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Blockhead Soundboard

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Aug 21, 2006 | 12:30 PM EDT

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25,000 views, yay!

NOTE: I don't know why, but when Newgrounds changed their layout, not only did it mess up the soundboard and cut off parts of it for some, but it completely messed up the sound. I'll do what I can to fix it, but no guarantees :( Plus, there's a max width of 800 pixels and a max height of 800 now? GAH, that cuts more of it off! >_< Yeah, I'm not happy with it, my apologies to the fans. I will try and fix it, but don't downvote solely because of that.

This is a soundboard of Blockhead, the crazy yellow guy from the flash series by Mike Swain. This is my third soundboard, and probably my last for a while, as well as easily the best one I've ever done. Thsi soundboard contains quotes from Blockheads 1-7 and QS 1. There's even a bit of animation in this one (although they may not necessarily be a good thing). Only about 5% of the sounds have any background music in them at most. It would've been a lot more, but Swain helped me out with this, so thank him for the good quality of the sound. 150 sounds compose this board, and this really is a great one for prank calling IMO. I might make another BH one later to throw in the TS quotes, but that depends how many BH movies are made.



Rated 3 / 5 stars


But, would it kill to have any certain order of organization?

BTW, nice board.

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wizardman responds:

My organization was via greetings, questions, etc. as opposed to what comes where in episodes. Some like one way, others seem to like it in episode format, such as yourself. Oh well, can't please everyone, though I certainly understand your concern. Thanks for the review.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Nice Soundboard

Well it was good, but the font were plain, and while it as loading the pic of blockhead wasn't that good, but still you've made a nice soundboard. Well done.

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wizardman responds:

Thanks. Yeah, the starter pic of blockhead kinda sucked, but keep in mind that I have no artistic talent :P. True, the font was plain, but I figured better that than not being able to read it.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Now this is a real soundboard, WizardMan!

~The good~

This, I can trully say, is your best soundboard to date. I loved the introduction, with the buildings and the BlockHead theme song playing in the back, very clever, not to mention you didn't just steal it from the original which is very impressive. Also, a hella lot of quotes, pages after pages of funny quotes, I reall don't know how you got so many, but it was very impressive.

~The bad~

Well, I think soundboards are about the easiest thing to do in flash that practically guarantees you making it through judjement. It would be great if when you do your next flash, if you did a flash that's not a soundboard, as they're pretty basic.

Overall, trully you best work with a great lay out and many quotes, but it's still just a soundboard. I hope this review was helpful!


wizardman responds:

True, soundboards are pretty easy, hence why I do them :P. Makign this one did help my animation skill sa little bit, so I may take a stab at an actual animation. I'm glad you liked the intro thingy, as well as the quotes. Either way, thanks.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Pretty Good!

Ok...These were my kind of my favorite quotes.....BUT!
You need:
"I need food for my facemouth!"

That is my favorite quote of all time!

My Blockhead Quotes:
1."I need food for my facemouth!"
2. Man:"I'll shoot you all!" Conscience:"Please, God, yes!"
3."Introducing Tongs!"
4. Conscience:"Answer the door when..when you're done with that."


wizardman responds:

You're thinking of "It's now... snacktime for my facemouth." I don't think he actually says your quote. If eh does point me out to it, but I remember not hearing it. You didn't explain how you only gave me a 5 despite saying it was good, but oh well.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


It was enjoyable. I clicked every button. I love blockhead, your soundboard was very humourous. You added an important function "stopallsounds();"

The intro was kindof ugly, and so were the buttons. You should make the look better. Like adds shadows and rollovers. The text was hard to see over the picture of the house [Which I didn't get btw]. You also should have drawn the background yourself.

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wizardman responds:

WEll, the stopall sounds function is definitely necessary for some of his more annoying sounds. I could've drawn the background myself, but it mst likely would've looked awful. I originally had a drawing up, but it truly looked like crap and probably woud've caused this to be blammed. Oh well, I tried.