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Blockhead Soundboard

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Author Comments

25,000 views, yay!

NOTE: I don't know why, but when Newgrounds changed their layout, not only did it mess up the soundboard and cut off parts of it for some, but it completely messed up the sound. I'll do what I can to fix it, but no guarantees :( Plus, there's a max width of 800 pixels and a max height of 800 now? GAH, that cuts more of it off! >_< Yeah, I'm not happy with it, my apologies to the fans. I will try and fix it, but don't downvote solely because of that.

This is a soundboard of Blockhead, the crazy yellow guy from the flash series by Mike Swain. This is my third soundboard, and probably my last for a while, as well as easily the best one I've ever done. Thsi soundboard contains quotes from Blockheads 1-7 and QS 1. There's even a bit of animation in this one (although they may not necessarily be a good thing). Only about 5% of the sounds have any background music in them at most. It would've been a lot more, but Swain helped me out with this, so thank him for the good quality of the sound. 150 sounds compose this board, and this really is a great one for prank calling IMO. I might make another BH one later to throw in the TS quotes, but that depends how many BH movies are made.


Pretty Good!

Ok...These were my kind of my favorite quotes.....BUT!
You need:
"I need food for my facemouth!"

That is my favorite quote of all time!

My Blockhead Quotes:
1."I need food for my facemouth!"
2. Man:"I'll shoot you all!" Conscience:"Please, God, yes!"
3."Introducing Tongs!"
4. Conscience:"Answer the door when..when you're done with that."


wizardman responds:

You're thinking of "It's now... snacktime for my facemouth." I don't think he actually says your quote. If eh does point me out to it, but I remember not hearing it. You didn't explain how you only gave me a 5 despite saying it was good, but oh well.

no, your a hat

5 for graphics, because i can't stand givin it a low rating.
10 for style, cuz i love blockhead, and not soundboards, but this
was friggin awesome.
0 for violence, well, there wasnt any.
9 for interactivity, becaus its a friggin soundbourd, and theres lots of pressable buttons
10 for humor, cuz this is so funny...so so funny.
10 overall, becauze this game was sooooo awesome. please make more!!!


wizardman responds:

thanks for the review. I can't tell your position on soundboards from that but okay.

Great Job...

Sorry I couldn't respond sooner; i saw this on the forum. The beginning was kinda cheap, but of course, i liked its hopeless effort. In a good way. Anyway, great, and how do you parse small audio like that? Other than personally knowing the swain.

wizardman responds:

Thanks for the review. Yeah, the beginning sucked in a bad but good kind of way. I just used sound recorder and the sound pretty much compressed itself. Not too hard really.

Good very good

I loved that but the only thing is that in the begining of the game the button says play movie should it say play game just telling you.

wizardman responds:

Well, the intro's a movie, so haha.
Technically it shouldve said Play Soundboard, or Play Prank-calling device, or Play Burrito. It's no big deal though, if it bothers you that much I can change it.

Great work

Good job, but you should've added: "PAPER ATTACK!"

wizardman responds:

I actually did, it's on the third page, far left column.
Look harder :P Thanks for the review though

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4.17 / 5.00

Aug 21, 2006
12:30 PM EDT
Gadgets - Soundboards