tenth army part 4 ending

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this one i stoped paying attention to because i lost interest in it. but then i decided just to get on with it.


Nice end of the war

Nice end of the war and fun ending music, I m giving vote 5, I thought it will be the best of all 4 parts, I m not shour why but soldiers and army fighting are have small vote, everyone more like a guy with sword who is killing everyone of shoting soldiers, everyone are liking diferents movies. Anyway I like your style.

Good job!

Hehe , My last name is Levin/Levine too :)

Hehe , Nice series you had there , At first when I found it , I thought it's going to be a pile of crap.. But this suprised me... :)

I was intrested in watching it and the Storyline was decent.
I liked the new Guns someone modelled for the Rebels ;)

The only thing I didn't like is the Massive amount of tanks and troops.. You could of just minimized to a small force with about 7~8 people.

The Green/Red troopers weren't drawn very well , So I guess you would of found something else instead of them.

Basically , Very nice!

hellhunter1 responds:

thanks alot message me if u want more

Hey! Awesome ending!

That was great, man. Maybe me and you should team up and make some movies some time. Pm or reply back in this review to let me know. :D

Anywho, thanks for using my sprites in every movie. It's been an honor! Later!


hellhunter1 responds:

yeah we should sory its been liek 7 months since this movei came out we've ran into alto of problem but i would be honored to make a movie with u ur liek a god to us


Great flash and all but there is 1 thing I WANT to know.... where the hell did you get those cool guns at the start, cause they were the exact the same guns helghasts use in killzone ( Id really want to know)

hellhunter1 responds:

pm me and all tel u everything ok?


Not bad, but you totally stole my ideah you fucker :-P

hellhunter1 responds:

wat the hell are you talking about?

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Aug 21, 2006
3:36 PM EDT
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