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Aqua Slug

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What started off as a minigame for the AG contest soon turned into one of my most complex and large games ever- yet we still had the same amount of time to make it. We put TONS of work into this game, hope you all enjoy it!

Can you collect all 27 sand dollars?


body guard problem

i like the game but the big guy near the end is too freakin hard

very good

i was expecting this to be a simple game wich can be done in 5 minutes but this suprised me
it was brillant!
i love the style of the charecters,the musics fitted well and the simplicity of it never made it too overcomplicated
i like that way in some rooms the water fills up so you hav to be quick
the only problem i could find was that sumtime enemies could shoot through walas and such
keep it up!

Great for passing the time...

I love metal slug, and miss playing. I was thrilled when I found this. My only gripe is that he moves too slow and the underwater movement was too limited. Otherwise a great game.

Nice Game!

This is one of the best games i have ever played hard tho and a bit long but none the less grate!

~~lolman1995 ;)

Aqua Slug, cute...

Graphics: Cartoon style, it's drawn nicely... but personally i think it could be nice if they were WELL modified sprites.

Style: Sweet, you pegged Metal Slug on the nose. You made an MS fan very happy, dude.

Sound: Nice music... for a few minutes. Also, may i suggest using the dying sound from MS, since he actually does do the dying motion.

Violence: Well, it's "watered" down (-snicker-), but it STILL feels like MS. However, the water explosions are kinda exadurated and that makes it cooler. Aslo, the kids cry when you smack em... heh

Interactivity: 10 for making it feel and play like MS. n.n

Humor: Cute, the kids cry when you smack em and people exadurate falls.

my ONLY two complaints is the lack of the actual Metal Slug vehicle. It would've helped enormously with the balloons/helicopters and the fact that you cant bombard the aformentioned with your 'nades.

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Credits & Info

4.04 / 5.00

Aug 23, 2006
12:33 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun