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A very fishy game

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Author Comments

I fixed some of the glitchs. I shall try and make a better version of this later. Different theme too. All your reviews have been very helpful. Thank you. :)

I test with actionscript. If this gets through, I shall make a better version, a funner version with difficulty levels and maybe a score board.

Anyway, enjoy this little game. :)

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Fun fun!

I love fishy games, and the music in here was really cool. I like the controls and everything, and this is a great time killer!

nice fishy,nice...

first,thanx for using my music there,it was nice from you.second,this game is almost ideal for killing time at the ofice,so people who criticise the graphics,style,even music(that is a personal ofence...kidddin') don't have any ideea how is to work and have a simple game in background...

Mechabloby responds:

Your music is cool and as I told you, I'm gonna be using more too! :)

Yeah, it kills time, I think this is harder than the soap game. :(
(I'm sorry but I didn't understand the end of your review. :( )

Anyway, thanks for your review and audio! :D

Learn Not to Steal, and how to do stuff

We all know that this game is heavily stolen from the XgenStudios Classic "Fishy". It started out great and got better. This has bad controls, glitchy code (Ate a fish three times my size) and is overall poor. In fishy, I had the Ninja Fish (went to the top of the screen, then dove down on his prey.) With this, the best I can hope for is recovering drunk fish. Please put more effort into things. If you make something borderline like this, ask on the BBS before submitting. I am sorry, there is nothing good I can say for you. Well, there is one thing, you can type.

Mechabloby responds:

I stole nothing. I got the script fro the fishy tutorial. I'm gonna make a really better version soon.

graphics sucked

the fish. they were poorly drawn. Work on them the game will improve as well as the physics they need alot of work.

A very fishy game.

The only thing I found good were the graphics through the gameplay.

The music didn't even blend with the atmosphere which was getting annoying. How slow does the fish move, really, I can't dodge one fish without a big one clobbering me.

I'm not trying to flame you on this, it's just that the gameplay was way too hard to control.

Mechabloby responds:

yeah I know. I will try and fix it. Thanks for the review. :)

Credits & Info

2.47 / 5.00

Aug 22, 2006
6:26 PM EDT