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S.I.N :: "Genesis"

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Thanks to Tom Fulp for letting me submit this & Frontpage! I appreciate it.

tml?1156027795971 <------- More information on the story and characters.

First and foremost, this is a re-edited version of my last flash movie (This is NOT stolen!). This contains about 40 seconds of new animation, edited scenes, tweaked drawings, etc. Consider this canon, and the last one experimental (if you've seen it). I'm about 95% complete the next episode, so that should be out very soon. If you have any questions, I'll do my best to answer them. I would greatly appreciate it if I get lots of feedback!

Note: All done in flash 5 (I really need to get Flash 8!!)

-If you're not confident about your computer, then set the quality to medium or low-


not bad

for flash animation that was incredible...it would help if the story was more played out but besides that, well done

eh ok..

seems good and all, just kinda scratchy >_>


THat was amazing! Although, you need to work on the voice levels, as Kintrada said, you did great on the animation! I loved the plot and the music. When they showed the girl, right after it said," 15 Years Later" was that song from Ghost in the Shell? It seems familiar :P

10 out of 10 " Great!!!! "

Good all round cept...

the sound

work on teh voice levels, some are far too loud some are too soft
sound effects were too soft as far as the guns went, if you dont want to work
on that then slap some silencers one em or something

animation and action were great, i like the plot so far...though... be careful
the line between tried and true plot devices and cliches is thin, so far youve
stayed on the good side of that line but stay focused


Nothing all to amazing here, it has a good story line and descent animation styles. But it needs work in the sound department and some visual editing. A solid flash none the less.

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3.84 / 5.00

Aug 21, 2006
9:59 PM EDT