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*Updated 24.08.06, now with replay menu and links to my site*
This was my graduation film in 2004. My style has developed quite a bit since then. There are a couple of parodies of the British TV channels, BBC2 and Channel 4. The voice on the Channel 4 parody is a direct reference to an announcer who has a 'Geordie' accent (that's someone from around Newcastle), who narrates Big Brother, amongst other things. I thought I ought to clear that up for all the non UK residents, because it could be a bit baffling.
If you want violence, or lots of sick and twisted stuff, this isn't the film for you. If you feel like watching something thoughtful and being told a story, check it out.
Here's a short synopsis of each bit:
BBC Poo: A parody of the British TV channel BBC TWO’s ident. Introduces the next animation, ‘Poo Party’.

Poo Party: A story inspired by my childhood imagination.

Dangermouse Pyjamas: An animation about nostalgia.

The Nose Hobby: A story about my fascination, as a child, with shoving things up my nose.

Trees: An animation, using treated DV footage, about failing to seize the day.

A Bird I Saw: A short animation, using the ‘rotoscoping’ technique.

Channel 4: A parody of the British TV Channel, Channel 4’s ident. Introduces ‘Jonny 5’.

Jonny 5: Another animation based around nostalgia, which addresses the sensitivity of youth.

Blue Door: An animation which explores the darker side of childhood whimsy.

Straw Friend: An animation about anthropomorphising inanimate objects.

Spamchester: Treated DV footage, using the sound of rain to convey my feelings about Manchester (which is where I went to University).


Really nice

I like the notion of a poo party coming up, and it made me think of YouTube Poop. Anyway, this was a very nice flash cartoon that you made and I really praise you on all of the success you've gotten in your career! I'm very glad this made it onto BBC and it's interesting how you used crazy little things that happened in your life to put a story together.

My parents are from Manchester...

Now we live about as far away from there as you can possibly get, Melbourne Australia.
Coincidence... I think not.

That was awesome!

I'm really impressed!

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loved it

simply loved it

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that was very artistic and..... it was......... i almost cried.

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Hexjibber responds:

Thanks! I'm really glad it resonated with you:)

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Aug 21, 2006
8:52 AM EDT
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