Fishing for Furries

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By fibralo.deviantart.com and ockeroid.deviantart.com

A look into the world of furries and what happens when they get the location of the Fur-Con wrong.

No offence to furries or furkin! It's just a little laugh, no harm meant.

Art & Mickey's voice by Fib
Everything else by Ock

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i was gonna close this internet window when i heard when u wanna fiff


Riiight. I hope to god that this is just a VERY BAD joke.

I concurr

I happen to partake in the fandom, and this was hilarious. It's almost perfect, it retains enough neutrality to be funny for anyone. However, personally, I would find it a lot more funny if it included some true stories in it. :)

offensive, yet amusing somehow.

Yeah, i am a furry, i find this video is kinda offensive in a way, but the voice acting is very well done (the sound quality is pretty good too) and the animation is good, but it has a few problems. Anyway, not all furries are perverts who wear fursuits and draw porn, there are a lot of furries who are normal and nice pepole, but at least you meant no offence to the furries, even if some felt a little offended.

i like this video

even if im a furries im not mad its just a video how cares

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4.23 / 5.00

Aug 21, 2006
3:23 PM EDT
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