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Aug 21, 2006 | 5:49 AM EDT

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Author Comments

UPDATE: I have made some heavy improvements to the coding for this movie. The main menu works perfectly now, and I have added an in-movie navigator to give it a more "professional" feel. I have made some graphical and animation improvements at some points as well. The easter egg has been completed and added. If you find it, you can watch a short scene that follows a once popular 7UP character and more.
Fictional characters Liquid Phoenix and 5Starpole meet Michael Moore in a downtrodden part of a city while looking for something to eat. They are given more than a sufficient amount of understanding about Moore's dark past, and to their astonishment, they even get to meet one of the most darkest figures from the past as well.



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I don't know...

*sigh* what else do we have to do on NG to get some credit!? I really enjoyed the movie, had alot of crack ups (VIRUS666!!!!) some good plot and alot of funny details AND it is NO pixeled movie. Still no credit on NG.

It really looks like you need to put violence, nudity and random shit into it to be on the frontpage or get a decent score...

But still.. keep on going LP!


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Severally pwnage (if thats a word)

Oh snap Whackjood from the forums says hi!
First thing. I cant go onto the forums. Buh? O_o
Second. You didny change my cameo chararacter hair colour from blond to ginger T_T

anyway onto the review

Graphics: These are not Bitey of Brackenwood quality drawings but they are a nice change from sprites and stick figures ^_^

Sound: Pretty clear and crisp sound throughout. And i noticed a few songs i recignised in that

Violence: lets see. Michal losing his nuts to a giant rock (as the subtitles put it. >.<) a man eating octopus being whipped to death. And other things <_<

Interactivity: O SNAP! You included a forum link ^_^ And you get a few points to that for avoiding the good 'ol Play and Replay buttons. or at least added in other buttons <_<

Humor: Defintly this films strong point. From More's war dance to LP putting impersonating Inidian Jones i found this pretty funny. Likely due to my idiotic sense of humor >_<
Also. Halflife 2 the movie staring Chaos? Can i see that just to watch him get stepped on by a strider.

As a last note. Have i been banned from the forums or something O_o

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Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


I did protect the movie, but I must say it was one of the most boring flash movies I saw in a long time, I watched it al the way through the russian guy is being summoned, the I was bored to much and knocked it off... I did see the effort put into this movie so I stil voted 2, but there was not a single moment in the clip I even smiled a bit and that is kinda strange considering its a humoristic flash peace.

I am sorry but I cant really find this amusing, and I am now regretting I voted 2 next time ill vote 0

Liquid-Phoenix responds:

Well we had the feeling it wouldn't have been perfect, that would've been wishful thinking. After all this is the first movie I've ever made in this style before. Oh well better luck for us next time I suppose.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I protected it yesterday, and i protected this today again... it was really funny... Also i hate moore, he is a stupid ball of cat shit with mustard...


Rated 2 / 5 stars


So I voted to protect this...but only because Michael Moore is a Commi-pinko-fag.

Your animation is good, but your voice acting is HORRIBLE...REALLY HORRIBLE. It sounded like a douchey teenager playing Counterstrike in the middle of the night who doesn't want to wake his parents. And your actors kept stumbling over the should probably have had them review the script a bit more.

Your pacing was pretty bad too. All your jokes felt like they took forever. I don't know how you could move them along faster...maybe it was just back to the voice acting again, I don't know.

Also, Michael Moore totally sucks. He is an absolute sack of shit in every single way. So come on, he's way easier to make fun of than that. Eating mustard and resurrecting Stalin? Thats kind of lame. His "mom" was kind of funny, but really...if you want to make fun of him being a communist, why not just point out the fact that, thanks to capitalism, he's insanely rich from all of his anti-capitalist movies...pretty sure thats enough.

Plus, there's no way Michael Moore could be in the same room with Stalin and not rape him...or at least cream himself.

Liquid-Phoenix responds:


Yea, I admit that we aren't really talented at all at voice acting. I think that my friend who did Stalin did quite a decent job though. Thanks for the protection points though and the constructive criticism.