Ultimate Homer Simpson SB

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--UPDATE: YES! I'm in the 'Soundboards' collection! Thanks to everyone who suggested it. and thanks, Tom, for putting it in the collection!--

--UPDATE: If you guys could please submit this to the collection 'Soundboards', that would be great. Thanks!--

'Ultimate Homer Simpson SB'

There are many Homer Simpson soundboards on the web, but I can safely say that this is the ultimate one. This soundboard has over 60 sounds. Sorry if I sounded 'un-humble there for a moment, but at least that;s my opinion.

Plus, leaving a review has an advantage, as I reply to ALL REVIEWS WRITTEN. No joke.

So, enjoy the soundboard!



Well you're brave for calling this the Ultimate Homer Simpson Soundboard, I salute you for that. But what this soundboard lacks is the potential to produce a quality prank call.

If you're going to make a soundboard, you don't just record various quotes and put them in one place, you really have to take your time and find proper replies, funny things you can say to the person in the phone etc... Because if soundboards are not used for prank calls, whats good about them? Plus you could have included alot more sounds. The Simpsons has been running for almost 17 years. Better luck next time.

~ Ringfinger

Frenzy responds:

Umm... filesize is the problem, ym friend. Unless the wuotes are very short (ex. 'D'oh!'), then the filesize for each clip is big. That expalins the 4 MB.

Also, if you dewle throguh the soundboard, you'll find that it can be used for prank phone calls.

Thanks for the review!


cool one

well, Simpsons soundboards are a little unoriginal now, but Simpsons humour never ever goes out of style. there wasn't much of a background to this one, which wasn't all that good, but then again, you picked out all of the really good quotes from the show.
overall, it was a cool soundboard... a little unoriginal though, but it was still good.

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Frenzy responds:

Hey, thanks!



It had some okay graphics(although you didnt make them) and it did work pretty good. A lot of phrases to choose from too. I guess this is an okay soundboard.

You obviousley dont know what soundboards were made for. They werent made for listening to sounds. They were made for prank phoncalls. That means you cant use 10 second long phrases . It doesnt work like that.

PS. Silly I cant submit it to the sound board collection. It already has a simpsons soundboard.

Frenzy responds:

If you look closely, you can see that this is made for prank phone calls. YOU obviously don't know what this submission is, because you didn't look at it closely enough.

Go cry to Linkin Park.

Anyway, thanks for the review.


This SB is just bad.

Yea, ok. This is in no way, shape, or form, the ULTIMATE Homer Simpson SB. THe only thing remotely interesting is the theme song.

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Frenzy responds:

Get a profile. Now.


nice soundboard

also nice comback for Jordantosh lol but anyways this was a very good sound board you should have a few more short sound clips for people who prank call people =D, but still this was great for a soundboard

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Frenzy responds:

Lol, thanks for the review, and the compliment on my ownage abilities :p.


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Aug 23, 2006
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