Ultimate Homer Simpson SB

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--UPDATE: YES! I'm in the 'Soundboards' collection! Thanks to everyone who suggested it. and thanks, Tom, for putting it in the collection!--

--UPDATE: If you guys could please submit this to the collection 'Soundboards', that would be great. Thanks!--

'Ultimate Homer Simpson SB'

There are many Homer Simpson soundboards on the web, but I can safely say that this is the ultimate one. This soundboard has over 60 sounds. Sorry if I sounded 'un-humble there for a moment, but at least that;s my opinion.

Plus, leaving a review has an advantage, as I reply to ALL REVIEWS WRITTEN. No joke.

So, enjoy the soundboard!


not the ultimate

If this you say is the ultimte simpsons soundboard. Then the world of simpsons soundboards needs help. For the filesize, the quality of the sounds is very low. Take off the theme because it just adds to the size.
It needs better organization definitely.

It definitely had a good amount of sounds for an average soundboard. However, it would've been better had you pushed yourself more. Yes this will be saved, we both no it. But it's the difference between this and the Ultimate Peter Griffin Soundboard that produces a very distint lack of care for theproject on your part. I think you should try this again. Except this time, more sounds alot more sounds. How many? Well Take a look at my two family guy soundboards. My first one has about 50 sounds, my second one has 127 sounds. (scary I know) The quality is not that good but there are so many sounds it barely matters. And now, I have decided to make a third one and really knuckle down. I am planning to have around 700 sounds on my last and final family guy soundboard. It's taken me months to gather the sounds, edit them, slice them up with various audio programs. My suggestion to you is take your reputation as a soundboard creator and harness the true potential by truly working hard at creating a good soundboard. Soundboards should not be an easy way into Newgrounds, it should take around as much time as it does to make a good flash cartoon at least. thx for listening to my rant. If I've offended you in any way, my sincerest apologies because I was rambling. Overall it was a better effort than usual.

Frenzy responds:

Nice adivrtisement ina review you got there

P.S. the score is above 3.50 currently

Thanks for the review!



I cant count how many times this has been done before!

Frenzy responds:

I can't count how many abusive reviews you have!


left a minority

Listened to around 1/2 the sounds.

+ Cool intro tune.

-/2 In the credits, you misspelt 'music'.

- Also they don't scroll fast enough, I feel. I like what the 'Super Smash Flash' creator did. In his game, you can click to speed up or hold space to pause. (I personally thing there should also be a slow reverse button since he had links too but I'm getting diverted...) Having a speed up button may be a good solution to the eternal problem of having credits slower than our reading speed.

I'll definitely be following the example myself in future.

- Also, at the end, a tiny bit stays on-screen. Just gives a bad impression.

- I think you'd be better off with a picture of homer than Dr. Nick Riviera.

++ The quotes seem like amusing ones.

--- I think the sounds should be cut up into shorter forms, with the intention of being used for prank calls or whatever.

As it is, I don't really see the point of this.

? What is the point of these? Do you make them just so people get a chance to 'rehear' those choice moments or is there some other purpose?

Some, whilst amusing, are way too long to be used in a conversation.

My basic beef is that I don't understand the value this offers. And if it is intended for prank call/conversation use, then splice up the sounds.

Whilst some clips are amusing, they're even better with the visuals. For that reason, I only listened to a selection of them and left a minority unheard.

Frenzy responds:

Thanks for the review!



Simpsons was already done but you redid it. Very nice. Not much more can be said. I do have a suggestion though. You think you can do futurama? (plz forgive spelling. don't know how it's spelled)

Frenzy responds:

I'll try my best... maybe for my next Soundboard... you never know. :)

Thanks for the review!


Fix it up.

Make the sound clips shorter, maybe disect them and line them up into catagories. I'd like to call someone with this board but there really is no conversational potential.

Frenzy responds:

If you look ahrd enough, you can. :)

Thanks for the review!


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Aug 23, 2006
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