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MMBN: The Darkpower 4

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*UPDATE - 28-06-2011*

I've finally started on part 5 of the series. More details can be found on my profile page!


Thanks for the daily 5th!

Part 4 is here!

Megaman(2), Protoman and Colonel finally go inside Wily's Network to get the original Megaman back and rid him of the DarkPower. But first they must defeat several opponents...



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Butthurt much?

Why get up in this guy's face for using the oh so bad F word? I seen PG13 movies with the F word and I've seen T rated games with one instance of the F word.

awesomely awesome

holy... SHIT!
i hope they save/destroy the original megaman

I'm lovin it!

Your movies continually kick ass. And the animation style of this.... it really lends to the dark atmosphere. Awesome work.


They did make walking sprites for Baryl... for every MMBN game he was in.
Good storyline, but it could have been made better. Release the next one ASAP, can't wait to see it!

eh this was good

in the end there must be a secret "it won't continue" word...

Ginogino13 responds:

Haha, nope! I'm currently working on part 5. You can find more information on my profile page!