Experiment 1.0

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It took me a while to make, this is actually my first pointfull movie ever! So plz give me a high score for
this animation.Plz.
P.S do you get extra marks if you make the audio as well as
the animation?
(im 12 years old).

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Nice Job

A pointer on the music: It is my music so i think its a joke and it's an old track of mine. Either Electric monkey or electric monkey F1X3D. Now to the flash
- Nice Style can see you took a bit of time to work on making the into of the track fit into my track
- Can see you doing flash at a higher level at some point.
- The shapes are simple and the person needed a bit of work on the facial features and body

Other than that good job!
PS you did kind of screw up on the audio artist bit, you sent it to my profile not the audio page, just as a pointer
Great Job!

Yay for experimental animation \o/

The music and animation matched each other so very perfectly here.

Very bubbly and bouncy.

And that poor little brown blob burned itself all over the nuclear waste.
I weep. :c


hey, pretty cool stuff :) really crazy, and the music was foot tappingly mesmorizing hahaha, keep up the good work

pretty good

this was pretty good i liked it. also for a first flash it was really good. (im 12 also lol)

You're learning to use flash!

It's great that you're learning to use flash, but why share your learning experience with us? If a guy is starting to learn how to write, should we want to see his rough notes? If a man is learning to juggle, do I want to watch him drop balls while he practices?

No. People practice in private until they have some skill, and then they share what they've learned. That's how art works.

I don't mean to suggest that this "experiment" was bad. It's great that you're trying to learn to use flash. But there's no reason for me to watch you learn. Come back when you've figured it all out, and give us something that has a story and a point.

FBI-06 responds:

Mate, there is a point. Did you get
it? It's a cycle. And i'm not learning it. The blobs are called worms and didnt u
like the shade effect? Anways thanx for the review. At least you didnt sware at me.

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Aug 22, 2006
3:48 AM EDT
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