Ultimate Homer Simpson SB

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--UPDATE: YES! I'm in the 'Soundboards' collection! Thanks to everyone who suggested it. and thanks, Tom, for putting it in the collection!--

--UPDATE: If you guys could please submit this to the collection 'Soundboards', that would be great. Thanks!--

'Ultimate Homer Simpson SB'

There are many Homer Simpson soundboards on the web, but I can safely say that this is the ultimate one. This soundboard has over 60 sounds. Sorry if I sounded 'un-humble there for a moment, but at least that;s my opinion.

Plus, leaving a review has an advantage, as I reply to ALL REVIEWS WRITTEN. No joke.

So, enjoy the soundboard!


An absolute must have for Simpsons fans.

Many a hilarious prank call could be made with this soundboard. My only complaint: NEEDS MORE!

P.S. Still replying to every review almost four years after releasing it? You are the pinnacle of dedication my friend.

Frenzy responds:

I check my Flash every once in a while- such as today!

I figure if you review it four years after I submitted it, then you definitely deserve a response.

Thanks for the review and the 10!


Wow ^^

I like it ~<3

Frenzy responds:

Thanks :)

~ Z

&quot;kiss my curvy but goo-ood bye!&quot;

this is the funniest sound board i've seen so far. great work, but could u add some more sounds and make them just a bit loader? either way, 10/10 all the way!

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Frenzy responds:

Thanks a lot for the review and the 10, man!

~ Z

haw ha

why u little!

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Frenzy responds:



Brought back some memories of all the hillarious
moments in the simpsons, made me laugh

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Frenzy responds:

Thanks, that's good to hear!

~ Z

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4.16 / 5.00

Aug 23, 2006
12:02 PM EDT
Gadgets - Soundboards