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Blockhead Soundboard

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25,000 views, yay!

NOTE: I don't know why, but when Newgrounds changed their layout, not only did it mess up the soundboard and cut off parts of it for some, but it completely messed up the sound. I'll do what I can to fix it, but no guarantees :( Plus, there's a max width of 800 pixels and a max height of 800 now? GAH, that cuts more of it off! >_< Yeah, I'm not happy with it, my apologies to the fans. I will try and fix it, but don't downvote solely because of that.

This is a soundboard of Blockhead, the crazy yellow guy from the flash series by Mike Swain. This is my third soundboard, and probably my last for a while, as well as easily the best one I've ever done. Thsi soundboard contains quotes from Blockheads 1-7 and QS 1. There's even a bit of animation in this one (although they may not necessarily be a good thing). Only about 5% of the sounds have any background music in them at most. It would've been a lot more, but Swain helped me out with this, so thank him for the good quality of the sound. 150 sounds compose this board, and this really is a great one for prank calling IMO. I might make another BH one later to throw in the TS quotes, but that depends how many BH movies are made.


there's just one you're missing

hehe, I love all of the selections, but I was hoping "get back in the fridge, hobo" would be available, if it's possible, I think you should add it. Nice work :)

wizardman responds:

Like I said to the last guy who said that, the fact that the ending usic was playing while that quote was said messed everything up. I'll see if I can get a good copy of the quote from Swain though Thanks for the review.

I Finally Review This, And It Was Great

Finally somebody has done a blockhead soundboard, about time. I'm not a huge fan of soundboards, in fact they sometimes are boring, but I promised I would review, plus I love blockhead so how could I say no, and my movie is sort of a soundboard so that make me a hippocrit. You made the opening good since that is what the blockhead episodes usually start off as. You used different pics, making it better, since using the same ones that the original users make and use can be stupid. You chose good pics do it with since that is what it pretty much looks like, a little different though (well duh). Sorry if I repeat myself on any parts, I try to not, trust me on that part. When I first seen how many voice clips you had I just couldn't believe it. I was astonished. I thought the 6 insanity things were funny. I also liked how you labeled which ones were long, short, etc, which made us know how long it was going to be. Most of all the voiceclips I listened to were almost as clear as the orinigal flashes themselves, which usually doesn't happen in soundboards. This soundboard could work perfectly on any prank phone call. I liked the ones when he would get annoyed and wouldn't stop mumbling about it. It's just funny how he doesn't stop. Does anyone possibly have a brain so stupid like that, I guess blockhead does. The backgrounds you chose for the soundboards looked awesome. It really gave the flash a good look to it, well way better compared to the one I used in mine. You could have added some more things like image clips, sort of what people do to family guy soundboards. It took me a while to check all the phrases blockhead said, but it brought back good memories, especially the ones where he would do his stupid laugh. I did spend more time checking out the soundboard than I did making this review if you could believe it. More parts I liked were all the tongs phrases that blockhead said such as "I lost my tongs" haha he has like a thousand of them. Everything that you stuck on was organized really good. Easy to find a quote or phrase that you really want to hear. Probably the best soundboard ever made, well unless you count mine :P, yeah I'm joking. A fun thing I did was make blockhead talk to a different blockhead. It actually worked out great. I used a lot of questions when doing that. Sorry it took me a while to review your soundboard, but now it's been reviewed. Don't forget to reply.

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wizardman responds:

I finally respond to this review, and it was great (lol). Yeah, not everyone likes soundboards. I've definiely learned that. You spelled hypocrite wrong, but I blame that on the weird pronounciation. Yeah, I made sure not to use the exact same pics, but I still wanted the house theme in the intro. Yeah, BH definitely has a lot of sound clips. Keeping sounds clear is always my #1 priority in soundboards, since I don't care it it's not pleasing; if the sounds suck, the board sucks. I wasn't originally going to label the long ones, but I figured why not since they don't fit anywhere else. I probably could've added more image, or had a few on each frame so that I wouldn't have to enlarge and inadvertently distort it. Blockhead can definitely had a crazy mind. Heck, I think my mind was messed up a bit after having to watch the episodes over and voer. That may not be a bad thing though. Thanks for thinking it's the best SB, though the title would either go to the original Arnold one of the Peter Griffin won that got daily feature. (I'd probably put mine in the top 5 though :P). BH talkgin to a different BH would probably be funny. Alright, here's your reply. I think I got every part of your review.
Huge thanks for that great review, BTW. I think I have to take a writing break after typing this, lol.


W00t!Nice soundboard for the #1 guy!

wizardman responds:

Thanks for the review of the #1 guy soundboard.

frickin awesome!!!

AWWWW you missed the best one....

the one where he yelles get back in the fridge hobo!! hahah
but yea awesome frickin sound board man i love it and that the swain even reviewed it!!! is even more awesome good shit man!!!

wizardman responds:

Well, he sayas that quote during the ending music, so I felt that it wouldn't be beneficial to put that one in, though it is a good one. Thanks though.

nice SB

there were tons of sounds in this SB, four whole pages i think. the sound was very clear for all of these sounds witch is great. some of the lines that you picked out were funny also.

well i didn't realy get what the black page with the blockheads on them were for.

great soundboard.

~review request club~

wizardman responds:

The last page with the blockheads were his insanity quotes, which you ay not be able to use for a prank call, but are necessary in a blockhead soundboard since it shows his craziness. Thanks for the review.

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4.17 / 5.00

Aug 21, 2006
12:30 PM EDT
Gadgets - Soundboards