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S.I.N :: "Genesis"

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Thanks to Tom Fulp for letting me submit this & Frontpage! I appreciate it.

tml?1156027795971 <------- More information on the story and characters.

First and foremost, this is a re-edited version of my last flash movie (This is NOT stolen!). This contains about 40 seconds of new animation, edited scenes, tweaked drawings, etc. Consider this canon, and the last one experimental (if you've seen it). I'm about 95% complete the next episode, so that should be out very soon. If you have any questions, I'll do my best to answer them. I would greatly appreciate it if I get lots of feedback!

Note: All done in flash 5 (I really need to get Flash 8!!)

-If you're not confident about your computer, then set the quality to medium or low-



u have perfect art skill with a mouse but ur voices are sometimes corny , and u put teh camera in bad angles ur blood's a little wierd but im so distracted by ur art that i barely care anymore


For a flash animation, the art was really good! but I think the animation could use some work. If you just added a little more frames for those action scenes, i think this would be one of the greatest flashes I've ever seen!

oh.. and your running cycle could use some work.. when that girl was runnign, it looked really funny... ^_^;;;


I really like this. The animation needs a bit of work but for the most part its wonderful. I like the story so far has a shinobi meets ninja scroll feel to it.I have yet to watch the other 2 episodes. Good job!

Missing a few things and showing too much...

Ok, your anime art is pretty good but I think this flash is way too cluttered. You could've chopped this into finer bits, like put 'em into chapters first. You should've separated the story and grouped characters into different chapters and make them sort of meet one by one.

Overall, It kind of looked like the beginning and the end of the story with an epilogue. Try not to show too much story and dialogue. It really isn't pleasing for us viewers because we already know what's coming up next, we don't even have to speculate.

The graphics are nice but hard to see because of all the black you used... It's like they all pop out of nowhere at random. Try making some of the backgrounds of a different hue like purple or white or something brighter. Also, the music could've been more original. Try to use some that are not showcased. And a better plot would be nice. I realize that with this kind of style, you rarely produce a unique storyline. Try to get inspiration from others besides anime. A lot of people know where you're going at with this style. Be more unique and do something surprising and different.

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nothing to new or intresting

nothing to new or intresting because its all the great cliches rolled into one big glod which is sin genisis

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3.84 / 5.00

Aug 21, 2006
9:59 PM EDT