S.I.N :: "Genesis"

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Thanks to Tom Fulp for letting me submit this & Frontpage! I appreciate it.

tml?1156027795971 <------- More information on the story and characters.

First and foremost, this is a re-edited version of my last flash movie (This is NOT stolen!). This contains about 40 seconds of new animation, edited scenes, tweaked drawings, etc. Consider this canon, and the last one experimental (if you've seen it). I'm about 95% complete the next episode, so that should be out very soon. If you have any questions, I'll do my best to answer them. I would greatly appreciate it if I get lots of feedback!

Note: All done in flash 5 (I really need to get Flash 8!!)

-If you're not confident about your computer, then set the quality to medium or low-


Great work

You have the beginnings of a series of sorts (that's what it looks like you were going for). Great scenes great animation. Overall a little rough. A little choppy and the sound needed better quality (try investing in a mic screen to prevent the pops and a better quality mic).
This totally looks like a pilot for television and with a little touching up, I'd definately watch it.

Look interesting

this one looks interesting to mee but i think that you need to work more on the sound and work on grafics too. but the histori looks good to me.

I'ma bit confused

If the dude has no names. Why would he want the people to know the name Lotus Gensis? Other than that, it's a great flash. Hope to see the next one soon

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Incredibly story!

Geniusly well thought. The quality of the microphone is excusable, likewise the typos.

Slick animation, wicked story. Cool music, even if the voices were too similar. Excellent atmosphere, and wicked execution in general. All though the story is as of yet, somewhat veiled, I'm not sure how the four fallen angels are related to the nameless man and his mentor.

Nonetheless, nicely done! Pip pip!


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These anime type flashes need to get alittle original. They all seem to have the same plot and always have some "age of terror" in some form or fashion. And they always have to have abbreviations for something. Come on now. Does S.I.N even stand for anything other then..sin. Visuals were alright, but story line and plot, need ALOT more work and originality.

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3.84 / 5.00

Aug 21, 2006
9:59 PM EDT