Come Sit Down

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Come Sit Down Beside Me.


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Well I liked it.

I really really liked this. It was a bit better when I first saw it, really saved my day then, but I didn't have time to review it then. At the second wathing it wasn't that good, but I like it still. The story was nice, I understood it, but, as this is Newgrounds, I quite undrstand why some people don't... But it was really nice. the whole movie was quite short,

The style was good, fit with the story. Graphics were not that great, there was too much of that what-ever-it's-called fuzzy thing, or not maybe too much, but in a wrong way. I didn't realize that he was sitting on a fence, first I thought it was ground, then it looked like some animal (some big striped animal). But I liked the face and expressions, and the background.

The sound was quite good, but again that what-ever fuzziness (there's a better word for it, I know, I just can't recall it now) was a bit too loud.

Overall good, liked it, 4/5.

Blueled responds:

=D tyvm for ur review! =]

2/5 "No sir, I don't like it"

Here we go, an honest review.

The animation was short. All it was, was a person sitting on a fence, with text fades.

The story was confusing, I don't know how you can sit together with yourself on a fence and hold your own hand, maybe its a metaphor you could've explained?

Poor job.

Blueled responds:

Are you study'n my submitions to newgrounds or something? Its not my story i just animated it... and if you find it hard to understand what its about, then ide have to say you have an IQ of about 4.5. Its also better than all the shty flash you make!!!

actually, that makes a lot of sense.


well you know, i think sitting by yourself, and trusting yourself, is a good thing to do. its surprising how much people dont knwo about themselves, that they wouldve learned if they sat down and talked to them selves... see my point? or am i being crazy?

(^ ^)b~ i like!

Blueled responds:

The song is actually from "Boards Of Canada's" album "Geogaddi".. TY for comment ^_^


im very undecided about this flash, it wasnt really much of a flash perse, but it was something...and it just had this look and feel to it that drew me to it somehow.......but im not sure if i like it or not....i give it a 5 though, trusting in my better beliefs of it


So... your aspiration with this flash is to fail miserably at ripping off Salad Fingers?

Blueled responds:

Erm no, the song is actually from "Boards Of Canada's" album "Geogaddi" David Firth ripped off them O_o, and so am i...

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2.72 / 5.00

Aug 22, 2006
4:22 AM EDT
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