :) i hope i can make a great game like this one day:P

I already played it on Stagknight though. Do you win a dinner with that chick in England or whatever too?

Killer Game Just Like The First ONe

damn nice game lol i have fun


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4.28 / 5.00