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A very SRM birthday

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I have returned with another SRM adventure! This is probably the toughest animation of mine yet, with flame work by Xander1062.
Hope you enjoy!

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Socially Retarded Birthday!

Wow, when you said that Socially Retarded Man was completely off the wall, you weren't kidding. A decent little piece, that goes into just how bizarre SRM actually is. The idea of filling a spud with fruit juice, then frying it is completely off the wall, but topping it off by stealing some ice cream from a store just seems to add to it and I can't really explain how.

I'm not sure why the kids' arms fell off and why there was so much blood, but that might just be me. Perhaps have some better work with the splatter effects and let's see what sort of things this can produce as a result.

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Battosai810 responds:

This was when I was pretty heavy into the random/monkeycheese school of humor, which I don't exactly look back on fondly. I'm glad you still enjoyed his really out there behavior. Personally I'm glad he's grown up a bit, as you'll see in my more recent cartoons.

Kid's arms falling off and blood going everywhere is pretty rife for comedy. I would do something a bit more technical with the blood effects now, but it was pretty good for the time. Also, that audio crackling makes my ears bleed.