Super Sprite Bros Melee 2

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-Woot Frontpage! Thankyou Newgrounds!
-Daily third! Awesome!

*Sorry about the filesize. Thanks to Tom for increasing our upload limit*

Due to many reviews here are the angry words of QC. Angry Qc Says :

"Ok guys, you really got me MAD now. Im tired of you always saying '' omgzors, l00k at th1s m0v1e it sucks0rs b3c4use my favorite guy didnt win, im gonna cry.

Theres something you guys need to know, EVERY characters can win, even if they are pink, wear green, EVEN if they are yellow with black stripes called electrobuzz. Why Buu didnt win? simple, what if Game_Max HATES buu? (wich I dont) and he chose him only to beat the crap out of him? we dont have to do researches to know if a character can win or not.they all can. i dont freaking care if buu can do stuff like kamehameha, Zelos has a sword, and has magic abilities. So why cant he win? Stop voting low only because your favorite character won.To be frank, i would have liked cloud to win, but he didnt, have I cried like you did? no. You guys have NO control on what we want to do.

And yes, there is 2 bass. but who cares. I understand sonic should be in, but suggestions like this are appreciated. We will think about it for the 3rd.

This reply is not only for you, but for EVERYONE who complained about who won."

After the huge sucess of the first one, a second one had to be made! There were many reviews asking for a second one and suggesting how it should be done and we took those suggestions and created Super Sprite Bros Melee 2! 20 different characters from many different games comming together for the ultimate sprite tournament. 10 different authors came together to make this collab. QC_Storm, Game_Max, Lil_Gossy, Ludakris, Shiek_Sprite, BORKOYz, NazelbikAuthor (NA), _Angel_, Slow_Shadow, Daniel Sun.

Be sure to watch it to the end to see who the winner is and please leave a review! We'll be sure to read them all!


a great flash but............

shadow would definately kick that guy from halo's butt

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The only objection I have...

... is that Link won. ;/


To Anti_noob:

Oooohhh, referring to my movie ? :D
Anyway, I would like to defend SSBM2 by saying that by putting all those character together in 1 movie have already destroyed the fabric of space and common logic. Making 1 stronger than another is of course to give a little tension and proberbly becuse the animators loved and/or hated the winners/losers.

To the animators of the collab:

The intro was ... slow...
Some of the fights were DRY... not noobish dry... just dry dry.
But I did enjoy "Kirby VS Pichachu", "Wolferine VS Maverick" and "Naruto VS Sasuke" was also okay... but that giant orange beam DID make my eyebrown twitch...

It's hard to really judge the whole movie... so I'll just make it easy for myself and give it 10.

Just 1 thing more.... LAZY BASTARD !!!! Using the same intro from the last episode !!! Not even changing the characters !!! oh well...

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Great work

Some very nice work. Kept me entertained for a while :)
I think master chief wouldnt have made it past round 1 though

Would you be able to tell me where you got the Zelos sprites from?

Greatest sprite collab ever!

Time for another long-ass review!

This Sprite Collaboration was not only one of the longest, most interesting flashes that I have ever seen. I really enjoyed the tournament of all the most popular sprite characters, not to mention video game characters. Also, I liked the different styles of the different artists, that were all obviously talented in the different ways of flash.

For this review, I will be accesing this flash in the different categories. Enjoy!


All of the sprite movement was done incredibley. There were no flaws with it whatsoever. Also, when zoomed out of the scene, the sprites looked really good and clear. The sprites themselves were done incredibley, and all of the different actions that they were preforming were done even better. I also liked how different artists used different techniques to make it look better. However, some of the artists didn't do such a good job as other ones did, so I think that if the clarity of some of the sprites was improved, it would only benefit the flash value.


There isn't that much to say about style. I really thought that all of the backgorunds were really good and the different ones fit the scenes really well. Also, I liked the various zoom ins and outs to give the flash a more dramatic effect.


There isn't much to say about sound either. All of the music that was used in this flash was really good and fitting with all of the events that were going on with the flash. There were many different sounds that gave this flash some diversity.

Well, there really wasn't animated blood and no gore really in this flash, so I can't really comment on it. Maybe if animated violence was added, it would improve the flash, but then again, its up to you.

Overall, a really awesome flash, and I look forward to seeing a third one. All of the artists are really talented in making flash, and I hope to see all of the artists making independent flash/sprite movies. I also hope that you will find a benefit from this review and will use the constructive critisism positively and use it while making your next flash!

A hard earned 5 out of 5!

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Aug 21, 2006
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