Super Sprite Bros Melee 2

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-Daily third! Awesome!

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Due to many reviews here are the angry words of QC. Angry Qc Says :

"Ok guys, you really got me MAD now. Im tired of you always saying '' omgzors, l00k at th1s m0v1e it sucks0rs b3c4use my favorite guy didnt win, im gonna cry.

Theres something you guys need to know, EVERY characters can win, even if they are pink, wear green, EVEN if they are yellow with black stripes called electrobuzz. Why Buu didnt win? simple, what if Game_Max HATES buu? (wich I dont) and he chose him only to beat the crap out of him? we dont have to do researches to know if a character can win or not.they all can. i dont freaking care if buu can do stuff like kamehameha, Zelos has a sword, and has magic abilities. So why cant he win? Stop voting low only because your favorite character won.To be frank, i would have liked cloud to win, but he didnt, have I cried like you did? no. You guys have NO control on what we want to do.

And yes, there is 2 bass. but who cares. I understand sonic should be in, but suggestions like this are appreciated. We will think about it for the 3rd.

This reply is not only for you, but for EVERYONE who complained about who won."

After the huge sucess of the first one, a second one had to be made! There were many reviews asking for a second one and suggesting how it should be done and we took those suggestions and created Super Sprite Bros Melee 2! 20 different characters from many different games comming together for the ultimate sprite tournament. 10 different authors came together to make this collab. QC_Storm, Game_Max, Lil_Gossy, Ludakris, Shiek_Sprite, BORKOYz, NazelbikAuthor (NA), _Angel_, Slow_Shadow, Daniel Sun.

Be sure to watch it to the end to see who the winner is and please leave a review! We'll be sure to read them all!


Dont like this sorry

choreography is bad in most of the fights and since this movie uses sprites ( and all they do is take turns attacking each other), the animation looks horrible. I would like it if ONE person would at least trace the sprites into their own template and make it cleaner. Sound is decent though, no static or bad quality.

cool but odd match ups..

it was good and im not a kirby fan but i cant believe he ended up getting killed accidentally. also although i know it would have taken longer to plan out. it would have been cool if you could choose who won the final fight.

Wow.. nt, but a definate blam.

Aside from the fact of totally ignoring what each of the characters were capable of... wait, wasn't that the whole point of the tournament? In the end i suppose it wasn't, at best this is a battle of favoritism and people giving their favorites powers beyond what they would actually be capable of. If you wanted link to win set him some realistic goals, Its ok that he beat kirby and all, but after kirby was able to defeat a gundam, maybe kirby should have one and pissed on everyone who ever believed in anything the anime's and games were about. I would just like to thank you collaborators for insulting all of us who enjoyed the games and animes you portrayed with the utmost unrealism.

Some one who actually watched and played the games with the characters you portrayed,


p.s. enjoy your blam.

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nice and lame...

Some of the battles was nice, and some others was totally lame! In exemple, the one with Shadow and Master Chief... Dying with a simple hit of car is impossible for him! And this was totally lame! Also, In the fight with Naruto... where did he get his power like kamehameha? I watch the animes, and he never did some kind of power like that. But a skill as powerfull as that would be rasengan, but it's not long range. I'll look the number one now... In hope all the battles will be nice, with no one lame...


but seriously, ignoring the fanboy comments this was a less than decent flash. I've seen better sprite animation, which brings me to my next point: Sprites!? The music was okay but in the end I found the entire thing a bit boring.

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Aug 21, 2006
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