Aqua Slug

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What started off as a minigame for the AG contest soon turned into one of my most complex and large games ever- yet we still had the same amount of time to make it. We put TONS of work into this game, hope you all enjoy it!

Can you collect all 27 sand dollars?


no babes?

This is a beach where are th thongs and topless???

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Lighthearted fun, but lacks continues.

This game is a nice change from all the violent games that exist. Here we have a simple bloke at the beach...owning noobs with a watergun!
Teabagging is always fun.

Though you get 100 lives, there needs to be a continue. Nothing worse than getting to the final boss and dying :(

Overall, fun and simple little game.

Points for Nostalgia

And an original idea. However, the foreground scenery where ALWAYS placed where new enemies were spawning, so 9 of every 10 deaths was because I couldn't see some snot-nosed little punk shooting me. Also, the controls had a bit of lag, which made shooting under you a real hassle. Other than that, good game.


this game could use more features

Am I a bad person?

Theres something about slapping the bajeezus out of someone elses kid so hard that their glasses fall of there heads that I find oddly satisfying, other than that, it was ok but very repedative with many times where you have no chice but to die and lose your power ups, but meh its ok. also in regard to the glitch, I got to the last boss and he just hovered above me doing his repotoir of moves on me to no effect, I just stood there, dumb founded as to how a kid made this contraption lol, also I dont use firefox, I use explorer if that means anything.

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4.04 / 5.00

Aug 23, 2006
12:33 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun